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UP Certificate in Fine Arts Program Admission Basics

Not all students are meant for more “academic” courses.  Others have a penchant for painting, sculpting, industrial design and what not, and that’s perfectly all right.  The good news is that UP Diliman and UP Cebu have a course for more artistic individuals:  the aptly named Certificate in Fine Arts Program (CFA).


Just like any certificate course, high school graduates may apply for the CFA even if they haven’t taken (or passed) the UPCAT.  Test passers, however, are eligible for a bachelor’s course in Fine Arts instead.


The requirements are as follows:

  • a completed application form (with the essay at the back)
  • a report card with assessments up to the third grading period
  • an NSO birth certificate
  • certification of good moral character (written by high school principal)


Note that the College of Fine Arts will accept photocopies of these documents initially.


Speaking of the screening processes, the CFA has things in reverse.  The interview that usually comes after the written exam comes before everything else this time.  After that, the guidance office will then take applicants through a mental ability test to gauge their study habits.


The third step is the talent determination test, where school staff members will ask the applicants to showcase their artistic skills.  Assuming the applicants pass the entire screening process, the University will then ask them for the original versions of the documents mentioned above.


The College of Fine Arts also offers extra goodies for applicants who seek additional learning.  Students may also attend workshops for enrichment purposes, though these are not required to access the program.


For additional information on the CFA program, kindly visit this website or call (632) 981-8500 local 3977 or (632) 981-8732 or e-mail for more details.  Feel free to check out UP Cebu’s website, too.  The contact person for the Fine Arts program over there is Professor Dennis Montera.  He may be reached at (6332) 233-8202.



Ms. Marisse of the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts Department



UP Sertipiko sa Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino Admission Basics

There are people out there who have the ability to paint pictures with words—especially in Filipino.  If this sounds like you, then you’ll be pleased to know that U.P. Diliman has a course just for you.  It’s known as the Sertipiko ng Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino (SMPF) and it’s one option for those who would rather not take (or for those who do not pass) the UPCAT.


SMPF is a two-year course offered by the UP-KAL (Kolehiyo ng Arte at Literatura).  It’s open to all high school graduates or college students who wish to pursue further studies.

If you wish to apply, the school will need the following:


1.      A complete application form

2.      a photocopy of Form 137 (your high school report card).

a.       Make sure it has a minimum GWA of 80

b.      The GWA should cover your first three years in high school and the first three quarters of your fourth year.

c.       It must have a minimum average of 85 in English and Filipino

3.      Samples of work you have written.  Choose from two or three of the following:

a.       Poem

b.      Short story

c.       Short essay

d.      Children’s story

e.       Novel or novella

f.       Play

g.      Teleplay or movie script

4.      Samples of written work published in a school paper or other publication

5.      A recommendation from a former literature/language/creative writing    teacher.  It must contain the following:

a.       Awards won during writing competitions

b.      Work at a school paper or other newspaper

c.       Information on published work or presentations or other related activities.

6.      a non-refundable 400-peso application fee

7.      an agreement letter between the department and the applicant detailing the requirements and privileges of the SMPF course

8.      Signature/approval of the following

a.       the Undergrad program Administrator

b.      President of the Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas (DFPP)

c.       DFPP Teachers Committee

d.      Office of the KAL Dean


Please make sure that you have six copies of requirements 1-5 above.  You’ll also need a set of 6 entries placed in individual folders, all placed in an envelope with your name written on the outside.


The complete application process consists of four major steps.  Student hopefuls may submit their applications sometime in February.  An orientation takes place in early March, followed by a written exam in the middle of March and an interview with the SMPF committee a few days later.  UP-KAL usually releases the list of chosen applicants sometime in April.


If you’re interested in the SMPF and you’d like more details, kindly contact UP-KAL by dialing 981-8500 local 2123 or 2124.  You may also contact Professor Vlad Gonzales at 9244899 or .  For a more complete overview of the course, kindly check this website out.



Ms. Susan of the UP-KAL office



UPCAT Alternatives


It’s a good idea to prepare for the UPCAT.  Sometimes, however, people can put too much emphasis on it, especially when there are other ways of getting into UP without taking the UPCAT or without passing it.


If you’re absolutely determined to attend the state university, you may want to consider taking a certificate course, such as music or fine arts.  A number of UP colleges offer these, and they will readily accept you provided you pass their screening processes.


Your best bet would be to inquire at the college of your choice because the specific processes tend to vary across colleges.  Nevertheless, a common ingredient involves passing a talent determination test of your more artistic capabilities.


Depending on your UPCAT performance, it’s also possible to get in if your grades are near the cut-off to get you waitlisted.  While it seems that everyone and their mother wants to get into UP, the reality is that some people will give up a highly-coveted slot in favor of another course or another school, and you can take that if it’s available.  It will take a certain amount of patient waiting and good timing, but it can be done.


The key is to keep the communication lines open between you and the department of your course of choice.  They will inform you if a slot opens up for you.  While waiting, you may want to shift to another course (ask the department for one that doesn’t lock you to it) in the meantime and then shift back to your original choice.  Even if that slot doesn’t open up, you still have a choice of pursuing the same course in one of the other UP satellite campuses.


If you’d rather not wait and jump into college life straight away, you also have the option of attending another college (another UP campus if you make its cut-off or another university if you don’t) in the meantime.  You can then transfer back to Diliman once you’ve earned enough units (specifically 33 academic units, usually in a year or so) and you’ve maintained an average there equivalent to UP’s 2.0 or higher.


Finally, there’s one other way for foreign students:  if you’ve taken your SAT and you have a grade of at least 1200 in Critical Reading and Math, then UP will accept that in place of the UPCAT.  There’s a catch, however:  you can only choose from a limited number of courses.  What’s more, you’ll only be allowed to do this after the UPCAT takers have chosen their courses.


If the UPCAT isn’t your cup of tea, don’t despair.  There’s more than one way to get into the state university.  Pray for wisdom and guidance, take a look at the options available to you, make your choice and keep trying!


UP Certificate in Theater Arts Program Admission Basics

There’s something about standing in front of an audience and playing out a role that appeals to certain people.  Fortunately, UP Diliman’s College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts has a Certificate Program in Theater Arts for folks who wish to develop their acting skills and then some.


The interesting thing about this program is that is divided into two majors:  performance and technical theater and management.  The former involves the stuff we’ve come to expect from theater talents: acting, drama, voice, etc..  The latter involves everything that goes on behind the curtains: lighting, scene and costume design, production, etc.  The General Education subjects for both are similar, though.



As with all certificate courses, you need not take and pass the UPCAT in order to apply for this program.  The school will need the following things from you:


  • Your high school grades from first year to fourth year, with averages of 85% or better.
  • 3 recommendation letters from your professors or noted theater actors or a combination of both
  • Half-body and whole body pictures of 3R size
  • A portfolio of your theater experience
  • The fully accomplished application form


Applications usually start during the month of February with the deadline falling around the end of March.  The second or third week of April is usually reserved for the audition or Talent Determination Test (TDT).


Talent Auditions and Beyond

The TDT is actually a multi-performance screening procedure.  To pass it, you’ll need to perform a song number, do a movement piece, dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop) and a monologue.  For the dance portion, the college staff members will determine what you will do.


If you pass the initial screening, the university registrar will ask you for a second set of requirements.  These are the standard requirements for anyone who is eligible registration; please take a look at this webpage for a complete listing.


Contact Details

If you have any questions about the application process or the program itself, feel free to contact the College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts at. (632) 924-3224.






Mr. Ronny of the College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts

UP Certificate in Sports Studies Admission Basics

We like to think of school as an environment for developing the intellect, and rightly so.  However, there are people out there whose intelligence lies in the kinesthetic realm—we call them athletes.


The good news is that there are courses just for them.  UP Diliman has a Certificate in Sports Studies program for those who excel in the more physically-oriented arts.  The words “certificate program” may lead you to think that the requirements are the same as any other certificate course, yet that is not exactly the case.  You’ll soon find out why…


The Requirements…with OneBig Difference


Unlike other certificate courses, the Certificate in Sports Studies program is different in the sense that applicants are required to take the UPCAT in order to qualify for it.  The college of Human Kinetics will only accept applicants with a minimum entrance test grade of 2.800.


The program is also open to shiftees and transferees.  The latter must have earned 36 units’ worth and a passing grade in each of their classes so far (a minimum of 2.5 of its equivalent).


The required paperwork is fairly standard:

  • The completed application form
  • A photocopy of your high school grades
  • 4 1×1 size ID pictures
  • 4 2×2 size ID pictures
  • Payment of the 500 peso application and testing fee


The application process starts right after the UPCAT results are released, which is sometime in February.  Likewise, the deadline for the submission of requirements is usually scheduled sometime in April.


Screening for the Best


The screening process kicks off with a general sports skill test.  Applicants choose three sports and the College of Human Kinetics (CHK) determines what they can do.  Applicants may also expect a physical fitness test that measures their physical conditioning.


No screening process is complete without some sort of interview—in this case, a panel of CHK officials will interview the student and determine why they really want to apply for the course.  Finally, the sports readiness test involves a deeper exam compared to its general sports skill counterpart.  This is where you get into the scientific nitty-gritty and the technical details of the sports in question.


Please note that this is by no means the exact testing sequence.  The College of Human Kinetics determines that based on schedules.  Also note that only the top 25 applicants will be chosen based on their UPCAT and screening performance.


Contact Details


If you have any questions about the program or the process, feel free to contact the CHK office at (632) 929-6033 or (632) 924-1893.  You may also call the UP trunkline at (632) 981-8500 and dial locals 4126, 4128, 4132-4134.



Ms. Vivian of the CHK