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Philippine College Scholarships: AMA Foundation Subsidized Tuition Fee Program


Most (if not all) scholarship grants possess similar objectives—to promote the intellectual development of financially challenged yet deserving students and, by extension, the good of the community as well. Nevertheless, each grant has a different way of going about it.

For instance, some grants are more of the “general overview type,” while others narrow their focus down to specific fields. In the AMA Foundation’s case, that would be the field of information technology. If you’re an AMA student set on majoring in this area, then read on.

Scholarship Details

1. Background: Basically, the AMA Foundation has come up with a subsidized tuition fee program (henceforth referred to as STFP) of shaving a significant amount off of IT students’ tuition fees.

It consists of two main components: one, an all-encompassing subsidized education system regardless of the students’ economic status; two, a 50% subsidy on tuition and total fees based on students’ ability (or inability) to pay and their individual needs.

2. Number of slots: So far, AMA foundation can support up to 1,000 students with the STFP.

3. Qualifications: The STFP is somewhat unique as far as financial aid systems go. Unlike other grants which require applicants to have a certain minimum weighted average at the start, AMA’s program has no such grade requirement.

Secondly, AMA has no separate exam for STFP applicants, either. The standard AMA entrance test is the only exam for STFP hopefuls to take.

In a nutshell, the foundation requires the following from potential scholars:

• They must be either incoming freshmen or new transferees.
• They must have no record of having been subjected to disciplinary action.
• They must not already be recipients of scholarships from other sources.
• The applicants must not have any other member in their family receiving financial aid from the AMA Foundation.
• They need to pass the entrance exam of any AMA school and be accepted into that school first.
• They need to major in IT, Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
• They should be Filipino citizens.
• The applicants’ combined annual family income must be no higher than 200,000 pesos.
• If asked to, applicants must provide information relevant to their financial needs.

The foundation will select scholars based on their parents’ work, family income, family size and other factors.

4. Deadlines/Important Dates: the STFP application period commences before the beginning of every school term or trimester every year. The application deadlines depend on the actual term in question.

The first term covers the months of May to August, so the cut-off date is May 1. The second term involves the months of September to December, so the deadliest deadline is September 1. Finally, students must turn in their application for the third term on or before the first day of January, as the third trimester encompasses the months of January to April.

In the even that students miss the deadline, their application will then be considered and processed for the next trimester.

5. Documents/Paperwork: The documentation differs depending on whether the students are applying for the first time or renewing their applications. First time applicants need to turn in the following paperwork:

• An Income Tax Return photocopy (covering the last three years) together with all its relevant attachments
• The original Application for Financial Aid form, fully accomplished
• Certificate of Employment of the parents (original copy) obtained from their current employer. It must indicate their length of service and the last compensation they received during their employment period.
• 2 x 2 sized colored ID pictures of the applicants and separate ones for their parents or legal guardians. All photos should have the printed names and signatures of the person (s) in the photo.
• Payment of a non-refundable, 500-peso, subsidy processing fee.

On the other hand, STFP-renewing students need to submit these:

• photocopies of the applicants’ certificate of registration and birth certificate
• Photocopy of transcript of records (transferees only)
• Photocopy of high school report card (freshmen only)
• Income Tax Return (only for the current year) or BIR certification of tax-filing exemption.
• Barangay Certification with the applicants’ character record and address
• Affidavit of support from the applicants’ legal guardian (for those with incapacitated or deceased parents)
• Payment of the non-refundable, 250-peso, renewal administrative fee

6. Application Process: The trickier part of the application process involves passing the AMA school’s entrance exam and gaining acceptance into the school. After that, all that’s left is to obtain an application form from the school’s office of student affairs, fill it up completely, and then submit it with all the other needed documents to the same office. The selection committee will do the rest and inform the students if they’ve been chosen.

Privileges and Obligations

If chosen, the foundation will pay for fifty percent of the applicants’ tuition fees and other related school fees.

Besides requiring the students to pass all their subjects, the AMA Foundation may also ask STFP scholars to either do volunteer work or to work as a paid foundation/school employee. This may take place anytime during the second term of the applicants.

Contact Details

Got questions about any aspect of the STFP? Feel free to direct your queries toward the foundation folks—namely Mr. Angel Montes, Jr., as he is the project coordinator. You may call him at (632) 372-6524 or send him a fax at (632) 373-4666. Likewise, e-mail goes to [email protected] or [email protected].

Alternatively, you may pay the AMA foundation a visit at Number 59 AMA Building 2, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.

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