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Philippine College Scholarships: U.P. Government Scholarship

In another article, I mentioned the obligations and privileges involved in the University of the Philippines’ Oblation Scholarship.  The good news is that that scholarship isn’t the only option available for incoming U.P. students. Since U.P is the state university, … Continue reading

Bagumbayan Vote Gordon-Bayani!

Please think deeply and weigh things carefully before you choose your President and Vice President (and other public officials as well). Before you cast your vote, just ask yourself this: Who among the Presidentiables and Vice Presidentiables have proven that … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: U.P. Oblation Scholarship

There are times when you really want to attend a certain university but you’re strapped for cash.  What do you do during times like these?  Why, you apply for a scholarship, of course!  Fortunately, all learning institutions out there offer … Continue reading

Philippine College Scholarships: TUP Scholarships

Not everyone who enters college chooses to pursue a business course.  The geekier among us may opt focus on our strengths and capitalize on technological know-how instead.  Perhaps you yourself wish to major in a technology-related field, yet you’re not … Continue reading

DLSUCET Review Guide

A wise person said that life gives you the test first, and the lesson later.  I can’t help but wonder if that sage was referring to college entrance exams as well.  Granted, the test may cover high school material, but … Continue reading

USTET Review Guide

It’s not unusual to find forum members discussing the level of difficulty presented by the different college entrance exams.  Opinions vary as to which test is the most difficult.  On the flip side, there are those who believe that certain … Continue reading

ACET Review Guide

There are people who seem to thrive under pressure, and there are people who wouldn’t dare touch it with a ten-foot pole.  Regardless of which type of person you are, pressure is something you’ll need to deal with anyway when … Continue reading

UPCAT Review Guide

Doctor Harold J. Sala once said that “you can never know everything there is in the world, though there are some things you can’t afford to be ignorant of.”  Part of the fun lies in discovering more things as you … Continue reading

USTET Coverage

There are certain subjects or sections that you’ll see in almost every entrance exam out there:  mathematics, science, and what not.  Sometimes, though, you’ll come across a test that desires to act out of the box and experiment a little. … Continue reading

DLSUCET Coverage

It’s a wonderful feeling to being able to accomplish an important task at your own pace.  Unfortunately, entrance tests like the DLSUCET generally don’t allow you to do that.  Many are the tales of who ran out of time and … Continue reading