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UPCAT Result: Degree Course with Available Slot

By admin

Every person who takes the UPCAT yearns for immediate acceptance into the course of their choice.  This doesn’t always happen, though.  Sometimes, someone gets a notice of a “degree course with available slot.” What does this mean?  Let’s find out. The Long and Short of It In simple terms, it means that you’ve been placed on the waiting list for the course... »

What to Do If You DON’T Pass the UPCAT

By admin

Sad, but it happens.  Some people (take that to read:  a lot of people) do indeed fail the UPCAT.  What if you're one of those who do not pass the UP entrance test? First and foremost, don't jump out the window, hang yourself or blow up a mall using explosives strapped to your chest just yet.  All hope is not lost... »

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