Thank God for the advices you guys give on college entrance exams! Whenever I search for tips and hints, this website would always appear and I decided to visit here from time to time. Thank you again for all these! :D It helps me study in a more organized way.

Free UPCAT Review 2012

Academic Clinic is once again ready to conduct its annual free online UPCAT review for incoming senior high school students.

The free UPCAT review will start on March 1 and will continue until the day before the UPCAT.  The review will feature the following:

*  UPCAT Facts and Basics

*  UPCAT Coverage Discussions

*  101 UPCAT Tips: from application to the exam day itself.

*  Auto-Scored UPCAT Mock Exams

*  Free Downloadable UPCAT Reviewers and Modules

*  Subject Discussions on the Fanpage

It will be a great UPCAT preparation for incoming senior students who cannot afford an UPCAT review and for those who will be taking review classes, our program will be a great add-on to the paid review.

The Free UPCAT Review schedule will be as follows:

101 UPCAT Tips:  1 UPCAT Tip daily @5pm – Monday to Friday starting March 1, 2012

UPCAT Strategies, Application Tips and Basics Posts Starts April 2, 2012

*  Choosing your UPCAT Review Center

*  other Free UPCAT review programs

*  UPCAT coverage

*  Choosing your College course

*  The UPCAT Ranking Process

.. and many more

UPCAT Readings, Discussions and Quizzes Starts April 2, 2012

*  one major subject will be covered every week at the fanpage

*  Readings will be posted every Monday

*  Discussions will be from Monday – Friday every 5pm

*  Mock quiz will be posted every Saturday @ 3pm

April 2012:

April Week 1:   UPCAT Basics info

April Week 2:  Science:  General Science

April Week 3:  English:  Parts of Speech and General Grammar

April Week 4:  Math:  Arithmetic

May 2012:

May Week 1:  Choosing your UPCAT Application Campus and Courses

May Week 2:  Science:  Biology

May Week 3:  English:  Syntax and Mechanics

May Week 4:  Math:  Algebra

May Week 5:  UPCAT Application Tips

June 2012:

June Week 1:  Science:  Chemistry

June Week 2:  English:  Diction and Vocabulary

June Week 3:  Math:  Trigonometry and Geometry

June Week4:  Test Taking Strategies

July 2012:

July Week1:  Science:  Physics

July Week2:  English:  Reading Comprehension

July Week3:  Math:  Advanced Algebra and Statistics

July Week4:  UPCAT Day Tips [Exam day tips, going to the testing centers, etc]

We invite student organizations, school officials and review centers to participate in this endeavor and help in any way they can.  If you’re interested in helping out as a guest mentor, quiz maker, blogger, etc, please email us at .

See you at the Free UPCAT Review and don’t forget to share! ^^

UPCAT Review Options

In some cases, an UPCAT review may just be the deciding factor whether you get admitted into the University of the Philippines or not.  In such cases, it pays to know what your options are regarding reviews for UPCAT.

 1.  UPCAT Review Center:  the usual option is to enroll in an UPCAT review center.  Aside from providing a structured format for preparing for the UPCAT through traditional classroom lectures, mock exams, quizzes and review modules, these UPCAT review centers may also provide invaluable information like exam taking tips, application tips and career seminars.  To see our list of UPCAT Review Centers, click here.

 2.  Online UPCAT Reviews:  the recent years have shown the growing acceptance of an alternative mode of reviewing for the UPCAT – the Online UPCAT review.  This UPCAT review alternative will offer you much of the options in a traditional UPCAT review such as sample exams, reviewers, solution sets and more like video lectures, help forums, etc.

 Although this type of UPCAT review will not give you the face to face learning advantage of traditional UPCAT reviews and tangible review materials, it compensates for it by preparing you for the UPCAT in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  You just have to be disciplined enough to follow the program to its end.

Many Review Centers are already offering online UPCAT review programs. We also have Free UPCAT Reviewers and Sample Quizzes here on our site.

 3.  Free UPCAT Reviews:  some UP student organizations conduct free UPCAT reviews yearly.  Most of these reviews are held in provinces where these provincial student orgs are based.  We have compiled a list of such free UPCAT reviews in our academic website which can be found here.

 The benefit of these free UPCAT review is the fact that those who will be handling the review proper are UP students.  This means that you’ll have an updated and practical source of advice and registration regarding the UPCAT.  Moreoever, these student organizations have a more hands on and personal approach when it comes to conducting their free UPCAT reviews.

 The downside of this option is that the UPCAT review materials and lecture materials might not be as complete as you prefer them to be – the reviews being free and the student organization having limited funds.  The review proper might also be substantially shorter than the paid UPCAT reviews.

 4.  UPCAT Self Review:  Due to limited finances or time constraints, a number of UPCAT takers opt for self review.  This method of reviewing for the UPCAT depends largely on the student’s discipline for it to suceed.  Given the right resources though, of which there are many online, a student can find this type of UPCAT review as effective or even more so than the traditional reviews.

 Here is a list of what you’ll need for an UPCAT self review:

 A.  UPCAT Tips:  remember that even before the UPCAT day, 40% of your final score is already computed from your high school grades and a large percentage of the probability of you getting into the University of the Philippines is already dependent on what you’ve written in your application papers – choice of college and course.  This makes getting your hands on UPCAT tips of paramount importance.

More Reading:  101 UPCAT tips on Facebook

 B.  UPCAT Coverage:  knowing the coverage of the UPCAT is already half the battle.  This means that you can focus your efforts on studying subjects that have a large probability of appearing on the UPCAT.  Read our post about UPCAT Coverage here.

 C.  UPCAT Review Modules:  Practice is the key to passing the UPCAT and the best way to practice is to answer sample UPCAT exams.  This lessens your chance of having mental block during the actual exam, helps you solve problems quicker and exposes you to the different subject matters that may appear in the UPCAT.  Download our Free UPCAT Readings and Modules here.

 D.  Answer keys and Solution Sets:  of course, the above will not help much if you dont have an answer key and solution set for the presented problems.  With these, you can see how each problem is solved and what techniques are employed in solving them.

 So choose among the options on what type of UPCAT review is best for you.  You can even combine some of them to increase your chances of passing the UPCAT even more.

UPCAT Review Center: Pilot Tutorial and Review Center

pilot tutorial and review center

Price: Php 5,500-6,500

# of Hours: 58 hrs

# of Sessions: 13

Maximum Students per Class: 25 students

Review Coverage/ Syllabus: Math, Science, English, Filipino, Shorts-cuts and Techniques

Review Schedule: April 17-May 15 (TThS: 8 a.m.- 12 nn and 1 p.m.-5 p.m.)

1.     Php 500 (each) off for group enrollees
2.     Php 1000 off if you enroll before Feb 11, 2012

1.     Career Orientation
2.     Campus Tour

Review Schedules
i.                    Review is from April 17 to May 15
ii.                  Students may choose to enroll on below schedules.
Ø Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 8 a.m.-12 nn
Ø Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Registration Period
i.  Early Registration Period: January 10-February 11, 2012
ii. Regular Registration Period: February 12-April 16, 2012

Other Services:
·        Science High School Entrance Exam Review
·        Academic Tutorial – all levels (one on one/group)
·        Speed Math
·        Mega Memory

Contact Information:
Office Address: 3rd Floor #134 JMI Building Mindanao Avenue, Q.C.
Contact #s: 4860616/ 09196488514
Social Media Site:
Email: [email protected]

UPCAT Takers 2011: The UPCAT Experience


These Photos and Stories were taken from the UPCAT Takers 2011 Group in Facebook, a community of senior students helping each other pass the UPCAT and other College Entrance Exams..




*** Cara Jane SomeraCara Jane Somerasi UPCAT. :) ))

Schedule: August 6, 6:30; Malcolm Hall

(Aug.5)The day before the big day.. [K. :) )] after class, dko alam ggwin ko.. XD hahaha. kasi gusto ko magcram nun [epekto na ata ng mga taong nasa paligid ko kasi nappressure sila], pero nirelax ko nlng sarili ko.. kasi ayoko magcramming eh.. XD hahaha. bago ako umuwi, pumunta muna ako sa Techno Hub para bumili nung exam pack at bumili na rin ng baon ko.. :) ) tapos dumiretso ako sa simbahan para magdasal at binisita ko na rin ang lola ko dun sa Columbary.. XDD then pag-uwi ko ng bahay, inaasar na ako ng tita at kapatid ko na kinakabahan na daw ako.. kaya ayun, lalo akong kinabahan.. :) ) haha.. ang ginawa ko na lang binasa ulit yung 37 tips ng Review Masters at yung 101 tips ng Academic Clinic.. :D D at nakatulog ng past 10 pm.. XD (Aug.6)ayan na.. :) ) hahaha.. XD ginising ako  nila mama ng 4 am.. di ko alam kung bat wala akong naramdamang kaba.. :) ) hahaha.. feel ko fieldtrip lang namin that day eh.. :) ) hahaha.. XD tas ayun.. inayos ko na yung gamin ko then umalis na kami..pagdating namin sa UP, nakaramdam ako ng konting kaba.. :) ) habang papalapit kami ng papalapit sa hall ko.. :) ) XDD pero, triny kong ikalma ang sarili ko.. :) pagdating namin sa hall, pumasok na ako kaagad [kasi nagpapapasok na sila] at dahil dun, naiwan ko yung payong ko kay mama.. :) ) sa toto lang, na-inlove ako sa Malcolm Hall.. ang ganda kasi ehh.. :) ) HAHAHA. XDHabang nagtetake na ng UPCAt, wala naa.. inisip ko hindi na ako papasa.. :) ) hahaha.. XD first item pa lang sa Language Proficiency, na-blanko na ako.. :) ) hahaha. XD tapos sunod-sunod na yun.. hanggang sa last subtest.. :) ) kaya nagdadasal na lang ako.. XDD nakaka time pressured talaga.. XD ang tricky nung ibang questions at choices.. kelangan mo din i-analayze yung ibang items para makuha mo yung best answer. XD kaya yung ibang items, shinotgun mode ko na lang. :) ) pero never kong naramdaman ang kaba. XD haha. ang epic fail nga lang.. nawala sa isip ko na UPCAT na pala ang tinetake ko. :( amp.

basta, nag pray na lang ako.. may rosary din ako sa pocket. XD I did my best para sagutan at matapos ang UPCAT. And God will do the rest. :)   ipinapaubaya ko na sa kanya kung anuman ang maging result ng Exam. :)

*saddest moment, hindi ko nakita sila Jobelle Amboy at Lance Luna.. :( *bow* [pagpasensyahan kung mahaba. :) )]


***Tricia Lee Pamplona


Kinabahan ako. Yung kabang hala. Pano to. Haha. 11:30 p lang nandun nako sa testing center. Ayun. Pinapila na kami lahat. Kamusta naman. Biglang nag announce. Mamaya pa dw ang exam. Kumakain pa daw ang proctors. Ayun. Hanggang nag 1:30 na. Saka pa lang kami pinapasok sa room. Bongga yung Standing Exercise, diba? Tapos ayun. Before mag start, nag pray ako ng personal prayer tapos The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary atsaka Glory Be. May rosary din ako sa bulsa kasi nag attend na din ako ng mass nung umaga before the test.

Careful ako masyado sa pagsunod ng instructions kasi sabi ko. UPCAT to. UPCAT!! hahahaha! Yung mga katabi ko ang dadaldal. Mga tga Ateneo High School tapos Philippine Science High School. Nakakaba lang eh :) ) Pero hindi. Bahala sila. Ayun. Nakita at nakilala ko si Andrew John Sy Gosiengfiao :) )

Anyway. Mabuti Language Prof. yung inuna. Eh di nabuhayan ako kasi forte ko un. Tricky nga lang yung ibang questions. Nahirapan din ako mag analyze pero nakuha ko rin. Mabilis ako sumagot kaya di ako nagkaproblema sa time pressure. 20mins before the time tapos na ako sumagot. Next subtest, Science na. Utang na loob. HINDI KO INI EXPECT NA EARTH SCIENCE/ GEOLOGY ANG LALABAS DUN!! Kamusta naman yung faulting. Nakakabwisit. Pero ayun. NATUWA PA DIN AKO KASI WALANG PHYSICS. Mahirap. Nakakalito. Ayun. Todo hula naman ako. Eto pang katangahan. Naalis sa isip ko na pwede palang mag blank kung hindi mo alam. Ayun, nagblank na ako pero yung sure na di ko talaga alam. Ntapos na. Math na yung sunod. Okay. Bored. Bored. Nakakaantok super. Ang init kasi. Sa hall kami nag exam. Walang aircon. Habang pinipilit i absorb ng mga neurons sa utak ko yung out of the world na mga questions sa math, naghihikab ako. Nasa pinakaunahan pa naman ako. E bakit ba. Hahahaha! Ayun. NATUW AKO KASI WALANG TRIGONOMETRY :”"”> Then last subtest.

Naiinip na ko. 5:15pm na. I want to go to the CR na. hahaha! Reading Comprehension. Basa dito, basa doon. Dito lang ako nakadama ng time pressure. May nai skip na din ako pero natapos ko pa din. Again, 20mins before the time, tapos na ko sumagot. Over all, di ako nahirapan :) Oo may mga di ko alam pero naniniwala ako sa instincts ko. HAHA! XD Ayun lang =))) Hopefully makapasa. :)
*** Cheska Cruz

Sa UPCAT ko natutunan, napagtanto at nalaman ang…

Sa UPCAT, marami akong natutunan, nagpagtanto, at nalaman.. Nariyan na ang:

* Unang beses kong kumuha ng entrance exam para sa aking kinabukasan o sa kolehiyo. :-)
* Unang beses kong makasalamuha ang iba’t ibang tao mula sa iba’t ibang paaralan. (Oo, di kasi ako ganoon nakikisocialize.)
* Dito ko naramdaman na masaya kapag malaki ang campus. Kahit na mapagod ka, masaya pa rin kasi marami kang madidiskubre o makikitang mga puno o kaya’y mga iba’t ibang mga tao.
* Dito ko naranasan ang pressure. Yung sunud-sunod na tests. Yung walang pahinga, go lang ng go. Nung Science nga, kala ko tapos na. May Reading Comprehension pa pala.
* Dito ko naranasan yung mas uunahin mong makasagot/seryosohin ang exam bago kumain. PROVEN and TESTED.
* Dito ko napagtanto na masaya palang makisalamuha sa mga iba’t ibang tao. (Dahil sa group na ‘to.)
* Dito ko nalaman na kahit unique man tayo, may pagkakapareho rin tayo. (Dahil din sa group na ito.)
* Dito ko nalaman na hindi lahat ng mga silid-aralan sa UP-Diliman ay may aircon.
* Dito ko naramdaman kung gaano kahirap kapag mahaba ang pangalan mo sapagkat ang hirap magshade ng mga letters. (Check niyo, haba ng name ko.)
* Dito ko naramdaman kung gaano kahirap ang pagtake ng test ng sunud-sunod nang limang oras.
* Dito ko nalaman na nakakatuyo ng utak ang mga entrance exams.
* At dito ko unang naranasan ang gumamit ng portalet.

***Ej Rosario

UPCAT (expreience din to)

schedule ko sa UPCAT ay august 7, 2011 at 6:30am

friday night natulog ako sa house ng classmate ko kasi sasamhan ko sila sa saturday para sabay sabay na kami pumuntang test center…kaso nga lang nde kmi agad nakatulog kasi nga naglaro pa ung isa kong classmate ng computer games,12midnight na sya nayare…

tapos nakatulog ata kami ng 1am na,…buti nlng ginising kami nung mami nung classmate ko kasi nga 3:30 na ,

a e dapat 4:30 kami aalis,…so haggard na haggard na kami habang my kumakain my naliligo…tapos pagkayareng maligo gumayak n kmi kaagad tapos tuloy alis na kami hanggang sa sumakay na kami ng sasakyan at nakarating kami mga 5:30 kala ko malalate na kami…yun pala ubud pa ng aga…kaya nagpicture muna kami tapos hanggan sa pinapila na sila…

di ko nga lam kung bakit pinaghiwalay ung sa right handed at left handed e.

tapos naiwanan nalng kaming 2 since nde naman kami mageexam…naupo lang kami sa canteen ng 4hours nabutas na nmin ung upuan don,,…hahaaha,

tapos 1 hour ata nilibot nmin ung university..buti naman e pinalabas na din cla siguro almost 12:30 na un…pagkalabas nila pinapasok na agad ung mga naka schedule ng 12:30 kami naman kinamusta nmin sila..sabi nila mas madli pa daw ung UPCAT kesa sa tests sa review centers…sabi ko naman “ade kau na”haha…sana kako pumasa kayo!! wahaha …then naglibot nlng kami sa mall hangang 6 na kami nakauwi ng bahay kasi malau oa ung mga bahay nmin sa pagtatake-an nmin ng exam

then nung nakauwi na kami, nde ako mapakali inayus ko nlng ung mga gagamitin ko bukas at na2log na ako then pagkagising ko ng 3:30 gumayak naako sa classmate ko since my kotse sila..

wahaha…tapos pagdating namin don e andami na agad ng pila kasi medyo late na kami nag intayan pa kasi kami pagpasok nmin naupo na agad at tumagal  ng  almost 1 hour ung pagkakaupo nmin bago kami pagtesten kasi ang daming sinabi binasa pa nmin ung nakita ko nga dun si andrew nde ko naman nakilala ung nasa picture medyo madilim kasi sabi lang nung classmate ko na katabi ko kamuka daw ni tang go!!tawa naman ako ng tawa kasi tang go ung sinabi nia!HAHAHA..then after ng instructions ung reading prof. na sinagotan nmin medyo ok naman sya…sa kalagitanaan nung reading prof.. meron akong kasabay na nahilo natatawa naman ako sa scenario kasi parang my drama…pinatayo pa sya at pinaamoy ata ng ammonia (diba mabaho un)(saka pampatulog???)haha(ginamit kasi nmin dati un sa palaka)

tapos hangang sa napunta na kami sa science…auz naman….puro my visuals pa :D nde ko ineecpect na ganun ung sciece anyway ok lang din ..ayy ung math nakakatuwa kasi mejo madali sya compare sa science then ung reading comprehension na… ang haba ng mga babasahin ung katabi ko 40 mins palang ata e yare na nde ko tuloy alam kung hinuhullan lang niya ung mga tanung o sadyang special child lang sya…haha….nakakatuwa din ung mga stories pati ung serenan my golden ****** :D ..hehe…pati sila mona :D nakapagtataka lang talga ung sa tagbiliran ung sa PIYER … anu gagawin ko dun????haha,…

pagkatapos nun nayare naman ako b4 mag time is UP…..ang saya kasi my pag-asang makapasa,…good luck sa inyu..share ko lang ung story ko hehehe :D

***Lans Luna


Share din ako :) ) So 12:30pm pa exam ko pero nasa UP na ko ng mga 7am. :) ) Excited eh. :) ) Tas pagdating namin dun, sobrang feeling namin alien kami kasi hindi namin malaman kung nasan kami. :) ) As in isang oras kaming naghanap since hindi ko naman napuntahan yung NIP before. Haayy, First times really blow things up. :) )Then, nahanap na namin yung NIP. Sobrang bwisit na bwisit kami hanggang sa pati yung map minumura ko na :) )))))) Me: “****** mo kasi mali mali ka! Wala pang UPCAT, lusaw na utak ko dahil sayo ****!” :) )))) Grabe galit na galit ako sa mapang yon :) ))))))) Anyway, I was there and I had to look for a better place to stay since umaambon. Pumunta ako dun sa may College Of Science…yung may “dome” :) ) Tapos nakipag-usap ako sa mga matatanda. :) ) May isa akong nakausap sabi “Nagtatrabaho ako sa Senate e. Krass ko nga dun si Trillanes.” Tas ako parang…Okay, hindi ko tinatanong :) ))))))) Tahimik lang ako habang nagpapantasya siya dun. :) ) Tas nagyabang pa ulit “May ID nga ako dito eh. Teka teka hahanap–Ay! Naiwan ko sa bahay!” <—–ALAM NAAA :) ))))) MAY ID KA BA TALAGA O ANO?! :) ))))))))) Tas yun dumating na yung mga kasama ko. So, review review muna. Tas sabay-sabay kaming nakaramdam ng pagkaihi :) )) Naghahanap kami tas wala kaming makitang banyo na malapit. Umabot pa kami sa Vargas Museum! :) )))))) *** lang. :) ) Nawala na ihi ko nung nahanap namin eh :) )))) Tapos sinisi nanaman yung mapa. “Dapat kasi nakalagay dito kung nasan yung mga banyo! UTI kalaban natin neto BV” :) ))))) So, nakaihi na kami, nakapag-ayos na ng buhok at nagpaka-vain sa CR. :) ) Tapos sumakay na kami sa kotse ng friend ko pabalik sa NIP. habang nasa car, kumakain na din kami para bawas sa time. Tas sabi ng nanay nung friend ko “Alam niyo ba, ang chocolate, 30 minutes pa after mo kainin magkakaroon ng effect” Eh 11:00 na nun! Nilamon ko chocolates ko o! :) ))))) Kasabay ng lunch grabe :) ) Imagine-in niyo nalang kung anong lasa non :) )Skip tayo to UPCAT. :) Edi nag-uUPCAT na, Math part. Lipad ng lipad yung mga papel ng katabi ko. :) ) Ayoko pulutin kasi baka cheating ang maging drama. :) ) Tsaka may germs yung kamay niya e….galing sa ilong :) ))))))))))))))))) Okay, sobrang na-distract ako dun :) ) Ang funny grabe. Wagas maka-dial :) ) Grabe din yung proctor! Haynako parang wrestler na ewan. “OY WALANG MAG-UUSAP!” sabi niya :) )))) Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ba ko dahil dapat kasama niya si Manny Pacquiao ngayon o matatakot kasi baka ihagis niya ko sa labas. :) ) Ang saya lang. Anyway, hindi ako mahihirapan sa UPCAT kung di dahil sa time limit :| BV kapos ako sa oras. :| Oh well, at least tapos na…USTET NAMAN! :”> :) ))))

*** Jobelle Amboy


So, gusto ko lang i-share ‘tong isang nakakakabang experience na ito sobrang memorable. :) )) So ayun, dumating kami ng UP mga 11am then hinanap na namin yung NCPAG at thanks God nakita naman namin agad. Pagtapak pa lang dun sobra na yung nararamdaman kong kaba. Di ko talaga maintindihan. :) )) Tas edi yun na pinapila na kami eh wala akong kakilalang magtetake [dko kasi makita si Tanya eh haha] :) )) ang ginawa ko, kinausap ko yung babaeng nasa harapan ko. Odiba! New Friend! Kinausap ko siya tanong tanong ako chuchu :) )) daladal eh pampawala ng kaba syemfre. :) ))) tas maya-maya pinaakyat na kami sa room. grabe eto na talga pinagpawisan na yung mga kamay ko tas wala pa akong jacket na dala ang lamig kaya! :) ) tas edi yun na diniscuss na ng proctor mga dapat gawin. :) )) Eto na start na nagPary muna ako na mawala yung kaba ko kasi baka dko masagutan ng maayos ang exam, ang first subject na itenake namin ay ang ENGLISH nung nakita ko oks lang siya at the same time, medyo nawala ang kaba at ginanahan akong magtake ng exam kasi favorite ko talaga ang English. :) )) MAS KINABAHAN AKONG MAGSHADE NG OBLONG HAHAHA! :D :D :D Second na tinake namin ay ang SCIENCE ayun, oks lang din sa umpisa pero nung medyo nasa gitna na, nahirpan ako computations kasi eh :( (( >,<. Every time na natatapos ang isang subject, nagpepray ako syemfre nakayan kung sagutan ang isang subject! \:DD/ next, MATH eto talaga una pa lang nahirapan na ako as in mahirap siya tapos kalaban mo pa ang oras :| || kaya ang ginawa ko, nanghula na lang ako natakot akong mag;eave blank eh! :O :O :| || Last ang READING COMPREHENSION medyo inantok ako dito tas ang haba dba?? Ang ginawa ko, n]binasa ko na lang muna ang tanong tas tsaka ko na lang hinanap yung sagot. Wahaha! :D DD So ayun, tapos na. THANK YOU, LORD! :D D :) ))) pero nakalungkot rin kasi di natuloy yung GEB namin. :( ((( GODBLESS UPCAT TAKERS 2011! AJA! :) ))) KAYO KAMUSTA EXPERIENCE NIYO SA PAGTAKE NG UPCAT?? :) ))))) THINK POSITIVE! ^^, -jobz

***Sweetzel Martirez Lastrella


UPCAT EXAM. Saturday, 6:30 am ang Sched ko at ng iba kong classmates. Nakakaexcite na nakakakaba. Pero nung ngsimula na yung Exam.. watdapak. ang hirap. Okay lang sna dun sa una, Language Proficiency.. pero nung mga sumunod na.. Hay Nakuuuuu. Lalo na ang SCIENCE. Pshh. Mainit pa dun sa Hall na pinag-examan namin. Di ko rin nakain yung snacks ko. Yung time pressure kasi.. WAGGGAAAAS! Haha. Pero may maganda pa ring nangyari sa exam na yun.. Bukod sa may nakita akong mdaming gwapoooo, nakita ko pa pangalan ng crush ko dun mismo sa Test Question.. item no. 148 yun sa Math part. =))

GALA SA NAGA. Pumunta kami nila Pat at Cindy sa Sm, kinalaunan.. ako na lang ang natira. As usual, punta dito, punta doon.. wala naman kasing pambili. Haha! gala lang talaga. Pero, nung may nakita akong bag.. nangati na naman ang mga kamay ko na bilhin yun.. So, binili ko na tlaga. Nung nandun na ko sa cashier, pagkatingin ko sa lalakeng nasa gilid ko… gahhhhd! si CRUSH pala yun! WAHAHAHAHAHAH. Grabe. sa lahat pa naman ng pwede kong makita siya.. sa lahat ng pwedeng lugar dun pa. nakakahiya. Feeling ko pati badtrip na badtrip na yun sakin. Hahaha. Ok lang. Crush lang naman. :)

Coincidence o Destiny na tlaga? Hahahahahha. Feeler much. >:)

upcat experience

***Michelle Gallero


So my schedule was on August 7, 2011- Morning Session -College of Arts and Letters room 209.

~Bata pa lng ako gusto ko na tlga magaral sa UP and alam ko na It was my Dad’s dream (when he was still alive) for me to get into that University. So third year palang iniintay ko na tlga.

Week before nung Upcat nagpplano na kme ng classmate ko sa mga ggawin nmen sa araw ng Exam. Friday morning, binigay sa’men ng school representative nmen ung permit then disappointed kme kasi ndi kme same ng sched, Morning session ako Afternoon sya pero same day at same building. HAHAHAHA :) ) So un problema ko na kung sino mga mkakasama ko kasi siya lng ang kasma ko eh from binangonan pa kame  ANG LAYO kung ako lang bbyahe magisa eh madilim pa un kaya natatakot ako. Eto pa, Friday night natulog ako sa panaginip ko nagE-exam na daw ako kaya kinakabahan ako. ( Tulog ako na Kinakabahan) Ewan?? Paggising ko ng Saturday ang lakas ng heartbeat ko tpos nilapitan ko kapatid ko pinaramdam ko ung heartbeat ko na tlganga malakas tpos buong maghapon kinakabahan ako. ANG WEIRD! Kasi never ako nkaramdam ng gnun. HAHAHAHA! Buti nlng ang bait ng kaklase ko kasi hinanapan nya tlga ako ng makakasama. So un na, ntulog ako ng 9pm ng Saturday Night nagsing ako ng 1am ng August 7 kasi nagriring phone ko. Umalis ako ng house kasi 3am kme magkikita ng mga kasama ko magExam.

Lemme make the story short.

EXAM NA. Grabe! Kanakabahan ako ng bonggang-bongga! Pero excited ako. :) ) Nakakainis pa kasi sa pila mei isang guy na SUPER YABANG! KAASAR! HAHAHA. Then mga quarter to 6 asa room na kme after magbigay ng Instructions test na. Inatake ako bigla ng antok, alam nyo ung feeling na bawat tanong 3-4x kong binabasa kasi malamig eh. HAHAHA :) ) Kaya estimated 2-3 minutes ako per question tpos nung 20 minutes nlng marame pa kong di nasasagutan kaya nagrush ako ng SUPER! Tpos sa last subtest dhil sa ang hahaba ng Story ung ibang tanong khit di ko pa nababasa mei sagot agad. HAHAHA :) ) Tpos nung pauwi na kame di nmen alam kung san kme sasakay papuntang Katipunan kasi lahat ng jeep PUNO! Kaya mula sa College of Arts and Letters building nakarating kame sa College of Music at dun kme naksakay. :) )


~UN LANG. :) )


upcat experience
***Osrick Laranang

UPCAT Experience ko haha matatawa kayo

Schedule of Exam: August 6, 2011!!

Time of Examination: 12:30-5:00Mood before exam:Parang wala langMood after exam:kabado

Kagabihan bago ako mag-exam hindi ko alam kung ano ang ginagawa ko dahil kabadong kabado ako, nasaisip ko rin na matagal tagal ko tong pinaghandaan at bukas na siya hindi nalang siya basta pangarap kung hindi KATOTOHANAN na! and bago ako matulog at mag-exam para bukas nag facebook muna ako para medyo mawala ng konti ang kaba ko :) ) at nagbasa ng upcat tips sa academic clinic and yun nabasa ko have enough sleep and pagkatapos ko nabasa yun natulog na rin ako at nag-pray….

6:00 ako nagising ng umaga and nakita ako ng daddy ko na gising na pagkatapos nun nagsimba kami and lahat na ata ng guidance hiningi ko HAHA!! and after nmin nag-simba umuwi na kami at kumain and naligo na ako at nag-prepare para sa exam mamaya at naFEFEFEEL KO NA YUNG TENSION!!! and yun mga 9:00 umalis na ako ng bahay at pumunta sa skul para makipagkita sa mga classmates ko na mag-uupcat din

Mga around 10:00 kumain kami sa jollibee and mga 10:30 nasa testing center na kami(EXCITED PERO KABADO!) tapos nung nakita ko yung mga taong kasabay kong mag-eexam aww, tinitira na ako ng kaba and ang haba na ng pila nmin mga bandang 11:30 wew buti nalang maaga kami pumunta

12:30!!! ETO NA ANG EXAM!!! habang papasok sa testin room center kabado na ako hahaha at habang nag-iinstruct yung proctor namin nanginginig yung kamay ko at hindi ako makapag-shade ng mabuti sa mga letters and may humawak sa balikat ko na proctor and sinabihan ako ng RELAX!! haha at ayun medyo tumigil muna ako ng 5 minutes sa pagiging calmado …

Language Proficiency: ahy nakakainis tong subject na to dahil hindi ko natapos pero ayos lang sa akin at binalak kong balikan pag may natira pa akong oras sa ibang subject kasi ba naman kinabahan pa ako

Science: buti naman madali akong natapos dito at mga last 20 minutes tapos na ako at naisipan kong kumain ng snacks ko!!! and ayun binalak kong balikan yung sa english pero parang may bumulong sa skin na wag mo ng balikan pandaraya yan and hindi ko na binalikan pero i’m proud na may blanko ako atleast I follow the rules. That time na feel ko yung presence na gunaguide ako ni God and ayun …

Math: madali lang naman siya hahaha…. jk  mga last 20 minutes tapos na ko dito at nakakatense ang katabi ko dahil feeling ko alam na alam nya kung ano ang sinosolve niya hahahaha

Reading Comprehension: ang pinaka mahirap sa lahat and ayun natapos ko naman siya by the grace of the lord

—->iisa lang talaga ang masasabi ko tungkol sa upcat! madali siya na mahirap, Madali dahil sa exam Mahirap dahil pag kinabahan ka hindi ka makakapag-isip ng maayos and ito ang first time na mag-eexam ako para sa future ko!! o para sa college life ko !!!  DAPAT NALANG NATIN GAWIN NGAYON IS FAITH!! WHAT FAITH CAN DO? “IT PLEASES GOD TO MAKE HIM CONVINCE TO OUR DESIRES” God Bless to us upcat takers 2011!

—-> Member of UPCAT Takers 2011 : Osrick A. Laranang

UPCAT experience

***Marrod Cruz

UPCAT experience ko :D

Noong summer puro sayaw alng inaatupag ko xD Sayaw , sayaw sayaw at sayaw xD :) ) pero samahan pa ng review xD. Simula nung recognition namin na Colors pa ko ay mahilig na ko magaral talaga xD :) ) medyo naexcite at nainspire pa ko magporsige. Sayang kasi eh. Dati wala akong galing sa science gaano pero nung nagchemistry kami biglang ariba ako. tuwang tuwa ako kasi sa lahat samin napakataas ko talaga. 97 highest ko next ay 92 na kaya tuwang tuwa ako . Panay kwento ko sa girlfriend kong aking pinakamamahal :D c Jervi Roque :D kwento ako sa kanya nang kwento sa experience ko, sa grades ko at sa iba iba pa. Dahil doon nung summer bago ako maoperahan ay tuwang tuwa ako. Sobrang nainspire na ko magaral talagang gustong gusto ko pa xD talagang favvortie ko ater ko nung magcompete sa mga mtap at iba iba a haha. next target ko naman upcat. ayan nagcocountdown ako. una ayaw ko pa magreiew xD :) ) pero since nung naoperahan ako no choice . xD Tapos nun after recoery maayos na back to normal haha. Balik reiew ako dito sa group ng upcat takers. Talagang saya saya daming questions daming kakasubok na tanong xD LAlo pa akong nainspire nung naging presidente pa ko ng group na ito. Talagang gusto ko maging presidente nito pero una hindi ako umiimik kasi ganun ako eh sa bagay na gusto ko madalas tahimik lang ako kasi minsan baka pag sinabi ko tapos hindi ko nakamit nahihiya ako . kaya aun na nagin presidente ako sobrang saya saya ko haha. kasama mga kaibigan dito xD Tapos aun na countdown till upcat puro questions dito paunahan xd naalala ko pa nung nainis sakin si chad booc :) ))) hahaha. pero alam kong joke lang un xD. tapos kalaban ko madalas sila jade espinar at jonah xxD :) )) kakatuwa haha :) ) tapos minsan sila osrick, chad, abdul at iba iba pa haha. Tapos aun na ung one day nagpaplan magkashirt nakaisip ako ng designs na typography )) tinry ko sa oblation.Naatuwa ako kasi nagawa ko at marami naman nakaappreciate kaya nagpapasalamat ako haha :D tapos aun na lapit na upcat xD dumating na panahon ko muna sa AG . Sa AG na medyo nstable ako kasi nasa batch 2 ako tapos batch 3 sa west ae. un tapos nagexam sa katipnun :) ) manlalakbay ako ng AG eh :) ) tapos aun natry ko na simulation ng upcat. natuawa naman ako kasi medyo madali lang para sakin ha. xD sai ko one week nalang upcat na. excited na ko makapunta ng UP xD :) ) aun na nga countdown n :) ) hanggang sa upcat na haha. UPCAT nagsimula ako sa may institute of mathematics nandun ako magisa binaba ako ng mama ko at ipinagdasal ako ng mga born again doon . tapos nagcr ako . hilong hilo ako sa antok at sa biyahe eh haha. tapos nagiintay ako hilong hilo na ko nalulutang na ko hanggang sa makita ko na ang girlfriend kong c Jervi Roque. ako naman nainspire :”> natuwa :D Aun nawala hilo ko hanggang sa dumating iba kong kaklase at aun na pumasok na kami sa math building haha. tapos may nakita pa ko dito na kamukha dun eh hindi ko lang killak ung sino xD :) ) Aun na tagal tagal nababagalan ako sa nagaarrange ng sa rooms doon bago pungusin pila nain talagang pahirapan xD :) )))) tapos aun na palakad na ko papuntang rooom tuwang tuwa ako na kabado. aun na nakarating na kami room. katabi ko girlfriend ko :D kaya lang pinaglayo kami :| haha. Aun nagsimula exam una inaantok ako kasi nakakaantok magsalita ung nagtuturro xD :) ) tapos instructions pa xD tapos aun na nagsimula na saya saya ng language proficiency . una kala ko hindi ko matatapos pero nugn filipino na nataops ko na agad agadd haha.. Tapos aun na science isasa pinakainiintay ko. Science lalo na Chemistry! aun nabuhay ko ganadong ganado na ko tapos math na!! aun na todo bigay na ko ng energy kakasolve imba grabe ung math natapos ko meron pa kong 6 minutes tuwang tuwa ako :) )) medyo masaya na ko nun kasi nagkakaroon ako ng chance makapasa :) ) pero nung reading comprehensuon na wala na -.- pero mrami rin akong nasagot siguro minimum number ng mistakes ko ay mga 12 ganun xD . un kasi ung naaalal ko lang na hindi ko alam xD :) ) tgapos aun na natapos na nalutang na ko tapos pagkauwi ko tulog tapos kinausap ko na girlfriend ko haha :D grabe sabi ko SOBRANG SAYA NG UPCAT!! sobrang saya ng experience ko. gustong gsto ko na magUP eh haha. Sana nalang makapasa. haha. ngayon namann next USTET kasama ko ulit ang Girlfriend ko haha :D Aun sana makapasa ako pati SANA MAKAKUHA AKO NG IPAD SA AG!! =)))))))) top 4 highest may IPaD eh :) )))) Aun hahaha. Aun maraing salamat sa mga naging kaibigan ko dito haha. Maraming salamat kay kuya Jacob kasi siya namiling gawin akong admmin dito haha. Salamat sa lahgat ng tumulong sa problema, nakatulong sakin sa upcat at tumullong din sakin sa iba iba pang bagay. maraming salamat sa inyong laahat :D haha.

- President of UPCAT Takers 2011, Marrod Cruz :D

Good Luck din sa iba pang mageexam sa ibang schools tapos keep on praying. MAngyayare mga pangarap niyo kapag nagdasal kayo :) totoo yan ako kaya ako nanalo at nag 1st honor kasi diyan sa prayer. sabi nga sa caloocan Pray Hard, It Works. Kaya magbelieve kayo dun haha. un maraming salamat guys haha :D Salamat sa masayang experience haha :D

upcat experience
***Patricia Mae Legardo

Ang UPCAT at ako. BOW. :)

Buong gabi, di ako nakatulog ng maayos.. Intensyon kong matulog nang maaga sa araw na yun, sa katunayan, alas-otso pa lang ng  gabi, tulog na ako.. Ngunit, namamalayan ko na lang na nagigising na lang ako bigla. Siguro dahil wala ako sa sarili naming tahanan. O baka dahil naiisip ko ang kakaba-kabang pangyayari na magaganap sa pagsikat ng araw.

Nang magising ako.. Umusal ako ng mahinang dasal na sana’y gabayan ako sa pagsusulit na yun.. Na sana, kung di man ako makapasa, madali kong matanggap na may iba pang bagay na nakalaan para sa akin.. Napakaraming mga bagay ang tumakbo sa aking isipan ng mga oras na yun. Makakapasa kaya ako? Madali lang kaya ang mga tanong dun? Mababait kaya ang mga tao dun? May mga gwapo kaya sa silid kung saan isasagawa ang pagsusulit? Malamig kaya yung silid? Babagyo kaya sa araw ng pagsusulit?

Nang makarating ako sa lugar kung saan nagtipon-tipon ang mga estudyanteng tulad ko, ay nagbabakasakaling makapasa sa isa sa mga pinakaprestiyosong unibersidad sa Pilipinas, mag-isa lang ako. Di tulad nang iba na may mga kasama, may mga kausap, mag-isa lamang akong nakatayo dun. Dahil nga wala akong kakwentuhan, mas lalo kong naramdaman ang kabang pilit kong isinasantabi. Medyo nanghina ang fighting spirit ko ng malaman ko na marami sa mga kukuha din nang pagsusulit ay galing sa mga Science High Schools. Sa totoo lang, medyo nanliit ako sa panahong iyon, dahil karamihan sa kanila ay nanggaling sa mga sikat na eskwelahan, samantalang ako, nanggaling lamang ako sa isang Unibersidad na kilala lamang sa aming siyudad. Pinalakas ko na lamang ang loob ko.

“Kung kaya nang iba, kaya ko rin ito.”

Makalipas ang ilang minuto, may nakita ako. Mga kakilala. Mga kaibigan. Natuwa ako, dahil kahit papaano, maiaalis ko na ang sarili ko sa emo state na kinasasadlakan ko ng oras na yon. Naghintay lang kami ng ilang minuto at pinapasok na kami sa lugar kung saan gaganapin ang isa sa mga pinakamahalagang pangyayari sa buhay ko, at marahil, sa buhay din ng iba pang naroon. Isang pangyayari na makakapagpabago ng buhay naming lahat.

Nang umpisahan ang pagsusulit. Naramdaman ko tawag ng kalikasan. Grabeh, umpisa pa lang ng exam yun. Sa unang sub test, ang language proficiency, hindi naman sa pagmamayabang, pero medyo nadalian lang ako. Ngunit ng makita ko ang unang tanong sa Science, pakiramdam ko, sasabog na ang utak ko. Nang mga panahong iyon, naisip ko na baka ay may naputol nang mga ugat sa utak ko. Baka may namumuo nang mga dugo sa ilang bahagi ng kawawang utak na meron ako. Lalo kong naramdaman na naiihi na ako. Ngunit tiniis ko iyon, dahil sa sobrang ikling oras na nakalaan upang masagutan namin ang mga tanong na noon ko lang nalaman na nag-eexist pala. Nang matapos angScience, nakahinga ako ng maluwag. Nang makita ko ang mga tanong sa Math, lihim kong pinag-congratulate ang sarili ko, dahil isa pala akong masipag na estudyante dahil kahit papaano, may natutunan pala ako sa Math. Nang dumating ang Reading Comprehension, muntik na sana akong matawa dahil sa mga klase ng kwento na mayroon dun, hindi lamang dahil nahihiya ako kung tatawa akong mag-isa sa loob ng isang silid na halos walang ingay na maririnig, kudi dahil na rin sa may ubo ako ng mga panahong iyo at kapag natawa ako, siguradong sasama ang plema ko dun at magmimistulang kahol-aso ang tawang yon.

Natapos ang exam ng matiwasay. Dali-dali akong lumabas ng silid na yon at dumiretso sa CR. Antagal ko nang pinipigilan ang mga likidong nagnanais lumaya. Isipin nyo na lang, nagpipigil ako nun mula 6:30 ng umaga hanggang 12:30 ng tanghali. Kahit papaano, nabilib din ako sa mga body system ko sapagkat nakatiis ako ng ganoon katagal. Ang plano naming magkakaibigan ay maglakwatsa pagkatapos ng pagsusulit. Ngunit, dahil sa wagas ang hirap ng exam, sumakit ang ulo naming lahat kaya nagpasya kaming paikliin na lamang ang paglilibot-libot at umuwi na lamang.

Natapos man ang UPCAT, wala namang magiging hangganan ang mga bagay na natutunan namin sa pangyayaring iyon. Wala nang hihigit pa sa mga pagkakaibigang nabuo sa maikling panahon na yon.  Tunay nga, isa iyon sa mga pangyayari na nakapagpabago sa aming mga buhay.

>wala lang magawa sa buhay. pagpasensyahan nyo na lang. masaya eh. haha. :D

UPCAT Experience

*** Bryan Elijah Trajano

UPCAT Experiece xD!

Ayun, natapos na mag-UPCAT!

ATAT NA ATAT na sana ako umalis ng alas-5 eh itong Tita ko eh kailangan kasama daddy ko.

GUSTO ko na sana makita si Marie at si DJ 26 tapos aaaaarggghhh! NASIRA YUNG USAPAN DAHIL SA LATE PA KAMI PUMUNTA NG NCPAG >.

Ayun, start na ng exams, Language ang 1st subtest. Madali naman siya. Sa tagalog part talaga ako nadalian sobra :) .Lalo na sa sentece construction.

2nd Subtest, Science. ETO, Moderate lang, nag-konting shotgun ako dun. More on bio and chem at konting physics.

About OHMS yung pinaka-huling question.

3rd Subtest. MATH, dito talaga more on Geom. Shinotgun ko talaga pero yung iba ginamitan ko ng common sense at computation.

4th Subtest, Reading, WHOOOOO SO DALI HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Favorite ko yung sa mermaid,mona the kalabaw,yung nanay at anak at marami pang iba.

Kahit ang hirap ng UPCAT, nasurvive ko naman dahil hindi ako magpapatalo. Kaya hinihintay ko na lang kung papasa o hindi.

Oh sige, need to go na! ANG SAKIT Na ng ulo ko tapos sinesermunan pa ako dito sa bahay :0!


upcat experience

*** Angela Kristel Pelagio

UPCAT Happiness at Sadness

Pa-share din ako ng UPCAT experience ko :) ))

Una sa lahat, super loner ako kasi wala man lang akong ka-skul at kung may friend man ako, di kami nagkausap.. aun.. ang tagal at ang init sa pila.. 4 rows kami at hiwalay pa ang lefties sa righties.. 2nd row ako napaupo at nagpa-CR break muna ang proctors.. ayan na, namigay na ng test materials at nakilala ko si Andrew John S. Gosiengfiao :) )) at nag-start na maging unli ang proctors “Do it now” (sa lahat ng shading).. start na.. Language Proficiency una at nag-enjoy naman ako lalo na sa Filipino part at natapos ko naman :) Math ang next.. good start pero shotgun pagdating ng dulo kasi 4 mins nlng.. Science ang pinaka-shocking sa lahat.. nagawa ko namang sagutan pero laging unsure… Reading Comp.. happy happy at natapos ko 14 mins before time… Sa kabuuan, masaya naman at nakakain ako sa huli :) haha.. aun.. I prayed before and after the exam :) Sana pumasa…  I’ll just leave that choice to God :)

Sa huli.. masaya akong lumabas at no regrets na rin… acceptance nga naman oh :) kaso naiinip na ako sa results :) -angela pelagio


upcat experience

***Maria Eloiza Ferraren Calanasan

Reminisce :D

I was thinking of the day I had a exam for the UPCAT. I was there early exactly 5:00 am then saw my friends and had a chat. we were in line then in a bit we were in the front of our rooms I was between two guys whom I don’t know…

We went inside the room and after the instructions given by the proctor we started answering, after some while GUTOM NA AKO! kaso nahiya ako sa mga katabi ko,boys kase tapos antahimik sa room so hindi nako kumaen sabi ko sa sarili ko Iintayin ko na lang din sila kumaen

MATH na pero hindi pa rin sila nakain so hindi na rin ako kumaen,uminom na lang ako (patibayan ang nangyare ng time nato.HAHA). Ung isa sa katabi ko mukhang maloloko na kakasolve na-curious naman ako kasi sya parang hirap na hirap magsolve tapos ako nakatunganga sa board at minimental na lang (I’m not that smart.tinamad lang ako sumulat sa scratch! haha) tahimik na lang ako. Tapos nauna nako magsagot sa kanya at tapos na last part nun! Hindi ko na nakaya kaya’t kumain na ako hanggang pagbyahe e nakain ako :D D

THE END! :) )


UPCAT Review Center: MathHub Tutorials and Review

UPCAT Review Center

Tagline: Boost your confidence; Learn from the experts

No of hours: 77 hours

No. of sessions
: 10 sessions per batch

Maximum number of students per class
: 25 students per class

: Regular rate: P6,900

Discounts and Promos

  • Early Bird Rate: (Register on or before March 15, 2012) P5,900
  • Group of 3: P6,400

Review Schedule: Details are in center’s website.

Registration Dates:

  • A student may register on or before March 15 to avail of their Early Bird Discount, or
  • He/She can register anytime before the start of his chosen Review Batch.

The comprehensive review program will offer the students the following:

  • Test taking Strategies seminar
  • Complete set of review materials
  • Drills and Exercises
  • Diagnostic and Simulation Exam

Contact information:
Landline: 442-6562, 986-0492 (wireless)
Cellphone: 0917-885-6284
Email Address:

Instructors List and Qualifications:
Please go to this link:

Unit 316, Prince David Condominium
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City




UPCAT Review Center: TutorPlus Company

UPCAT review center


Get ready for the EXAMS that will decide the rest of your life.

UPCAT Review Price:  P4,500

# of Hours: 48 Hours

# of Sessions: 12 Sessions

# of Students per Class: 15-20 students per session only

Passing Rate: No Data

Review Coverage / Syllabus: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,           Calculus, Statistics, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,                         General Intelligence, Language and Reading Comprehension

Review Materials: Orientation and Diagnostic Test, Comprehensive review materials, Simulation exams for every session, Refresher course before the UPCAT exam

Review Slot Reservation: Office registration, fanpage reservation

Review Schedule Summary:


REVIEW DATES: April 18- May 14 20,2011

PACKAGE COST: P 4500.00- individual enrollee P 4300.00- group of 3 P 4000.00- group of 5 Avail our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (P500 off) when you enroll on or before FEBRUARY 2012. PACKAGE COST: P 4000.00- individual enrollee P 3800.00- group of 3 P 3500.00- group of 5 We also offer scholar discount. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY


Review Venues:  No data

Add-ons: UPCAT course consultation and application assistance

Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone No: 453-30-41/871-97-13

Cellphone Number: 0917-5226389

Office Address: 120 Unit 5 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

Website: none

Social Media Sites:



Detailed Review Schedule: No data

Review Reservation Details:  No Data



UPCAT Review – Your Ultimate Guide


Finally, an ultimate guide to UPCAT – and by ultimate, I mean you won’t have to look elsewhere for any other information about UPCAT.  This is actually a compilation of posts done by several UP students and graduates who still remember their UPCAT experience.

UPCAT Application

First things first- When is the UPCAT, when is the start and deadline of application and what are the requirements?  You can check that info in this post:

UPCAT Schedule for AY 2012-2013 admissions

It may come as a surprise to some students but UP has actually created an online portal where students can pre-register for the UPCAT.  This cuts some of the steps from the application process and makes it easier for the student to keep up with any UPCAT related updates.  To read more:

UPCAT Online Application / Registration

UPCAT Application Frequently Asked Questions

Some UP hopefuls are also concerned about what courses to write down on the application form.  In fact, some base it on what they have heard about quota and non-quota courses in UP.  To know more about these terms, click the following link:

Are There Still Quota and Non Quota Courses in UP?

UPCAT Quota and Non Quota Courses

 Will Choosing a Non Quota Course Increase my Chances of Getting into UP?

Pre-UPCAT Tips

Getting into UP is not a one-size-fits-all college solution.  Believe it or not, there are certain types of students that may adapt very well to the college culture in UP.  So before you seriously consider UP, read this first:

Is UP for You?  Assessing your Chances in UP

Some students carry a lot of misconceptions about the UPCAT.  Here is an article that discusses well.. some of the lesser known things about the UPCAT:

10 Less Known Facts about the UPCAT

Here are some basic things that you need to know about the UPCAT:

UPCAT 101: Basic Facts about the UPCAT

What to Expect from the UPCAT

How Hard is the UPCAT?

For those who are aiming to do well in their UPCAT exam, here are some things that you need to know:

How to Ace the UPCAT

This article are for those having a long term plan regarding getting into the University in the Philippines, you can apply some of the strategies here as early as first year highschool:

How to Increase your Chances of Passing the UPCAT

Contrary to popular belief, it is not solely your UPCAT score that gets you into the University of the Philippines.  Your UPCAT score will only comprise a certain percentage of your total performance or your UPG, the rest depends on your high school grades as well as socio-economic factors:

You UPG and Your UPCAT Score

UPCAT Tip: What is the University Predicted Grade

Here are some other frequently asked questions about the UPCAT:


Managing Pre-UPCAT Anxiety

UPCAT Review Center VS. Self Study

UPCAT Correct-Minus-Wrong: Is it better to guess or leave the question blank?

On UPCAT Coverage

This section deals with the subjects matters that will most likely appear in the UPCAT.  Below are some general tips:


UPCAT Tips: What to Study

UPCAT Tips: Preparing for the Test

UPCAT Coverage

The following links are specific subjects that will appear in the UPCAT.  Remember that, the subject concentration of the UPCAT may vary from year to year so be prepared for any eventuality.

UPCAT Math Portion Tips and Strategies

UPCAT Science Portion Tips and Strategies

UPCAT English Portion Tips and Strategies

Finally, here are some additional resources that will complement your UPCAT review:

UPCAT Help: Resources for UPCAT Test Takers

Where to Find Answers for your UPCAT Questions

Free UPCAT Reviewers

We have have free UPCAT reviewers / sample exams in our site.  Please dont forget to share the quizzes with your friends.^^

Download Free UPCAT Modules and Readings


General Science:





Basic Math:


Trigonometry and Geometry:

Advanced Algebra and Statistics:


Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules:

Syntax and Mechanics:

Diction and Vocabulary:

Reading Comprehension:

On UPCAT Review Centers

Around the month of March or April, UPCAT takers for the year usually start registering for the summer UPCAT reviews.  Choosing the right one may not be an easy task especially now that there are more than 30 UPCAT review centers in Metro Manila alone!  Below is a practical guide on the do’s and don’t’s when choosing an UPCAT review center:

Choosing your UPCAT Review Center:  A Practical Guide

You can compare and contrast the UPCAT review programs of different review centers by clicking this link:

UPCAT Review Centers:  Review Program Summaries

Moreover, here are some write ups that will give you a glimpse on what to expect from your UPCAT review:

UPCAT Review Guide

Overview of UPCAT Review Centers

Here are some learning tips that you can use to maximize your UPCAT review:

Maximizing your UPCAT Review Classes

Lastly, a frequently asked question about UPCAT reviews.. Some say you don’t need them, some say you do..  read on to learn more about this topic:

Are UPCAT Reviews Really Effective?

UPCAT Day Tips

Some tips for the UPCAT day itself.  The first 3 articles focuses on driving directions to UP while the last 2 gives you some general tips about what to do and what not to on the day of your exam.

Hassle Free UPCAT Day

Driving to UP Diliman for the UPCAT

Taking a Jeepney to UP Diliman

UPCAT Day Tips for UP Diliman Test Takers

UPCAT Tips: A Test Day Survival Guide

Post UPCAT Tips

The succeeding articles are all about tips AFTER your UPCAT starting on where to find your UPCAT results, how to interpret your results and what to do after knowing it:

UPCAT Results: Where to Find It

UPCAT Results and the Next Steps

Types of UPCAT Results

UPCAT Result: Degree Course with Available Slot

UPCAT Pending Result

Below are some tips for those who, unfortunately, did not pass the UPCAT.  Do not despair, there are still some things you can do to get into UP.

UPCAT Alternatives

What to Do If You DON’T Pass the UPCAT

U.P. UPG Cut-Off Scores and Reconsideration

UP Reconsideration Process

How to Get your UPCAT UPG Score

And for some UPCAT passers, you might get invited to the UP summer bridge program.  Read the article to learn more about it:

UP Summer Bridge Program 101

Last but not the least, here is the link to our current project on Facebook – our 101 UPCAT Tips.  New tips are added weekly and we expect to complete the 101 tips sometime this coming July.  Please support our 101 UPCAT tips project by clicking like on the photos or tagging yourself or your friends on Facebook.

101 UPCAT Tips Project on Facebook

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UPCAT Review Center: Acad1 Review and Tutorial Center


UPCAT Review Price: P4,200


# of Hours: 48 Hours

# of Sessions: 12 Sessions

# of Students per Class: No Data

Passing Rate: No Data


Coverage/ Syllabus:

*Comprehensive & Up-to-date Simulated UPCAT. The Simulated Test covers Language Proficiency, Science, Math, Reading Comprehension. The review course also includes General Intelligence Test,  Essay Writing, & Abstract Reasoning Tests for ACET, DLSUCET, & USTET. Our materials are edited yearly in order to match the most recent college admission tests.
*College Admission Tips & Strategies with career orientation & counselling. We also discuss the UPCAT screening process including the UPG computation as well as quota & non-quota programs.

Review Materials:

* Comprehensive UPCAT & other College Entrance Exam Review Book (ACAD1 publication)
*Comprehensive Practice Test Modules on Mathematics Proficiency, Science Proficiency
*Diagnostic test
*Simulated UPCAT

Slot Reservation: Call, Text, Email or Venue Reservation

 Review Schedule Summary:    April Batch and May Batch

Review Venues:

3rd Flr., STI COLLEGE – TAFT, Taft Ave., near cor. Pres. Quirino Ave., Malate, Manila (near LRT-Quirino Ave. station, bet. Vito Cruz & Pedro Gil Stns., across Jollibee/ McDonald’s)

Review Discounts / Add-ons:


(All inclusive of the review materials & review books)

P 4,200 individual enrollee 

P 3,700 (P500 discount)- group enrollees with at least 5 members. 

P 3,500 (P700 discount)- group enrollees with at least 5 members coming from a public or Science High School**

**Science High Schools as recognized by Department of Education (DepEd) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Private High Schools with Special Science curriculum are not going to be included in this category.

- Only P1,000 down payment to register

- Group members may register on different days and may choose different schedules. 


P1,000 & P1,300* Big Discounts for Group Enrollees!

(December 3, 10, 17, 2011 to January 7, 14, 21, & 28, 2012 only)

P 3,700 (P500 discount instantly) - individual enrollee 

P 3,200 (P1,000 discount)- group enrollees with at least 5 members. 

P 2,900 (P1,300 discount*)- group enrollees with at least 5 members coming from a public or Science High School

P700 & P1,000* Big Discounts for Group Enrollees!

(February 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2012 only)

P 3,900 (P300 discount instantly) - individual enrollee 

P 3,500 (P700 discount)- group enrollees with at least 5 members. 

P 3,200 (P1,000 discount*)- group enrollees with at least 5 members coming from a public or Science High School

*Discounts will be applied strictly based on the actual date of registration; hence, ACAD1 encourages students to invite group members and register earlier to get bigger discounts.


Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone No: (02) 545 1133 / (02) 485 0721

Cellphone Number: (0905) 3581150 Globe / (0923) 8372762 Sun

Office Address: STI College Taft Ave., Malate, Philippines



Social Media Sites:,



Detailed Review Schedule

REVIEW CLASS SCHEDULES* (12 comprehensive 4-hour sessions)

Summer Batch (includes a REFRESHER session on the last weekend of July)

Batch I (April Batch)

  • MWF: April 11 to May 4, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.n. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • TThS: April 10 to May 5, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.n. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Batch II (May Batch)

  • MWF: May 7 to May 30, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.n. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • TThS: May 8 to May 31, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 n.n. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

* Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

* Register early in order to get into your preferred schedule.

Batch III June-July Batch (2 sessions per day, 6 Saturdays for 12 comprehensive 4-hr sessions)

  • SATURDAYS June 23 to July 28, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.


Review Registration Details:

1. Choose your preferred batch & schedule subject to availability of slots.

2. Call, text, or e-mail your information*: full name, school, contact information (preferably 1 landline number, 1 mobile number, and an e-mail address, if any) and your preferred batch and schedule.

*For text reservations, Text FULL NAME/SCHOOL/CONTACT NOS/SCHEDULE to (0905)3581150 for Globe or (0923)8372762 for Sun subscribers. Ex. Vince Reyes/Makati Science HS/5451133/April MWF 8-12*For e-mail reservations, please indicate on the subject field: 2011 Review Reservation

3. Register personally or through a representative at STI College – Taft during  registration days & hours. In case you drop by during non-office or non-registration hours, kindly fill out the registration form to be provided by the guards on duty.

4. Bring the ff. requirements: 2 pcs 1×1 photos (recently taken) and photocopy of 3rd yr High School ID.

5. Pay the non-refundable registration fee in full or at P1,000 downpayment to officially enroll. Balances must be settled on the first day of review classes.


About ACAD1:

ACAD1 as Manila’s Pioneer in College Entrance Test Preparation. ACAD1 began as Manila Philacademic Center in 2002 & started its first batch of UPCAT test preparation class in 2003. Thus, ACAD1 is considered as the first academic center to start UPCAT review classes in Manila. Founded by a young scholar from Manila Science High School and University of the Philippines – Diliman, ACAD1 has become a leader in college entrance test preparation, providing students with excellent, top of the class, quality test preparation at the most reasonable cost.

UPCAT Review Center: High Achievers Tutorial and Review Center


UPCAT Review Price: P6,500

# of Hours: 76 Hours (Lecture & Drills) + 10 Hrs (online Reviewers and Modules

# of Sessions: 19 Review Sessions (including Grand Review Program)

# of Students per Class: 15students per batch (Kamias Branch), 30 students per batch (Taytay Branch)

Passing Rate: No Data

Comprehensive College Entrance Test Review for UP,ATENEO,DLSU and UST. Topics like Mathematics, Science with Physics, English and Abstract Reasoning . Includes: Test taking tips Test assistance Personality Test Career Orientation Diagnostic Test Review materials and modules are included.


Review Slot Reservation: Website Reservation, Bank Deposit, Office Reservation

Review Batch Schedule: April – August

One on One Review Schedule: June –December


Review Venues:

  • Quezon City: #38-F Kamias Road
  • Taytay Rizal: SAN BEDA COLLEGE TAYTAY RIZAL CAMPUS (Official Review Center of San Beda College since 2002 )
  • Caloocan


Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone Number: 426-3496 or 348-9724

Mobile:  0922-8059724

Office Address: #38-F Kamias Road Quezon City, Philippines 1102

Fax: Skype: high achiever
SkypeID: highachiever
YM : dhigh



Social Media Sites:



Detailed Review Schedule




2012 College Entrance Test Review Batch Schedule: (as of Jan 18,2011 10:00AM)


Batch 1:        April 11 –  April 27,2012       M,W,F,Sat   (9slots to go) 
Batch 2:        April 19 –  May 3,2012          T,Th,Sat
Batch 3:        April 24 –  May 12,2012        T,Th,Sat
Batch 4:        April 25 –  May 9,2012          M,W,F,Sat
Batch 5:        May 2   -  May 19,2012         M,W,F,Sat


Batch 6:        May 8   -  May 26,2012         T,Th,Sat


Batch 7:        May 11 –  May 26,2012         M,W,F,Sat
Batch 8:        May 15 –  June 2,2012         T,Th,Sat
Batch 9:        May 20 –  June 3,2012         M,W,F,Sun
Batch 10:      May 23 -  June 3,2012        Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun


Batch 11:      To be announced April 2012     EN)        









Disclaimer:High Achievers Review Program does not ensure the success of passing the entrance examination of the reviewee but provide them necessary tools and materials to prepare the reviewee in handling their College Entrance test.


Endorsed by Hon.Vice-Mayor Herbert Bautista for educational seminar for the youth
Champion, Q.C. Youth Achievers Awardee
National Youth Congress- UP Diliman
Featured: Entrepreneur Magazine, June 2008 issue,volume 8 number 83, page 50-51.
Featured: Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, ABS-CBN Channel 2, aired: June 14,2008
Featured: Radyo Negosyo, DZMM 630, Saturday, July 12,2008

UPCAT Review Center: Young Einstein Learning Center

Tagline :

“We empower students to excel.”  We give students the right tools to excel, not only in their academics, but in life as well.  We want to mold students to become future proactive leaders of the country, by training them to think analytically and creatively, and be part of the nation’s solution to success.  Included in the review package are two major conferences – the leadership conference and the career conference.

# of Hours of review: 100 Hours

# of Sessions: 21 sessions (19 sessions of 4 hours each, 2 sessions of 8 hours each, plus scheduled online tutorials with the faculty)

Maximum Students per Class: 15 to 20 students per class

Price: Available upon request through our office contact numbers & email

Discounts and Promos: Huge discounts of up to P3,500 from now until February 17, 2012 – We have scholar’s discounts, group & individual discounts, science high school discounts.  We also have on-going FREE diagnostic tests on scheduled Saturdays for incoming 4th year HS students.

Perks and Extras

*  diagnostic exam – included

*  simulation exam – included

*  review modules – review books included

*  career seminar – included

*  leadership conference included (with talks on personal goal-setting, effective time management, test-taking skills, mind-mapping, speed-reading, memorizing)

*online tutorials – included

*additional exercises online

Registration Dates Enrollment on-going, but discounts are available (rates vary at different deadlines) from now until March 15, 2012!

Review Schedule April 11, 2012 to May 2, 2012.  Quezon City: MWF and MTWThF,

Makati: MWF.  We also do in-campus review programs (minimum of 20 students), where we bring our teachers to your school for the review program. Pls contact us if your school is interested.


Review Venues Quezon City and Makati (center-based review).  We also do in-campus review programs (minimum of 20 students), where we bring our teachers to your school for the review program. Pls contact us if your school is interested.

 Maps (link),+J.P.+Rizal,+Quezon+City,+Metro+Manila,+Philippines&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=14.659197,121.083986&spn=0.000332,0.000343&t=m&z=12&vpsrc=0

Contact Info :

telephone: 6924980 (landline), 09178357636

fax: none

office address: Unit 808 Emerald Square Condominium, JP Rizal St corner P. Tuazon Avenue, project 4, Quezon City.

other office venue during summers: 2nd flr Maripola Bldg, Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati


facebook url:



Instructors’ Qualifications: Faculty come from UP and Phil. Science High School