KPI Academic Scholarships for Financially Challenged Filipino Youths

With the qualifications I mentioned in the previous articles, you may be tempted to think that Kabataang Pilipino, Inc. (KPI) is always on the lookout for applicants with “special” needs or abilities. That’s not necessarily the case, however.  As the … Continue reading

The KPI Art Scholarship for Financially Challenged Filipino Youths

It’s not everyday that a scholarship grant offers you certain “choices.”  I placed the word within quotation marks because I was referring to a certain scholarship for financially challenged Filipino Youths—a three-in-one grant by Kabataang-Pilipino, Inc. (KPI) The catch is … Continue reading

KPI Scholarships for Handicapped and Financially Challenged Filipino Youths

Someone once told me that the true handicaps are all in the mind.  Perhaps Kabataaing Pilipino, Incorporated was thinking along the same lines when they set a grant aside for students with physical disabilities.  It may be connected to an … Continue reading

Cost of Philippine College Education

As students, we have our attention riveted on studies and exams and possibly even the opposite sex.  Have we ever stopped to wonder, however, what it cost someone to send us to school? That someone may not be a parent; … Continue reading

PSHS (Philippine Science High School) Lateral Transfer Program Basics

  In a perfect world, people do their best and reap the rewards for their hard work.  Unfortunately, things don’t always work that way.  There are times when you do your best, only to meet with disappointing results. The good … Continue reading

FEU Application and Entrance Exam Basics

When my father graduated from high school, his next step was to go to Metro Manila to study at the college of his choice.  It’s understandable, considering the city is where the action is—at least most of the time. Though … Continue reading

CEU Application and Entrance Exam Basics

When I was in high school, one of the most important lessons I learned was that of delegating tasks.  With the 1001 things we had to do everyday, it made sense to assign certain group tasks to individuals who were … Continue reading

Mapua University Application and Mapua Scholastic Aptitude Examination (MSAE) Basics

One of the lessons I never forgot from my high school classes was the maxim “structure determines function.”  While my teacher referred to inventions at the time, the principle may apply to universities as well. One such case is Mapua … Continue reading