Thank God for the advices you guys give on college entrance exams! Whenever I search for tips and hints, this website would always appear and I decided to visit here from time to time. Thank you again for all these! :D It helps me study in a more organized way.

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UPCAT Review Center: Study Habits Tutorial and Review Center

UPCAT Review Price:  at least P5,400

# of Hours: 60-100 Hours [depending on review  package]

# of Sessions: 15-25 Sessions

# of Students per Class: No Data

Passing Rate: No Data


Review Coverage / Syllabus:

* Mathematics Proficiency – General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, Basic Calculus

* Science Proficiency – General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

* Language Proficiency and Verbal Reasoning – English and Filipino

* Reading Comprehension – English and Filipino

* Abstract Reasoning

* Essay Writing – English and Filipino


Review Materials:

Orientation Seminar
Diagnostic Examination
Lectures/Discussions and Drills
More Intensive Drills
Post Evaluation and Career Assessment Examination
Study Habits Improvement Program (SHIP)
UP Campus Tour
Homework, Review and Drill Handouts
Sample Examinations
Uniform (T-Shirt) and ID
CD (compilation of review materials)

Review Slot Reservation: No Data

Review Schedule Summary: May-July

Review Venues: No Data


Review Add-ons:

*  50% discount for first 50 enrollees

*Rewards and incentives (Cash and recognition) will be given to the exam topnotchers.
*Only for Oblation Scholars:  The first Oblation Scholar in all of the review batches will obtain a PHP 6000 cash reward.
** While PHP 1000 will be given to any Oblation Scholar below the Top 5 of the review batches.


Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone No: (02) 434 3300 / (02) 414 2009

Cellphone Number: no data

Office Address:

# 6 Malamig cor. Malumanay Sts., Teachers’ Village West, Quezon City)


Unit 10, Jacinto Building, 380 Scout Reyes cor. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City



Social Media Sites:

Email: No Data


Detailed Review Packages and Schedule:

To be administered in 60 hours (15 Sessions)
Review Proper:
* Diagnostic Exams
* Lectures, Quizzes, Exercises & Take Home Assignments
* Simulated Exams

To be administered in 80 hours (20 Sessions)
Review Proper (Same as the Silver Package) but with FREE PHP 2000 worth of other features like the:
* Study Habits Improvement Program (SHIP Seminar)
* Practical Drills/Session
* Career Orientation Seminar
* Interactive Game Sessions
* 12 Hour Refresher Course

Schedule of the Gold Refresher Course is on July 30 and 31

To be administered in 100 hours (25 Sessions)
Review Proper (Same as the Silver Package) but with FREE PHP 4000 worth of other features like the:

* Study Habits Improvement Program (SHIP Seminar)
* Practical Drills/Session
* Career Orientation Seminar
* Finger Math
* Speed Reading & Reading Comprehension Skills UPGrade
* Test-Taking Tips
* Problem-Solving Strategies
* Interactive Game Sessions
* 20 Hour Refresher Course

Schedule of the Diamond Refresher Course is on July 24,30 and 31

The refresher course schedule applies to all review batches. Therefore, there is only one schedule set for the refresher courses.

SCHEDULES of the Review Batches

First Batch:
May 4-24: Silver Package
May 2-26: Gold Package
May 4-31: Diamond Package

Second Batch: (No Silver Package is being offered)
Gold Package:
June 4,11,18,25
July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 31
Diamond Package:
June 4, 11, 18, 25
July 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 23, 24, 30, 31

Review Reservation Details:  No Data

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While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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