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2011 Science & Technology Scholarships Exam Application Open

Last updated: August 23, 2010

If  you want to become a DOST-SEI (Science Education Institute) Science and Technology (S&T) scholar in your college years, good news! The DOST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarship Application is now ongoing.

DOST S&T Scholarship Basics

1. To become a Science and Technology scholar for the 2011-2012 freshman intake year, you have to take the 2011 Science and Technology  Exam. This will take place on a Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 7 am (to 12 nn) for the first batch of test-takers or at 1pm (to 6pm) for the second batch of test-takers.

2. To be able to take the Science and Technology Test on November 21, 2010, you should have a Test Permit. To get a  Test Permit, you must file your S&T exam application on or before October 8, 2010.

To apply for the November 21, 2010 Science and Technology Exam, completely fill out the Information Sheet for the DOST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarships for 2011 (what you’d normally call the Application Form). You can get a copy from the DOST-SEI website or from our Downloads page; just print it out. If you don’t want to download the form, get a copy of the application form from the nearest Provincial Science and Technology Center or DOST Regional Office.

Completely fill out the application form. Read the instructions carefully, mind you. There are different requirements, depending on the scholarship program for which you are applying.  Submit this form (and other supporting documents, if needed) to the nearest Provincial Science and Technology Center or DOST Regional Office. After that, wait for your Test Permit. It will be mailed to you or to your school principal.

3. The 2011 S&T exam on November 21, 2010 is the qualifying exam required for two DOST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarship Programs. In your application form, therefore, you will have to choose between two programs:

  • The DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship, or
  • The DOST-SEI R.A. 7687 Scholarship.

To choose which program is for you, please read the brochure for each of these scholarship programs. You can view these brochures in our Downloads Page.

Read the following posts, too, for a meatier discussion of these 2 scholarship programs:

  1. DOST Scholarship Application Guide: a general discussion of these two science and technology scholarship programs.
  2. DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship: a discussion of the Merit program.
  3. DOST STS: a discussion of the RA 7687 program.

Very, very important note:

Please read the DOST Scholarship brochures (find them in our Downloads page). They are your definitive guide to the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship and the RA 7687 Scholarship programs.

These brochures will tell you everything you need to know about the DOST scholarship programs’ eligibility criteria, scholarship privileges, (general) exam coverage, and approved courses/identified institutions. Before you ask questions, please read the brochures, okay? ;)

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Please be advised. Thank you.

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39 thoughts on “2011 Science & Technology Scholarships Exam Application Open

  1. do you have any available scholarships for the second semester? engineering college student na po ako ng adamson university. e-mail me if you have. thank you.

  2. Sir/Madam,

    May I know when will be the schedule of DOST scholarship examination for the school year 2012 – 2013?

    Thank you

    • Hi Regine,

      I’ve been visiting the DOST-SEI website to look for updates on the Science and Technology Scholarship Exam , but I can’t find any. I’ve also emailed DOST-SEI; I hope they’ll get back to me.

    • You can take the 2012 Science & Technology Scholarships Exam. That’s the DOST scholarship exam that will be held this year (I have no dates yet, but should be around November if it follows last year’s schedule). This exam is for high school students currently in their 4th year – i.e. those who will be entering college next academic year (AY 2012-2013).

      This is the reason why this year’s upcoming exam, although it will be held this year, is called the 2012 Science and Technology Scholarship Exam; it is, after all, the exam that will determine who will become DOST scholars in 2012.

      • Sir/Madam,

        May I know when will be the schedule of DOST scholarship examination for the school 2012 – 2013?

        Thank you

    • pakitingnan naman po kung pumasa ako.. Ambus po surname ko. paki inform nlng ako thru facebook..

  3. hmmm… so tagal naman ngaun ung result…
    last year 2nd week ng march nandyan na…
    we hope, marami ang makakapasa ngaun…

  4. after Nov 21 exam, is there any schedule? ngayon ko lang nabasa yung postings eh, Oct 8 filing of S&T exam application is already past due. Pls advise.

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