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USTET Schedule and Important Dates 2010: SY 2011-2012

One thing you’ll probably never run out of is the need to promote education and self-improvement.  Yes, it’s that time of the year again—the time when learning institutions the country over are preparing to welcome another batch of students for the succeeding school year.

If you’re interested in becoming a future Thomasian, then the application schedule of the University of Santo Tomas will be of paramount importance to you.  Fortunately, the school has already disclosed a set of important dates for applicants to note down.

Application Dates to Remember

While the application period for school year 2010-2011 has already ended, the application period for the succeeding year will begin on the first day of July 2010 and will last until December 10, 2010.  Please note that this applies more to Metro Manila applicants, so kindly check with the learning institution (Contact details are indicated below.) if you hail from the province or if you’re currently based in another country..

To apply in person, simply visit the UST Office of Admissions on any day except Sunday.  The office is open from eight in the morning till 11:30 a.m.  After a one-and-a-half-hour lunch break, it will reopen from one o’clock to five in the afternoon.

Times of Testing

If you’re a Metro Manila applicant, kindly set aside either August 22, October 24 or December 12, 2010 as your USTET day.  You may choose from the morning exam (eight to twelve noon) or the afternoon exam (two to six in the evening).

As with the application schedule, provincial and international applicants will again have to check with the powers-that-be.  Fortunately, there are designated non-NCR USTET testing centers that triple as application centers, inquiry centers and exam venues all at the same time.

Feel free to get in contact with the main UST branch for the contact details of the center nearest you (Please see below or course your inquiry through this webpage.).  Alternatively, you may also take your application online, though some actual legwork and personal appearances will still be required from you.

As a side note:  the 2010 batch of USTET takers can expect the exam results to be out on January 27, 2011.

Contact Details

When you have something as big as a college application going down, it makes sense to have some sort to “customer service” system to help applicants with relevant inquiries.  In this case, it would be the staff members at the UST Office of Admissions.  Feel free to call them at (632) 406-1611 local 8276, (632) 309-7211 or (632) 309-7214.  Incidentally, the last number in the series also doubles as a fax number.

They may also be reached via mobile phone at 0917-8156323 or 0919-3522634.  E-mail goes to .  If you decide to send them e-mail, make sure you have JavaScript enabled on your PC.

Applicants who prefer face-to-face interaction may visit the office itself at Room 104, UST-Tan Yan Kee Student Center, University of Santo Tomas compound, España, Manila.

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While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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76 thoughts on “USTET Schedule and Important Dates 2010: SY 2011-2012

  1. Hi! I would just like to ask if the Office of Admissions open on saturdays? i’m planning to enroll my cousin this feb 11. thank you!

  2. hello po..

    im from zambales and i would like to take the entrance exam for sy 2012-2013 1st yr college.. i want to know if when and where will i take the exam? and how much is the total fee for the application? thank you po .. godbless
    pls reply po..

  3. hello!! good day po !! ask ko lang po kubg ung designated na NON-NCR USTET testing center ay kasali ba ang province ng Cagayan Valley .kc meron akong pinsan na gustong mag take ng entrance exam sa school niyo po. pede bang malaman kung saang lugar ng NON-NCR ang venues ng exam ninyo. salamat po !!

  4. hello!! good day po !! ask ko lang po kubg ung designated na NON-NCR USTET testing center ay kasali ba ang province ng Cagayan Valley .kc meron akong pinsan na gustong mag take ng entrance exam sa school niyo po. pede bang malaman kung saang lugar ng NON-NCR

  5. tanong lng po pero pede po ba transfer sa UST kxe po nsa abroad po ako ngaun studying 1st year college iniisip ko po magtransfer matanong lng kelangan pa ba kumuha entrance exam pra ma admit ako as second year college? IT course po ang kinuha ko at ptapos nren ako sa 1st year ko sa college meaning schoolyear/semester

  6. Pwede po bang mag-tanong kong paano po ako makakapag-exam ng UST kasi po incoming 4rth yr. palang po ko this year paano po yun ? Tsaka po paano po kukuha ng form?

  7. hi po, tanong lang po kung kailan po ang next exam po for 2012-2013 S.Y. college po. I’m a 3rd year student po preparing for my college eh.
    From another school po (transferee)
    tsaka po panu po malalaman kung saan mag ttake ng exam,I’m from cabanatuan city,nueva ecija po. PLEASE PO NEED HELP!
    jemthecutesthing [at] yahoo [dot] com
    leave a message po

    • If you’re referring to the USTET 2011 exam – or that exam which was held starting August until December of 2010 for aspiring AY 2011-2012 freshmen – then that is already over. In fact, UST has already started interviewing USTET passers and some departments have already finished interviewing USTET passers.

      If you’re an AY 2012-2013 aspiring freshman, then the USTET application period is yet to start. Usually, the USTET application begins on July. Application forms for the USTET 2012 will become available then.

        • Actually, UST has an online application system in place ( You will have to go to UST or your designated testing center, though, to submit your application documents. For more details, please read the info provided in the above-mentioned link/URL.

  8. uhm my name is Preziella Tsang Someone took my envelope after i read it and placed it on my desk. I passed ustet how can i get a new envelope with a printed form that verifies that i passed ustet. and btw i forgot my applicant number. sorry its our exams so I kinda asked about this problem late. May i know my applicant number or do i have to drive a long way to ust to know it? :(

    • Pinapatanong ko na to sa fanpage ( Please go there to check for responses, or better yet, tanong ka na din sa mga taong andun. Thanks!

  9. Hello po, are there other available entrance exam schedule? I’m from the province here in visayas and i’m kinda wondering if ever there is still a chance for me to be able to take the test. Thanks! :D

  10. hi…
    dec 12 is really the last batch for USTET? is there any possible month for the exam? please I really want to know… thank you..

  11. hi…
    I would like to ask if dec 12 is the last batch for USTET?because I don’t think I can make it please I want to know if there is any much later months for the exams… thank you…

  12. hello,

    i’m from pangasinan..
    and i want to take the USTET but too bad at first i was not that sure so i was not able to file my application.
    is it too late??
    is there other date of entrance exam??
    for me?? bec. i’m from the province :P

    tnx ;)

  13. hello, nagpasa po ako ng form sa ust with my mother, then na nung aug. 31 naka receive ako ng email from “[email protected].. sabi daw successfully registered in the UST Admission Online Application… e never akong ng register online.. is that ok?? normal lng ba un… pls reply asap!! thanks … :) )

  14. hi?

    when is the entrance exam?
    is it true that there has a
    second batch of examiners for the fresh men?
    so when is that? till?

    • Please check the sidebar or the article itself. It details the exam dates for Metro Manila applicants. It should also tell you that, again for MM applicants, the application period is until December 10.

  15. Hi

    I’m an applicant of USTET through online but i forgot already my Reference number. Can you please help me to give my reference number because its hard for me to apply again through online. I came from Laguna and I don’t have enough time to go to the UST campus because of my hectic schedule in school. “SABADO” is my surname. Please follow. Thank you for your kindness.GOD BLESS!

  16. Hi,

    I’m an associate grad and will be enrolled in ust next year SY 2011-2012. I’m just wondering if do i need to take the entrance exam? Also, do you have another venue of testing centers like outside Manila because I currently live in Cebu. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    • By associate grad, do you mean you have already taken 2 years’ worth of subjects/courses in a college or a university? If that’s the case, you probably won’t have to take the USTET – but this is not official, take note.

      As per UST’s guidelines – and let me quote:

      Only high school candidates for graduation in the current school year are qualified to apply directly for the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET).

      To learn your options and the actual procedure for enrolling in UST, please contact UST directly. UST’s contact information (for admissions) is in our directory.

  17. Pwede po pahelp? Nagpapasa lang po ako ng Ust app form ku sa cmate ku sa UST, then sabe successful na daw pero nag-email yung UST na successful daw ang online application ku. Aus lang po ba yun? What does that mean? Thanks po! :)

  18. How much would the application form in UST be?
    We will be applying there next week and we are making sure that we already completed the necessary requirements.
    - Thanks. :)

  19. Hi!
    just want to ask yung mga requirements for the application..
    1st yr. college plang aq nxt yr..
    mejo naguguluhan lng po kc aq..
    nghahanda lng po aq sa pgcollege q..
    i’m going to apply personally po and i want pgdating q dun complete aq sa requirements..
    need a reply..
    Thank you po..
    =>e-mail add ko po.

  20. im a fourthyr student. I wanna take up TOURISM, may required na height po ba? atsaka po, may i know the requiremens to be passed? thanks!!

  21. Hi, I’m a filipino who graduated from another country. Are you able to advise me on the procedures I should follow? I am at present, unable to go back to Philippines to directly consult the office of admissions at UST.

  22. sir,can we pass our application form being photocopied?
    and we’re going to submit our forms tomorrow(june23,2010)
    someone told us that the deadline of submitting the form is on june 25,but on the internet it’s july 1(start of submitting forms)?

    • Hi Yow,

      Check the form. If the application form may be photocopied, the form usually has a note to that effect. For instance, I checked the UST High School application form and I saw a small note at the bottom that says it may be photocopied or reproduced.

    • Hi Kring,

      The UST entrance test for Metro Manila applicants are on August 22, October 24 and December 12, 2010. To take the USTET on any one of these dates, you should file your USTET application from Mondays to Saturdays at the UST Office for Admissions beginning on July 1, 2010 up to December 10,2010.

    • Hi Jen,

      You can get a copy of the application form from the UST Office of Admissions. UST is on España, Manila. Refer to the article for telephone number and other pertinent contact information.

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