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Free UPCAT Review: The UP Kalilayan Core Program

When someone does something nice for us, it’s natural to want to pay that person back.  What do you do if that’s just not possible (say, the person anonymously donated money to you.)?  Another option is to pay it forward.

Organizations like U.P. Kalilayan are in the habit of doing so.  One of their favorite methods involves their UPCAT review—an outreach activity dubbed the Core Program.  There are some interesting nuances behind this program, as you’ll soon find out.

Org Background

U.P. Kalilayan has its roots in Quezon province.  Four Lucena City students founded the organization some 35 years ago.  Its purpose is to promote the growth of the said province through projects such as medical-dental missions and programs like the Core UPCAT review.

The interesting thing is that the current roster of organization members consists of former high school students who participated in and benefitted from the Core Program.  They are now paying it forward out of gratitude.

UPCAT Review Background

The main purpose of the Core Program is to introduce UP Diliman as the top state university to aspiring college students from Quezon province.  It actually started back in 1993.  Its 23rd session will commence this 2011.

U.P. Kalilayan sometimes holds more than one session per year depending on logistics and circumstances, and 2011 is one such year.  The program itself consists of three phases:  a career orientation, the review proper and an exhibit.

UPCAT Review Requirements

The org doesn’t require much from potential participants, save the following:

  • They must be Quezon province students in their third or fourth year of high school.
  • They must present their official school IDs.
  • They need to pay a 50-peso registration fee.

Incidentally, the registration fee will cover their food and all the materials they will use in the review sessions—projectors, booklet, brochure, etc.  The booklet is essentially their review and answer sheet, while the brochure contains a description of the university along with other pertinent bits of information.

UPCAT Review Registration

U.P. Kalilayan usually sends out invites to high schools in Quezon  province.  The interesting thing to note here is that the school officials are the ones who determine whom the participants will be—not the students themselves.  The criteria vary between schools, though they have been known to select their top students.

After the participants have been chosen, all they need to do is to confirm their program attendance via call, SMS or e-mail.  The number of participants is limited to a total of 250 students or so distributed evenly across all high schools.

UPCAT Review Coverage

U.P. Kalilayan usually reserves the career orientation for the morning session. In it, the org introduces participants to different university students and professors via video.  The latter folks talk about U.P. courses, organizations, traditions and other relevant facts about university life.

The mock exam and review proper follows in the afternoon of the same day.  Just like the real UPCAT, the mock test features questions on science, mathematics, abstract reasoning, reading comprehension in English and Filipino and so on.  The students then review the answers to the questions with the org members’ guidance

Finally, the org finishes up by treating the participants to an exhibit of the best that the university has to offer.

UPCAT Review Schedule

This first session of this year’s Core Program will be held on March 12, 2011 from 7:30 in the morning to around 5 or 5:30 in the afternoon.  This is exclusively for district 1 third year high school students.

District 2 fourth year high school students need not worry, as a second session will be held just for them sometime in June of 2011.  The schedule is still being finalized at the time of this article’s writing; it will likely take place a couple of weeks before the actual UPCAT day.

UPCAT Review Venue

Core program review sessions are held in the ORN Hall of Luis Palad National High School in Tayabas Quezon until further notice.

Org Contact Details

For more information on the scheduling and other important aspects of the program, contact Mr. Jiru Rada at or mobile number 0935-1734339.  You may also contact Ms. Danielle Maano at or mobile number 0915-7935071.


Mr. Jiru Rada of U.P. Kalilayan

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