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USTET 2012 Results (USTET for AY 2012-2013)

Good news to all who took the USTET in 2011. The USTET Results for AY 2012-2013 are out.

Update: The USTET Results are truly and officially out!!! To check USTET Results for 2012-2013, go to the UST Entrance Results link (see below).

Just to be clear, when we say USTET 2012 results we mean the results of the UST Entrance Test administered in 2011. It’s called USTET 2012 because it is the entrance exam that  determines who will be accepted as UST college freshmen in the 2012-2013 intake year.

To check the results, visit the UST Entrance Test results page ( Note: you need your applicant number to be able to check results online.

What to Expect

After you punch in your magic numbers and surname, the USTET results page will return your application status. The potential results are:

  1. Passed – Self-explanatory. Go on and confirm your slot (after you give yourself a much-deserved pat on the back).
  2. For Interview – Your USTET scores have qualified you for the next stage of your chosen program’s admission process. If you ace the interview (which we know you will), you’ll go through.
  3. On Waiting List – Your USTET scores have qualified you for your chosen program. Unfortunately, you chose a quota course and the limited number of slots have already been filled up. If you are on the waiting list, you will have to wait for slots to become available (which happens when students with assured slots vacate them for other options – say a different program or a different college) .
  4. Did not Qualify – This means you did not meet the minimum cut-off scores of your chosen program or of the university.
  5. Academic Placement – There is hope yet. Your scores may not have qualified you for your chosen program, but you did make the university’s cut-off grade. This means you have a chance of getting a slot in a program where your scores qualify. Of course, you may have to wait a bit before you find out whether you will have a slot or not since the university will first have to wait for confirmation from those who passed and then offer vacated slots to those in the waiting list.

If you Passed the 2012 USTET…

Congratulations! Go and confirm your enrollment as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t forfeit your slot. Bring your USTET Permit  / Result Form to UST and pay the PhP 5,000 deposit. This is non-refundable, but it will be deducted from your tuition. You’ll only lose that money if you confirm your slot – thereby denying somebody else a chance to win it – but fail to enroll in the end.

After paying the deposit, you’ll need to submit required documents such as: High School Report Card, Certificate of Good Moral Character from the principal and guidance counselor or class adviser, 2″x2″ picture, ACR (only if you’re a resident / immigrant alien), and passport / student visa (only if you’re a non-resident alien).

If you need more information than this, perhaps our post on USTET Results and the Next Steps will help. You may also find USTET Reconsideration Process useful.

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While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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99 thoughts on “USTET 2012 Results (USTET for AY 2012-2013)

  1. paano po ba malalaman na nakapasa ka sa nursing interview last march 3, nababahala na po kasi ako dahil malapit na ang pasahan ng credentials at kung tumatawag kami sa office for admissions hinohold nila. pls pakisagot lang po.

  2. tanong lang po ukol sa interview ko sa course na nursing nung March 3 paano ko po ba malalaman na nakapasa ako? tinawagan na namin po ang office for admissions pero hinohold nila po kami, nababahal na po ako kasi malapit na ang pasahan ng cedentials

  3. I’m on waiting list and I didn’t pass the interview. Wala na bang chance un? I thought parang formality nalang ung interview kasi nakapasa naman na ko sa exam.

  4. Hello Po, just want to ask… On-waiting po ako sa HRM (2nd Choice) May pag asa po ba akong makakuha ng slot? kasi sabi po ng UST sa April 5 pa ko, e feel ko po masyado ng late yun, pwede na po ba magpareserve ng maaga kahit walang date na binigay?? marami po bang nagtake ng HRM? or kung pwede po magshift ng course na mas mababa yung cut off sa HRM, kasi gusto ko po talaga sa UST, kahit anong course, kahit educ po tatanggapin ko basta UST:))

    Salamat po:)

  5. hi po tiga apayao po ako, paano ko po malalaman yung USTET result? Kasi nawala ko po yung applicant number ko po eh, balak ko po kasing mag-aral diyan sa kursong MEDTECH kung pinalad po akong pumasa ….. THANK YOU PO AND GOBLESS!!!!!!

  6. hi po paano ko po malalaman yung USTET result? Kasi nawala ko po yung applicant number ko po eh, balak ko po kasing mag-aral diyan kung pinalad po akong pumasa ….. THANK YOU PO AND GOBLESS!!!!!!

  7. nakakuha po ako ng academic placement sa ustet eh tanong ko lang po i checheck lang po ba ung napili mo wala na po bang submit button?pls po answer po kau kagad…

  8. hello po, gusto ko lng po sana mag tanong, mahirap ba ang entrance exam ng UST para sa Architecture? ano po ba dapat ang pag aralan? maraming salamat po,

    • Hi Des,

      UST’s entrance exam – otherwise known as the USTET – is administered to every aspiring UST freshman regardless of their degree program choices. So someone who wants to take up Architecture has to take the same entrance exam as somebody else who wants to take up Nursing. As for the things you have to study, the general answer is to review everything you have learned in high school on the fields of Mathematics, Science, English and Filipino. To learn more, read the article USTET Coverage.

    • USTET was fairly easy. :) Aspiring archi (and fine arts) students were also given a special test regarding spatial relation. I don’t know how one reviews for that.

      If you perform well in school, I don’t think the test will stress you out that much. I honestly wasn’t able to study for the test (balak ko sana, but nawalan ako ng time), but I passed.

      …or baka chamba lang yun. :) ) Anyway, almost everybody I know passed. I therefore conclude na kakayanin mo rin yan. :>

      For a.y. 2013-2014 ka ba magtetest? Goodluck!

  9. To all USTET takers,
    Nakapost na po ang mga results ng USTET for S.Y. 2012-2013 sa tapat ng mga college buildings sa UST or just go to Tan Yan Kee Student Center dahil doon nakapost ang buong result.

    Beato Angelico Building: College of Architecture/ College of Fine Arts and Design

    Roque Roano Building: Faculty of Engineering

    Albertus Magnus Building: College of Education/ Conservatory of Music/ College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

    UST Main Building: Faculty of Pharmacy/ College of Science

    St. Raymund de Penafort: Faculty of Arts and Letters/ College of Commerce and Buisiness Administration

    St. Martin de Porres Building: College of Nursing/ College of Rehabilitation Sciences

  10. Hi, I’m waitlisted sa Architecture but do I have to pay 5000 pesos reservation fee on the specfied date for “SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS”? From what I know wait listed students are UST PASSERS and so does that mean I have to pay the 5000 on January 24-25?(Dates specified for SUCCESFUL APPLICANTS)

    • Hi Frank,

      You should really call UST asap. You don’t have much time to find out if you do need to pay a reservation fee even if you haven’t been assigned a slot yet. Again, call UST.

        • Hi Frank,

          That’s fine. :) I’m glad you did not miss the deadline (and that there was no deadline to miss in the first place), although I know it’s not an easy feeling to be waiting for a slot. Hope you get a slot soon; good luck!

  11. the USTet entrance scores are confidential I was told by admin. my daughter passed the mechanical and electrical engineering programs (On-Waiting list) though she wasn’t decided yet what course/s to take when she first applied. Now she really wanted to pursue Architecture (or Accountancy). I am wondering if she will have a chance to be admitted by the College of Architecture (given that she will submit the requirements by the latter).

    • Hi Ma’am,

      I urge you to call UST to ask about the possibility of transferring courses/degree programs prior to freshman enrollment. Please be sure to ask about the risks, if any, of applying for a course transfer at this stage of the admission process.

  12. hi there, is my reference number (the one thats included in the confirmation e-mail that ust sent to me after i filled up the online application form) same to my applicant number that is needed to check the results pf USTET?

    I have been trying to check the results but it always appears that i entered an invalid applicant number. by the way im using the reference number to check the results.
    thank you

  13. Hi
    I just wanna ask because I was not able to reserve a slot in UST . I passed AB Journalism and the report dates for first choice passed were January 20-21 2012. What should I do? Is that really a big big problem?? Hope you can reply immediately. Thanks!

    • Hi Dee,

      This answer might be a little late but I hope by now you have gotten in touch with UST to inquire about your situation and if you can still confirm your slot? Good luck!

      • Hello po. I am in waiting list in HRM. How big is the chance that I can get in in UST po? What should I do po ba para magkaroon ng slot and how soon will I know if their are still available slots? baka po kasi mga april or may pa po yun edi late na po ang lahat para magasikaso ng iba pang schools. Thank you po.

        • Hi Poppy,

          I suggest that you call UST; you may even try calling your future college (the actual college that offers the HRM degree program). Only UST knows how big your chance is of landing a slot in your chosen course. There really is nothing you can do to maximize your chance of getting a slot; unfortunately, it all depends on the college (specifically the number of freshmen they want to accept for the coming school year) and those who have been allotted a slot.

  14. Ate are you from UST? Kasi po taga Tarlac ako and super kayo nun sa manila. Pwede po bang patanong sa OFAD? i tried emailing them 3x, calling every hour but still no sign from them.
    I’m getting anxious to know the results na para naman makapag prepare na. If it’s okay lang naman po sa inyo :)
    Thanks po in advance.

    • Hi Feline,

      No, I’m not. I’m from another university.

      On the matter of your request, I would if I could, but I’m no longer even based in Manila. I live even farther from Manila than you do, and while I still go back to Manila from time to time for business, I have no Manila trip scheduled this month.

      As for the USTET results, I hear they are already posted at UST (information care of Cris – look for his comment to know where results are posted) so, if you have a friend or a relative in Manila who can go to the UST campus to check for your name in the list, that would be great.

      Any one from this here thread care to volunteer and check for Feline?

  15. Hi!

    tanong ko lang po…On-Waiting List po kasi ako…BS Architecture…nakapasa po ba ako ng USTET nun?…’di ko po kasi ma-satisfy yung sarili ko kung napasa ko ba talaga ang USTET…sa April po yung report date ko para sa drawing test…ano po ba mga expected na gagawin sa araw na ‘yun…drawing lang po ba talaga ang gagawin or may interview pa?…thanks po :D

    • Hi Russel,

      According to the UST website, students on on-waiting list are USTET passers. As for other requirements, UST should have informed you if an interview is needed. I believe the interview phase is required only in certain courses.

      • Hi!

        tanong ko lang po ulit for example, nagka-slot na po ako, pwede po bang palitan yung program ko ng for example, BS Electrical Engineering?…kung pwede pa…may exam pa po ba ulit?…or they will depend my score in USTET sa cut-off ng BS EE? thanks po :D

        • Hi Russel,

          You probably can request a transfer to a different course, but that’s risking not getting a slot in your replacement course. They’ll probably base your chance of getting a slot in your replacement course on your USTET scores; note, however, that there are other people waiting for the slot you’ll vacate and the slot you’ll apply for – so keep this risk in mind before you do anything rash. Better yet, call UST about what they advice you to do.

          • hi! i’m an hrm passer.. mali kasi ung nailagay sa test permit ko but still i took the hrm interview pwede po bang ipaayos at magshift aq ng course before enrollment? need your reply asap..

            Thank you !

  16. Hi Good Morning po UST ADMIN;

    Ask ko lang po sana bakit up to now di ko ma access yong reference number ko, I tried using the last 5 digits per instruction lagi pa din po INVALID APPLICANT, pero pag open ko po yong application ko sa inyo, na oopen ko naman. I also asked our registrars office if may send na kyo na notice wla pa din po. Gusto ko lang talaga malaman if I passed or not. Para makahanap ako ng ibang option. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi John,

      Email the UST Office of Admissions regarding your problem. Better yet, call the UST OFAD. You’ll find their contact information somewhere in one of the comments.

  17. Hi, academic placement po kasi ako. so dumedepende ako sa availability ng slot. yun chosen alternative 2 programs po ba e necessary na yun yun puntahan ko sa interview? Pano po kung nalaman namin na wala ng slot dun sa napili ko. Sa date po ng interview, pede po bang magiba ng program? Pede po ba malaman mula sa ofad yun status ng availability ng slots?

    • Hi Naomi,

      Pag academic-placement, hindi ka nagqualify sa pinili mong course/s pero pumasok ang scores mo sa cut-off mismo ng UST. In this case, you need to choose a different program/course where your scores qualify. The trick then is to find a course that has a relatively low demand to increase your chances of getting a slot.

      Are you saying binigyan ka na ng UST ng chance na pumili ng bagong kursong aaplayan? Is that what you mean by “alternative programs”?

      On the matter of availability slots, I advise you to keep in regular contact with UST’s Office of Admissions. In fact, I suggest you keep communication lines between you and UST’s OFAD singing. If you need to do anything at all to maximize your chances of getting into a degree program, the people at OFAD are the people who can tell you what it is. So follow up, follow up, follow up. Good luck! :)

      • Hmm opo. Nursing at Secondary Education po pinili ko. Sa tingin nyo po madami mag aapply jan sa mga courses ko? Thanks po ng sobra.

        • Hi Naomi,

          In my opinion (sa tingin ko lang ‘to ha? no statistical basis, ika nga), in-demand yata mga courses na napili mo. Pero pwedeng mali ang tingin ko, di ba? Let’s hope for the best.

          • Hi Naomi,

            I really don’t like making uninformed guesses. :) I urge you to call UST (specifically the Registrar) to ask about which courses are least in-demand; just note, however, that this strategy is recommended only if your priority is to get into UST rather than to get into a program in which you are truly interested.

  18. Gusto ko na po talagang malaman yun result
    para hindi na aq magtake ng exam sa ibang
    Universities sana pasado aq pra sa UST na aq

  19. To admin
    Maraming beses ba po ang nag- try
    na tumawag kaso palagi pong bc . Bakit
    po ganun ang lumalabas invalid applicant no.
    eh tama nman po yun nilalagay q, kc yun clsm8
    sabi nia skin ndi rin nia makita yun result invalid
    din daw yun lumalabas:(

    • Hi Jarlynn,

      In that case, may bug siguro yung search page or baka overloaded din siya. Wala talagang ibang choice kung hindi ang maghintay na maayos yung search function at patuloy na magsumikap na maka-contact sa UST.

  20. To admin
    Hello po ksi po hindi q po hindi ko
    Parin po makita yun result ng exam q
    nahihirapan po akong mag-login alam q
    naman po yun applicant number q kaso
    Pag-eenter q na invalid application po
    yun lumalaba ano po bang gagawin q :(

    • Hi Jarlynn,

      Invalid daw yung applicant number mo? Yun ba ang ibig mong sabihin? Kung ganun, kailangan mong tumawag sa UST (by all accounts super-busy ang UST telephone lines ngayon kaya mahirap maka-connect).

  21. Good evening. I am not able to view the result of my USTET as I have unfortunately misplaced the documents containing my applicant number. My grandmother had tried to contact the UST Office of Admission which in turn advised her to inquire from my current school with regard to the result. However, as I was browsing through this site, I have seen that it is possible to know the result without having to wait for the decision letter. Is it correct to assume such? If so, do we just call for the result or do we proceed to the UST campus to check it? Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Michaela,

      It seems UST does post a list of results at the UST campus but not as a comprehensive list. Every college draws up and posts its own list of qualifiers. You can also try to call UST; ask if it would be possible to get your applicant number (is this what you – or your grandmother, rather – tried to do already?). You may also follow UST’s instructions and inquire at your school about USTET results. Good luck and we hope things work out for you.

  22. Hello po.
    Anyone who can help me how to get a copy of the permint kasi nawala ko po and hindi ko memorize yung applicant number ko.
    i really need help right ;A; i’m dying to know the result

      • i’ve tried calling them from telephone to cellphone. Pero po kung hindi circuits are busy, unattended, etc. di ko po sila macontact D;

        • Hi Feline,

          Unfortunately, only UST knows what your applicant number is, so sa kanila talaga dapat kunin yung applicant number. Kakalabas lang kasi ng resulta kaya malamang overloaded ang UST telephone lines. Kinakailangan talaga ng mahabang pasensya ngayon. You can also wait for your notification letter – or you can ask your school to ask UST about your and your classmates’ USTET Results.

  23. paano po malalaman na may available pang slot dun sa program na pinili namin? pinili ko po kasi journalism at nasa waiting list po ako? how will i know if there is a vacant slot?

  24. To UST Admin

    I have been trying UST website for 2012 results but I could not access it. I also tried their landline but also, to no avail. Help!!! I thought the long wait is over pero eto, Jan. 18 na, torture pa rin.

  25. i just have a question for my friend who took the USTET in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. she didn’t get any applicant number. she told me that her school was trying to call the office to ask for the applicant numbers of the students who took the exam but there was no answer. how can she know the result if she lives in Riyadh. old fashioned snail mail will take a while if it’s in the middle east. will they send it to her e-mail then? thank you! and Congrats to all the passers of USTET! God bless everyone. :)

    • Hi Amira,

      That’s a big problem. Unfortunately, the only way your friend could possibly get her applicant number is if UST gives it to her. To that end, therefore, she must keep trying to reach UST – or, as you say – wait for her USTET Result notification through snail mail. Tell her she must urge her school to continue in its efforts to contact UST. Her school probably already has UST’s contact info, but I’m, posting it here just in case:

      Telephone: +632 406.1611 local 8276; + 632 309.7211
      Mobile: +63 917.815.6323; +63 919.352.2634
      Tele-facsimile: +632 309.7214
      E-mail: ofad[at]

  26. I just got my ustet result.. it says im on waiting list on both of my course of choice….. may i ask on what to do next to be able to enter UST?,,,

  27. Gaano kataas yung possibility na passed na talaga yung mga passed dun sa leaked results? Pwede pa ba mabago yun? Sana hindi na mabago pag passed na :(

      • Salamat po :D Sana talaga hindi na magbago. Kinakabahan kasi ako e. :( Question po ulit. Pag passed ka sa second choice mo, may sure slot ka na ba? o pwede ka pang maubusan ng slot? Accountancy po second choice ko.

        • Hi James,

          Accountancy? Nice! :)

          Based on our interpretation (and we could be wrong) of UST’s advisory at the results page, passed means passed and an assured slot unless you forfeit that slot by not confirming your intention to avail of your slot (3 slots in one sentence, whew! he he). It’s waitlisted applicants (Status: On Waiting List) who do not have assured slots.

    • After you get your USTET results, you should call the UST Office of Admissions directly to inquire about specific procedures as well as the risks of applying for a course change.

  28. ok po, tnx po sa response,,, eh how about naman po yung actual na student portal ng ust? may possibility din po ba na leak yun ksi po some said na ska lang mvivisit yun pag madaling araw, totoo po kaya yun????? btw, i already got my applicant form with my applicant number last week, kapapadala lng po ng ust admission office,,,,do u think din po ba na sa amount of annual or monthly income lang nagbbase ang ust sa mga nagtetake po ng USTET?mas pinaprioritize nga ba nila ang matataas ang fmily income?tnx

    • The USTET results website is live – but the website’s administrators has removed the search fields because UST wants the official release of USTET results to be on January 18, 2012.

  29. do you think na leak lang po yung released results na nkapost DAW po mismo sa student portal ng ust? some said na we can access to that particular site if we try to, during dawn o madaling araw particularly daw pwede mvisit yung site na yun….tnx

    • Yes, it was just a leak, and you can only really access online USTET results at UST’s student portal ( A lot of people have been able to access the site in the first day the USTET results web page went live. Others were able to access the college entrance exam results database in the days following – but they had to try more than a few times to do so.

      In any case, UST has chosen to make itself very clear: the official release of USTET Results will be on January 18, 2012 as scheduled.

  30. I have seen my USTET results and I found out that im not qualified for both courses that I chose…they say the results was just leaked and it was still tentative. Should I continue to hope passing USTET for they say that the results was just updated and was not final?

    • Hi April,

      I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sure you will find a great college. On USTET results, there’s no harm in trying to check results again. Hoping is not bad – as long as it doesn’t stop you from moving on.

  31. Hi. This is audrey, I just wanted to ask you if I can see the USTet passers for the A.Y. 2012-2013? Is there a website that I can go and see the list of passers even though without application number?

  32. How long will it take for the site to work again? I can’t call the admissions office because I’m too nervous =_=

    oh, and there are rumors that the reason the site crashed is because the results were posted earlier than scheduled by accident so they purposely crashed the site themselves to prevent anyone from seeing it. I’m just curious if there is any truth to this rumor or if the site really did just crash because there were too many people trying to access the site at the same time.

    • That’s what we hear, too – that the initial results were just a leak. Probably, the website administrators wanted an actual beta test to see if it’s working as expected then they made the results database publicly inaccessible afterwards so that they could get back to the USTET results release schedule of January 18, 2012. Let’s wait around a bit. It should be up and running by the 18th. :)

  33. paano po yun???? receipt lang po ang ibinugay sa akin at wala pong naibigay na officil applicant numbeer? nagtake po ako dito mismo sa nueva ecija, @Statesman College in Cbanatuan City

    • Hi Orlando,

      Don’t worry. You should be able to still check results – if not online then the good, old-fashioned way. You can contact the UST Office of Admissions through the following ways:

      Telephone: +632 406.1611 local 8276; + 632 309.7211
      Mobile: +63 917.815.6323; +63 919.352.2634
      Tele-facsimile: +632 309.7214

      In any case, I just checked the results page again and it’s down once more. Furthermore, the official date of release of USTET results is January 18, 2012.

      • I accessed finally to that website, and I felt sorry for myself :’( results have been already released,,,,,,,,,,,,,, January 18th 2012

        • Hi Orlando,

          Bad news? I’m sorry to hear that. :( Pero huwag kang mag-alala; you can try to apply for a transfer later if you’re determined to study in UST.

    • Hi Regina,

      Since a lot of people were trying to access the results database all at once, the server might have crashed. Typically, this kind of issue is temporary. You’ve even probably tried the results page again and succeeded checking the results, right? :)

        • HI Aletheia,

          Some people are saying the initial results were a leak. Since the schedule of USTET results release for the SY 2012-2013 is on January 18, it should be all right around that date. Have faith. :)

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