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Philippine College Scholarships: FASTECH-PUP Scholarship

These days, it helps to synergize with others for best results. Sometimes, non-profit organizations will team up with schools and other entities to do much more than they could ever do individually. In fact, the Bato Balani Foundation itself may be thought of as a gestalt of companies united under the banner of educational development.

If you hail from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, then the following sections will count as good news. First Asia Systems and the Bato Balani Foundation have a little something cooked up for you (read: financial aid).

Scholarship Details

1. Background: First Asia Systems’, PUP’s and the Bato Balani Foundation’s scholarship program is aptly named FASTECH-PUP. Its primary objective is to provide quality training and education for financially challenged yet deserving students.

2. Qualifications: Potential scholars need to make sure that they fit the bill:

• They must not already be recipients of other scholarship grants at the time of their application.
• They need to be members of a family whose combined yearly income doesn’t exceed 72,000 pesos.
• They must take on the full, prescribed academic workload for their course of choice.
• Their high school averages must be at least 85%. Similarly, their overall PUPCET grade must be very high (specifically, near the ceiling) and their individual English, Math and Science grades need to be at a similar high level.
• They must possess good moral character, as certified by their high school principal.

3. Deadlines: These can vary, as they are determined by PUP, not by the foundation. The final list of scholars is usually announced by the week of the start of classes.

4. Documents The paperwork needed for this scholarship is surprisingly simple: you’ll only need to present a tax exemption form and your high school report card.

5. Application Process: This one is fairly straightforward as well. Head on over to PUP’s Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office and secure an application form. Fill up the said form and submit it and all other necessary documents to the same office.

After which, applicants will go through a Guidance Office-administered screening procedure consisting of an IQ test, a personality test (interview) and an occupational interest test.

Privileges and Obligations

Scholars will receive a set amount of financial aid per course, the amount of which tends to vary depending on the PUP branch in question: For instance, Santa Mesa scholars will receive 2,500 pesos per course from freshman to junior year, while Taguig scholars will receive 2,000 per course for the same set of academic years.

The amounts will be raised to 4,000 for senior year Santa Mesa scholars and 3,500 for Taguig scholars. Fifth year Santa Mesa students will receive 5,000 pesos, while their Taguig counterparts will receive 4,000.

Besides the aforementioned subsidies, scholars will also be prioritized for FASTECH job placement recommendations after they graduate.

On the other hand, scholars must earn the right to renew their scholarship by keeping their grade point averages at 2. None of their grades can go lower than 2.5. Besides those, they also need to finish their on-the-job training in any of FASTECH’s four divisions.

Contact Details

To find out more about the FASTECH-PUP program, contact Ms. Natalie Christine V. Jorge at (632) 8925462, or send her a facsimile at (632) 8926464. You may also send her e-mail at [email protected].

If you’d rather visit the foundation offices in person, however, just drop by the sixth floor of the PDCP Bank Centre, along the corner of Rufino Street and Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City.

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  1. i’m interested for this kind of scholarship.and nw i just want to know how to avail and apply for this schlarship.thanks..and God bless

  2. hello poh happy new year,i’m so glad that you offer us this kind of scholarship it is big help for us less money fortunate but intelligent for us pursue our studies in college.i want know how to avail this scholarship/when is the examination?can i avail your scholarship even i already studied i year in college? please do reply.thak you so much.

      • Hi Joyce! I believe they do, as evinced by this PUP Application for Scholarship form ( that I unearthed from Sta. Mesa, Manila PUP’s Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance webpage (

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