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KPI Scholarships for Handicapped and Financially Challenged Filipino Youths

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Someone once told me that the true handicaps are all in the mind.  Perhaps Kabataaing Pilipino, Incorporated was thinking along the same lines when they set a grant aside for students with physical disabilities.  It may be connected to an implicit trust in both divine grace and the human spirit to overcome any disability.

Last time, we took a look at the KPI scholarship for artists.  This time, we’ll be taking a closer look at a scholarship for people who are challenged both financially and physically.  Read on for more details.

KPI Scholarship Details

1. Background:

KPI also believes in giving students with disabilities a chance to pursue their education and show the world what they’ve got.  Just like its other scholarship variants, this grant is awarded to grade school, high school or college level students of any Filipino public, private or vocational school that possess physical disabilities.  These include (but are not limited to):

  • amputated limbs
  • blindness, deafness or the inability to speak
  • other physical conditions such as harelips, polio-related disabilities, etc.

2. Qualifications:

The following intangible requirements apply to any KPI scholarship variant:

  • Applicants must be passionate enough to carry their education through to completion.
  • They must believe that their education is the key to the country’s development.
  • Their annual family income must be less than 100,000 pesos.
  • They must not have an immediate relative who has been a former recipient of a KPI scholarship.

3. Necessary Paperwork:

KPI will also ask applicants for the following:

  • a BIR-validated Income Tax Return  or any other evidence of income, certified or issued by the applicant’s barangay of residence
  • a handwritten Letter of Request for Scholarship (in English, Filipino or the applicant’s dialect, though English is preferred) addressed to the Kabataang Pilipino Board of Trustees
  • certificate of residency from the barangay of residence and any two of the applicant’s past instructors (or any alternative and verifiable character references)
  • certificate of good moral character obtained from the same sources
  • the formal Kabataang Pilipino Covenant of Partnership.  This is a contract signed by both KPI and the grantee’s parents or legal guardian(s).  This only applies if the committee has already selected the applicant.)
  • the completed application form
  • a medical certificate prepared by an attending physician
  • recently taken (read: no more than 3 months’ old) color ID pictures as proof of the applicant’s disability/handicap.

4. General Schedule and Procedure:

The annual application schedule for this KPI scholarship follows this general timetable:

April 01 to April 30 of each calendar year is set aside for high school and college student  applications on their first term.  The latter may also apply from October 1 to 31 for their second semester term.

College students who are working with trimesters instead of semesters may apply a month before the beginning of each trimester.  Vocational students have no schedule restrictions, whatsoever—they may apply all year round.

To apply, all anyone needs to do is to mail in (or e-mail) the aforementioned documents to:  Kabataang-Filipino, Inc., Block 80, Lot 6, N. Aquino Street, Barangay Laram, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines 4023.

Program Benefits

KPI’s benefits vary depending on the scholar’s educational level and the amount of funds available.  The most recent figures, for instance, start with an annual 4000 pesos for elementary students and 7000 pesos for high school students.

Vocational students are a little different in the sense that they receive their benefits per course (4000 pesos) instead of per year.  College students whose schools operate on a semestral basis get 5000 pesos per semester, while their trimestral counterparts receive 4000 per trimester.

Scholars may use these benefits as allowance, tuition subsidies or miscellaneous school fees.  KPI prefers to credit the money through Banco de Oro cash cards, so applying for a personal card is a must.

Scholar’s Obligations

KPI expects scholars to turn in true copies of their report cards on time for the KPI scholarship coordinators to verify.  If true copies aren’t available, photocopies are also acceptable provided they are backed up by the original copies of their report cards.  These should be submitted within one week from the grading period (for elementary and secondary school students), semester or trimester (for vocational and college pupils).

The scholar’s grades must also meet or exceed KPI’s standards.  That is, no failing final grades in any subject covered by the grant are allowed for each and every grading period—semester, trimester, etc.  General weighted averages must not go lower than 85% (or its equivalent) for elementary and high school students.  College and vocational students need to maintain an average of at least 2.50 (or its equivalent).

Failing to meet these requirements can result in any one of several unpleasant consequences, such as the withholding of benefits (especially in the case of late submission of grades), the placing of the scholar on probation status or (at worst) the termination of the student’s scholarship.

Probation is a period where KPI keeps a closer eye on the scholar’s performance.  Students who perform well are returned to regular status; those who don’t get the axe.  Furthermore, scholars are may only be placed on probation once during a school year; they may only receive that status up to three times during their entire scholarship period.  Going over the prescribed limit will automatically cancel their scholarship.

Finally, all scholars will be asked to attend and participate in various KPI events.  These include workshops, tours, conventions and other programs designed to enrich their learning experience.

KPI Contact Details

The KPI Board of Trustees may change the scholarship details from time to time, so it’s a good idea to keep in touch with the organization.  Should you need to contact them, dial (+632) 868-8117.or drop them a line at or .  If you’d prefer to visit them in person, the office of the Executive Director is located at 85 Camia Street, Sto. Rosario Subdivision, Pateros, Metro Manila.

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