Thanks a lot Academic Clinic! I didn't attended review classes this summer but you are a great help! Hope to be one of the UPCAT passers who are a product of your benevolence! Thank you! To my fellow takers tomorrow, good luck and God bless!

by Alexis Perez on
DLSUCET Reconsideration Process
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There’s something inside all of us that recognize the need for second chances.  Even DLSU recognizes this.  That is why the school offers entrance exam- takers another chance to land a slot in the university if their first attempt didn’t … Continue reading

The Story behind BrainTrain Review Center
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  BrainTrain review center recently came on top in our first ever Students’ Choice UPCAT Review Center of the Year [2011] poll.  In the course of the contest, we cant help but notice the glowing reviews and extraordinary support of … Continue reading

Brain Train is UPCAT Review Center of the Year 2011
Brain Train UPCAT Review Center

Brain Train Tutorial and Review Center emerges as winner in the 2011 Academic-Clinic Students’ Choice Award for UPCAT Review Center of the Year. The month-long online poll ended up being a contest among 22 UPCAT Review Centers. During the contest … Continue reading