UE Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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In the old days, schools would print out copies of their application forms for students to fill up and submit.  We still see that today, although many schools also offer a convenient online option that allows students to submit applications from any place with an Internet connection. If you look around, though, you’ll also come [...]

Adamson Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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There’s a mind-set going around that if something is more expensive, it must be good.  That’s not necessarily the case, though.  It’s also possible to come across something of good quality that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Case in point:  Adamson University.  This Vincentian learning institution offers qualified, competent instruction, modern educational [...]

UA&P Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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A former classmate of mine decided to attend the University of Asia and the Pacific way back in 1995.  It was only years later that I understood how critical that year was for a school that previously served a purpose other than offering tertiary education (More on that in a moment.). Interestingly enough, the school’s [...]

Fatima University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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You know the drill:  study or review for the entrance exam, apply at the college in question, pay the fee, get the schedule, take the test, go for the interview, enroll.  That’s how the system works for most universities out there. The fact is that not all schools follow this tried-and-true screening system.  Occasionally, a [...]

FEU Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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When my father graduated from high school, his next step was to go to Metro Manila to study at the college of his choice.  It’s understandable, considering the city is where the action is—at least most of the time. Though there are universities with provincial campuses, there are other universities that will provide provincial testing [...]

CEU Application and Entrance Exam Basics

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When I was in high school, one of the most important lessons I learned was that of delegating tasks.  With the 1001 things we had to do everyday, it made sense to assign certain group tasks to individuals who were best able to accomplish them. You may be pleased to know that universities also “delegate”, [...]

Mapua University Application and Mapua Scholastic Aptitude Examination (MSAE) Basics

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One of the lessons I never forgot from my high school classes was the maxim “structure determines function.”  While my teacher referred to inventions at the time, the principle may apply to universities as well. One such case is Mapua University, whose two-campus structure lends itself to some interesting choices during its application period.  Let’s [...]

USTET Review Guide

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It’s not unusual to find forum members discussing the level of difficulty presented by the different college entrance exams.  Opinions vary as to which test is the most difficult.  On the flip side, there are those who believe that certain tests are among the easiest of the bunch. Unfortunately, an implicit danger lies within these [...]


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The prospect of taking an entrance test can be one of the most trying experiences for an incoming college freshman, particularly if that test is called the ACET.  Add in the reputation of the entrance exam being “unfinishable” and you have a good recipe for burnout. The good news is that there are strategies you [...]

UPCAT Review Tips: Study Myths and Tips

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One of the things I distinctly remember from my highfaluting college theology classes is the reality of being sincerely wrong.  That is, people may think that what they believe in is the truth when it actually isn’t. With all the input that the Information Age has given us about studying, it’s no surprise that quite [...]

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