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News and Announcements

List of Students Included in the UPCAT Mass Prayers held in Italy

By admin

The UPCAT Mass was held last Aug 1 & 2, 2009 in Siracusa, Italy for the successful UPCAT exam of the following students: 1.  Alexis Louise... »

Makati Science High School Application Schedule

By admin

The application period for the Makati Science High School entrance examination will begin in November, 2009.  To apply, download the application form from the website... »

Ateneo High School Enrance Test Rescheduled

By admin

Please be informed that the entrance test for the Ateno de Manila University High School has been rescheduled.  Instead of the initial schedule of October... »

DLSUCET Schedule Changes

By admin

There have been some changes to the DLSUCET schedule and timetable.  First of all, the DLSUCET application form and other requirements' submission deadline has been... »