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The OBLE Project

Seniors United – The Oble Project 2012

An Introduction to the Oble Project

The Oble Project consists of able-minded and able-bodied youths—mostly incoming college freshmen who have taken and passed entrance exams of prestigious universities—who, in cooperation with UPCAT Takers 2011, Seniors’ United Group, and Academic Clinic, aspire to assist and  inspire incoming high school seniors in the Philippines who will be taking the UPCAT, USTET, DLSUCET, ACET, and other college entrance exams.

Our Beginnings

The roots of the Oble Project can be traced back to September 2011. Back then, it was known as “Christmas Outreach”, then “Isang Milyong Ngiti”. The officers of the UPCAT Takers 2011 FB Group along with the admin of the Academic Clinic website initially conceived the project as an outreach program (composed of primarily high school seniors) which aimed to provide less fortunate children with toys, food, educational materials, and other donations. Aside from material goods, the project also made use of human resources to further nurture the Filipino youth by visiting charitable groups.

Circa February 2012, the Oble Project’s aims expanded to include the preparation of incoming fourth year high school students for college entrance exams, and it was around this time that it came to be known by its current name. Its volunteers currently devote themselves to creating online review quizzes, providing exam-taking strategies and tips for application, and other necessary processes for admission into college. Its original aims still stand along with its current focus.

The Volunteers

Most Oble Project volunteers are incoming college freshmen who joined the project while in their final year of high school (hence “Seniors United”). Other volunteers are either college students or college graduates. The volunteers come from all walks of life, each possessing their own unique aptitudes, united under the common goal of the Oble Project.

Taking Action

To fulfill its objectives of preparing high school seniors for their college endeavors, the volunteers of the Oble Project make use of their creative and intellectual energies to formulate quizzes covering topics that are commonly present in entrance exams, give tips that students may find useful in taking these exams, and provide other information about these exams and the universities that students may find useful.

The help extended by the Oble Project does not end there. Students may also seek the volunteers’ help in finding and applying for scholarships, choosing dorms, and more. The volunteers continuously seek ways to lend a hand to students, and help will always be given to those who need it.

The Oble Project Mission

To encourage and inspire high school seniors in their pursuit of quality higher education through the collaborative efforts of the home and the Oble Project, thereby assisting each individual in creating for himself a viable future that is conducive to the progress of the Philippines.

The Oble Project Vision

Highly-motivated students who are intellectually challenged to cope with the demands of higher education, where each individual matters.

Credit:  This post was written by Janina Denise H. Torralba.



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