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Where Can I Get Free UPCAT Reviewers?



Words are powerful things.  If used properly, they can grab someone’s attention and lead them where you want them to go.  Take the word “free”, for instance.  People love anything that’s given gratis, especially if it’s connected to something important—like the UPCAT.


With all the specialty institutions advertising their services these days, some people may be wondering if there is a more budget-friendly alternative.  Wonder no more.  There are free UPCAT reviewers out there, but there’s a catch involved.


The catch is that while these reviewers are free, they’re not as comprehensive as you’d like them to be.  That’s right:  they’re samples.  Most truly complete review is an investment of time, effort and/or money on the part of the provider and the student.


If you’re still interested in freebies, though, one good place where you can find them is on the Internet.  Ask your friend, Mr. Google, to help you out, and chances are you’ll be lead to websites like this one.  Other websites like this one even have additional resources like videos and lectures to help you out.


Another alternative is the website that hosts the article you’re currently reading.  Academic Clinic has a fine collection of free UPCAT reviewers on various subjects you’ll find in the actual entrance exam.  They’re all neatly summarized on the site’s Facebook page.  For example, you can go to this webpage to polish your geometry and trigonometry skills, fiddle around with chemistry over here and even check your knowledge of biology against the questions provided here.


Lastly, some UP Diliman student organizations may provide reviewers for free.  Thing is, you’ll need to personally attend their program in order to avail of the free reviewer.  UP Sandiwa and UP Kalilayan are two fine examples of these; there are many other orgs out there who will help you.


They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but that’s because someone else paid the price to provide you with free sample reviewers.  If the ones posted above have whet your appetite for more, there’s always the option to dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of UPCAT review programs.

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