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College Entrance Exams: General Math Coverage

By admin Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
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To an applicant going through a lot of stress, math sections of college entrance tests may appear as odd assortments of numbers, problems and headaches.  Fortunately, there is an inherent pattern to it—a method to the “madness,” if you will.

Since the tests almost always draw from general high school math, here’s a listing of some topics and subtopics you can expect to see on most exams.


  • polynomial factoring
  • ratio and proportion
  • word problems
  • simplifying algebraic expressions
  • matrices
  • linear equations
  • graphs and lines
  • rational expressions
  • exponents and roots
  • factoring
  • polynomials
  • squares
  • quadratic equations
  • inequalities
  • negative numbers


  • dimension calculation (length, area, etc.)
  • Euclidean geometry
  • non-Euclidean geometry
  • angles
  • proof and logic questions
  • circumference, diameter, area, etc.
  • word problems


  • trigonometric functions (sin, cosin, tan and inverse)
  • identities
  • laws
  • word problems


  • MDAS = multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
  • Integers
  • fractions
  • percents
  • decimals
  • real numbers
  • values
  • algebraic principles
  • word problems


  • statistics
  • sets
  • sequences/series (Fibonacci, et al)
  • probability = combinations and permutations
  • probability
  • logic
  • diagrams
  • lines, points, infinities

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6 Responses to “College Entrance Exams: General Math Coverage”

  1. Paolo Cordero

    WOW! thanks for this. :-bd I really need it. but there are some subjects that haven’t been thought from 1st-3rd year. :(

    • That’s a pity. Well, then, you have some catching up to do. In any case, the UPCAT is really easy (as long as you’ve been an attentive high school student). It’s the time pressure that gets to test-takers.

  2. Stacey Quiring

    I’ve just stumbled upon your site while searching for a tutorial on an related subject. Glad I did too. There’s a lot I like. Anyway, you’ve been bookmarked and I’ll be back soon. :)

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