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Pasig Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule 2010

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An astute business once said, “if you can’t beat them, improve on them.”  While all science high schools technically do the same thing in terms of application procedures, sometimes they will take a tried-and-true formula and tweak it to make it even better than it was before.

One specific case is that of Pasig Science High School, which we shall refer to as PaSci from now on.  While not exactly as “unorthodox” as its fellow science high schools in terms of application timetables, it does feature a refined version of the standard procedure, as you will see shortly.

Pasig Science High School Admission Requirements

PaSci has detailed the following qualifications for applicants:

  • They must be residents of Pasig City with a minimum tenure of five years.
  • Their parents/guardians must have a record of having voted during two previous elections.
  • Private school students must have no grade lower than 83 in all minor subjects.
  • Public school students need to have a minimum grade of 80 in all minor subjects.
  • The applicants’ general average for their first and second grading periods must be no lower than 85.
  • Their average grades in English, Mathematics and Science must be at 85 or higher.

Besides possessing these qualifications, all applicants must pass the written exam.  There’s really nothing out of the ordinary to worry about hereā€”all exam content covers material already tackled in grade school.

Pasig Science High School Application Process

In reality, PaSci conducts three separate interviews, yet only two of them are actually graded.  The first interview involves the parents of the prospective student.  This is just to check and see if they truly are residents of the city.

The second and third interviews are directed toward the applicants, and will take place after the written test.  The former is a more traditional, one-on-one interview conducted by the school’s head teacher.

Likewise, the PaSci principal takes care of conducting the latter interview.  Unlike its predecessor, this one is done in a group setting where the principal may throw questions at everyone and any one of the students may respond.

Please note that the principal may modify the final setup for both interviews.  Both versions, when combined with the score on the written test, will determine the applicants’ final composite grade.

Pasig Science High School General Timetable and Contact Details

The start of the official PaSci application period is expected to fall somewhere between the last week of September to early October.  The deadline for getting everything in has been tentatively set for a week before the written exam in December.

The interviews will then follow in January or February 2011, followed by the evaluations sometime in March.  Passing applicants will go for an orientation shortly after that in April.  Enrollment follows in May or June.

Ms. Gloria David is the contact person at the PaSci Admissions Office.  According to her, the final schedule (complete with all the details you need to know) should be available by September 2010.  To inquire, call her at (02) 628-2226 or (02) 628-2177.  Should you wish the school itself, it’s located in Rainforest Park, Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City.


Ms. Gloria David of the PaSci Admissions Office

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