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USTET Online Application / Registration


There once was a time when you actually had to show in person at the university in order to file your application.  With the functionality that the Internet offers, however, online applications have become a convenient reality for many students.

If you’ve been thinking of applying at the University of Santo Tomas, you may be pleased to know that the school has jumped on the connectivity bandwagon.  If you feel like taking some of the stress off of your back, then read on.

The Long and Short of It

The online application process is incredibly simple, really:  all you have to do is to visit this webpage on UST’s official website.  Click on the “sign up” tab, fill up the application form with the pertinent information and click on the “submit” tab to send it in.  A word of warning:  once you click on the “submit” tab, there’s no going back, so make sure each and every bit of information on your form is accurate.

The website will provide you with a reference number.  Write it down and keep it handy—you’ll need it if you want to check your application status in the future.  After that, just print the form out and you’re done with the online phase.

The next steps involve more traditional processes:  heading off to the university’s Office of Admissions (or any local Testing Center nearest you) and presenting all of the required documents for inspection.

Requirements and Then Some

Just because it’s an online application process doesn’t mean that UST won’t ask some things of you.  On the contrary, the university will ask require you to come up with the usual paperwork.

They are as follows:  the online application form you printed out, a photocopy of your birth certificate, a Certificate of Candidate for Graduation (duly signed by your school principal or registrar) two recent 2 x 2 photos of your mug (remember to write your printed name and signature on the back of each) and cold cash as payment for your application.

Note that the fee may be waived in special cases.  If you belong to the top 5 students in your entire batch, just present written certification from your school principal that vouches for your academic standing.  That should take care of it.

Miscellaneous Notes

It pays to examine how things are going from time to time.  To do this, just go back to the webpage, key in your surname and reference number and click on the “log in” tab.

The testing date tends to vary per student depending on a number of factors, one of which is the date and the time when you submitted all the requirements.  Refer to this webpage out if you’d like to coordinate with the various testing centers in (and out of) the country.

After all is said and done, you’ll also need to make a personal appearance on the day of the entrance exam.  Then again, if a system that was wholly carried out in person eventually made its presence felt online, who knows what the future may hold?

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