UE Application and Entrance Exam Basics

In the old days, schools would print out copies of their application forms for students to fill up and submit.  We still see that today, although many schools also offer a convenient online option that allows students to submit applications … Continue reading

Marikina Science High School Admissions Basics

There are a lot of things in life that come in handy sets of two.  The philosophy of yin and yang, the moral absolutes of good and evil and the concepts of light and darkness, heat and cold are good … Continue reading

Adamson Application and Entrance Exam Basics

There’s a mind-set going around that if something is more expensive, it must be good.  That’s not necessarily the case, though.  It’s also possible to come across something of good quality that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. … Continue reading

UA&P Application and Entrance Exam Basics

A former classmate of mine decided to attend the University of Asia and the Pacific way back in 1995.  It was only years later that I understood how critical that year was for a school that previously served a purpose … Continue reading

Fatima University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

You know the drill:  study or review for the entrance exam, apply at the college in question, pay the fee, get the schedule, take the test, go for the interview, enroll.  That’s how the system works for most universities out … Continue reading

Philippine Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program (SEGEAP)

While most scholarships and grants aren’t restricted to specific groups of people, there are times when the government will extend financial assistance to certain communities who may need some special attention—ethnic groups, for instance. Now members who belong to cultural … Continue reading


Besides learning institutions, the government is usually one of the best sources of financial assistance for poor yet deserving students.  In fact, certain departments have their names affixed to scholarship grants, making for easy sponsor identification. Speaking of which, the … Continue reading

The Peace Corps Alumni Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship sponsors usually have a predetermined list factors with which to judge applicants.  Academic excellence is definitely an important consideration, yet it’s not all that sponsors are looking for.  Other intangibles, such as being active in extra-curricular activities and showing … Continue reading