Like you, I'm an incoming high school senior this June. A few months ago I was just like you, curious how to be accepted into the countries top universities but because of Academic Clinic ( and forums I now have an idea how. You could also go to the school's website and read about their admission guidelines. P.S.- It doesn't matter what school you came from- the universities check your grades not your background.

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Philippine College Scholarships: PNA-Tampa Scholarship Program

In another article, I talked about a scholarship program suited for those pursuing medical training. While the Pinoy MD scholarship program was geared toward aspiring doctors, there are other forms of financial assistance out there for those who would rather tread another path–that of the professional nurse.

Given the popularity of the latter field these days, it’s no wonder the Philippine Nurses Association of Tampa Bay, Inc. (henceforth referred to as PNA-Tampa) is offering its very own scholarship. If you’re enrolled as a nursing student these days, then check this one out.

Details, Details

1. Background: PNA-Tampa is offering this scholarship to deserving students who are currently pursuing their nursing training in the Philippines and in America. It’s only open to applicants whose nursing colleges or universities are duly accredited, though (Students may request their particular schools for evidence of credibility or accreditation.).

2. Number of Slots: The number of scholars that PNA-Tampa can support varies per year depending on the annual budget and other factors.

3. Deadlines: The deadliest deadline this year for getting all the requirements in is February 28, 2010. The PNA-Tampa Scholarship Award Committee will reveal the names of the chosen applicants sometime in May 2010 (The announcement will coincide with the celebration of Nurses’ Week.).

4. Documents and Other Requirements: Applicants will need to submit the following:

• A recent photograph for ID purposes
• A resume
• A couple of recommendation letters, one of which must be accomplished by the applicants’ Nursing Director or another notable member of their medical faculty
• Written Certification of Financial Need, also accomplished by the applicants’ school faculty
• A photocopy of the students’ most recent transcript of records
• A full-page, double-spaced essay, written by hand or typed out (The essay must discuss the theme “My Nursing Career in Five Years.”)

Besides turning in all the necessary paperwork, applicants need to have a minimum grade average of ninety percent in order to qualify. They must also be in actual need of financial aid, as attested to by the aforementioned written certification.

5. Application Process: The system is short and sweet. Simply fill up the official electronic application form or the PDF application form and send either one to Ms. Unidad R. Bonoan, the PNA-Tampa Bay Nursing Scholarship Award Committee Chairperson, by the end of February 2010.

Privileges and Obligations

Awardees of the PNA-Tampa Scholarship will enjoy a yearly tuition subsidy of five hundred US dollars. Nevertheless, their status will still be subject to an annual committee review, the bases of which will be the scholars’ financial status as well as their grades. Thus, scholars need to continuously submit evidence of good grades to the scholarship authorities (grade reports, etc.).

Contact Details

If there’s anything you need to clarify about the scholarship program, you may direct your inquiries toward the PNA-Tampa staff members themselves. Feel free to drop either Ms. Ariel Zabala (the executive board’s public relations officer) or Ms. Geal Irvine (the assistant public relations officer) a line at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.

If you wish, you may also go straight to the top and e-mail Ms. Tess Ebrada (the president of the executive board) at [email protected]

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  1. good pm, nababasa ko po sa mga article nyo lagi kayo may article for scholarship. like yung isang nabasa ko Pinoy MD scholarship, na malaking tulong sana talaga for those aspiring to become a Doctor. I just want to ask kung may balita po ba kayo sa scholarship na yan? kung ibabalik pa po ba ni PNOY yung program na yan, or baka may new program sya ngayon for aspiring students who want to be a Doctor? thank you in advance for your response.

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