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UA&P Application and Entrance Exam Basics

A former classmate of mine decided to attend the University of Asia and the Pacific way back in 1995.  It was only years later that I understood how critical that year was for a school that previously served a purpose other than offering tertiary education (More on that in a moment.).

Interestingly enough, the school’s entrance exam and interview possess certain unorthodox qualities to them.  Don’t worry about them, though—simply read on and you will understand what I mean.

UA&P Introduction

The University of Asia and the Pacific wasn’t always a university.  Over four decades ago, it started off as a Center for Research and Communication—a private research unit and think-tank that offered graduate economics courses.  After CHED granted it university status in 1995, the leaning institution expanded its course offerings to include the sciences, humanities, education, IT and more.

UA&P Admission Requirements

The paperwork for incoming freshmen is as follows:

  • the completed application form
  • three 2 x 2 size ID photos
  • a photocopy of the applicants’  birth certificates (NSO-authenticated)
  • the applicants’ secondary school record, placed in a sealed envelope, with the flap signed by their school registrar.
  • a recommendation form, also housed in a sealed envelope, with the flap signed by the applicants’ guidance counselor or principal
  • a personal essay with the following specifications
    • It must be typewritten on short bond paper.
    • It should show readers what the applicants are like. This is done by discussing the applicants:
      • hobbies and interests
      • accomplishments
      • experiences with their families, friends, businesses and education
      • goals for the future
      • strengths and weaknesses
      • their positive contribution to the school
    • It must be no longer than 250 words.

Please note that the deadline of submitting all the documents will depend on the date when they received and filled out their application form.  This determines the testing date, which, in turn, determines the deadline.  Generally, the paperwork should be accomplished and turned in at least a week before the scheduled testing date (Please see below.).

UA&P Application/Entrance Exam Schedule

Currently, the scheduled testing dates for school year 2011-2012 have been set for August 29, September 26, November 14 and November 28, 2010.  Start the ball rolling by getting an Applicant Information Slip from the Admissions Office.  Fill it up and leave it with the cashier of the Accounting and Finance Unit (This may be found at the second floor of the College of Arts and Sciences building.).

Next, obtain your application form from the cashier and pay either 250 pesos (if you’re from a Philippine public school) or 550 pesos (if you’re from a Philippine private school) student) for processing.  Remember to get your official receipt.

Fill the form up completely and take it, your receipt and the other required documents (please see above) to the Admissions Office.  The office staff members will give you your testing permit, along with information about your testing date and time.

The interview is where things get a little unorthodox—unorthodox in the sense that applicants may or may not need to go for it depending on a variety of factors.  As an example, say applicant X does well on the test but has low high school grades.  UA&P authorities may ask to interview him to find out why this is the case.

Nevertheless, the actual criteria remain confidential—they subject to the discretion of the guidance office and other UA&P authorities.  Suffice it to say that they will let the applicants’ know if the latter are eligible for the said interview.

There is one exception to this rule, though.  Applicants who are interested in the entrepreneurial management program are absolutely required to attend a panel interview.  This is the school’s way of assessing whether they have the so-called “X factor” for entrepreneurship.

UA&P Provincial Application/Testing Process

The application process for provincial applicants is similar to the one for Metro Manila residents.  The only real difference lies in the target venue for the submission of their documents—applicants will need to visit regional testing centers and coordinate with their respective contact persons.  Please consult this PDF file to check the specific venues and contact persons.

Release of UA&P Entrance Exam Results

The Admissions Office estimates that exam results should be out by around January 2011.  There is no fixed date yet, so be sure to check back with them every so often.

General UA&P Exam Coverage and Feedback

The entrance exam will consist of questions about English, Mathematics and Abstract Reasoning (IQ), so keep those high school notes handy.  In case you’re wondering, no, the test does not have a science or a Filipino section for some mysterious reason.

The general consensus about the test is…well, let’s just say there isn’t any.  Some students think that UA&P’s test is moderate in terms of difficulty; others say it’s on a harder level than that (though not quite as hard as certain infamous pressure cooker exams).

In any case, be careful with the abstract reasoning portion and prepare as best you can.

UA&P Admissions Office Contact Information

The contact details of the provincial contact persons are there in the PDF file noted above.  As far as Metro Manila applicants go, however, all roads lead to the Ortigas Complex.  The school’s Admissions Office is located on the first floor of the APEC Communications Building, UA&P campus, along Pearl Drive, Origas Center, Pasig City.

For phone-in inquiries, dial (632) 637-0912 to 26, local 310.  Faxes go to (632) 634-2809 while e-mail messages go to .


Ms. Beng of UA&P Admissions Office

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Please be advised. Thank you.

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