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Philippine Science High School Eligibility Update

By admin

This is a correction to the info provided in a previous post: Philippine Science High School Entrance Exam 2011 Application Ongoing. In the aforementioned post, it was mentioned that to be eligible for the PSHS-NCE, one must have been born on or before June 1, 1996. Hachiko pointed out our error, so we are posting this update. Actually, one must have been... »

Philippine Science High School Exam Results and the Next Steps

By admin

Philippine Science High School entrance exam results are out.  You can find the results at http://www.pshs.edu.ph/listgen/listgen.php.  Just type your surname into the search box.  If at least one person with your family name passed, a results list would appear.  Look for your name in that list. If you passed, congratulations.  Now the following is what you need to do next. Philippine Science... »

Philippine Science High School Last Day of Application

By admin

Today, September 1, 2009, marks the last day of application for the annual Philippine Science High School (PSHS) National Competitive Examination (NCE).  If you haven't filed your application yet, please do so now.  You have only until today to do that. Please help spread the... »

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