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by Jeraldine on Philippine College Scholarships: DOST Scholarship

Philippine College Scholarships: CEU Scholarships

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In another article, I discussed the details of the Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship.  While it provides nifty financial assistance for worthy students, some people may find its course and slot requirements too restrictive.

The good news is that Central Escolar University (CEU) also offers other scholarships for honor students coming from other high schools—even if they’re not necessarily interested in Nutrition and Dietetics.  Let’s take a closer look at the nitty-gritty stuff.

The Details in Summary

1. Background:  CEU is offering these scholarships to applicants of any and all courses.

2. Number of Slots:  The number of slots tends to vary for this one.  In fact, the CEU staff mentioned that there is really no strict, set number of slots so long as the applicants meet all the requirements.

3. Application Process:  The same process for the Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship applies here:  Just file your college application at the Application and Placement Department of the office of the Dean of Colleges slash Programs Promotion and turn in all the required paperwork.

4. Deadlines and testing info/dates:  Like the Dean Julieta D. Tadle Memorial Scholarship, the deadline for submitting all requirements is the last week of May.  Testing usually fall on the months of March to May.

5. Required Documents:  Needed paperwork consists of a valid Form 138 (grades) and tangible proof of the applicant’s need for financial assistance—the latter being the parents’ Income Tax return and/or written certification from the applicant’s barangay captain.

The scholar will also need to present two written certification forms:  one vouching for his or her good moral character and another indicating his or her academic ranking (duly signed by the principal) with respect to the other students in his or her graduating batch.

6.  Non-tangible requirements:  Applicants must be Filipino citizens, first and foremost.  They must also have good health and good moral standing with others.  To keep things fair, they must not be enjoying other forms of CEU-financed assistance at the time of their application.

Privileges, Obligations and Then Some

The benefits available to scholars will depend on their academic standing.  Understandably, valedictorians get to enjoy the full gamut of fee exemption while salutatorians get ninety percent of the total.  First, second and third honorable mention students receive eighty, sixty and fifty percent discounts, respectively.

You may be wondering what the minimum maintaining average is.  There isn’t any—provided you’re not interested in renewing your scholarship the following year, that is.

The scholarship is good for only one year, so students who want to continue enjoying its privileges must earn an average of at least 1.5 (for the partial scholarship) or 1.3(for the total scholarship) in order to qualify for renewal.  If they constantly meet that yearly average, then they may constantly reapply for the scholarship until they graduate.

Personal Contact or Otherwise

The CEU staff have informed me that the information above still applies, yet that may change sometime in the vague future when they bring out an updated set of rules and requirements.

If you’d like to check with CEU, feel free to call them at 735-6877.  Look for Miss Lucia D. Gonzales or Miss Lyka.  You may also e-mail Ms. Gonzales at .  On the other hand, it also helps to visit the University Registrar itself.  The CEU campus is located at number 9 Mendiola Street in Manila.

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