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by Chin Lapidante on Academic Clinic Fanpage
Philippine College Scholarships: CHED-SSP

A wise person once told me that everything has its price, even if that price isn’t always shouldered by the person who‘s after the coveted thing.  Sometimes, the price involves money; other times, it involves working hard enough to become … Continue reading

Philippine College Loans: CHED-SNPLP

People apply for loans for things they want or need—houses, cars, weddings or even college tuition.  It’s a quick way of getting that thing you’ve been eying, provided you don’t mind paying it all back and then some later on. … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: CHED-SSGD

Practically all scholarships out there are classified according to a dominant theme—be it specific courses, specific foundations or even specific grantee types.  There are grants out there, however, that are based on the area where the target recipient is based. … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: CHED-PESFA

A few articles back, I discussed a couple of government-sponsored scholarship grants offered by the Department of Science and Technology.  Thing is, the DOST isn’t the only government unit that provides financial assistance to financially challenged, yet deserving students. This … Continue reading

Understanding College Entrance Test Results Besides “Passed”

The late Randy Pausch said “The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out.  They’re there to show us how badly we really want something.  The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.” … Continue reading

DOST Scholarship Exam Tips and Strategies

The government’s Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Science Education Institute (SEI) believe in developing the human capacity for greatness.  That’s pretty much why a scholarship bearing their names exists—to give the scientists and engineers of tomorrow a … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship

Learning institutions are very much willing to grant financial assistance to students provided the latter fulfill certain conditions.  Besides the usual minimum maintaining average requirement, some scholarships also require that the scholar pursue specific courses during their academic tenure. Central … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: Dominic Savio Scholarship

Someone said that the true measure of greatness lies in helping people who can’t do good to you or pay you back.  It seems that this same principle of service acts as the very basis for philanthropic organizations such as … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: ADMU Academic Science Scholarship

Every semester, Ateneo students face the blues of long lines and pursuing the classes and the professors of choice.  Fortunately, numerous blessings abound for those who set their sights on the principle of abundance.  Some of these blessings fall under … Continue reading

UP STFAP Online Application

An old friend of mine once quipped that the Information Age has changed the way we do a lot of things—from the way we pay our bills to the way we apply for a slot in a learning institution like … Continue reading