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DLSUCET Online Application / Registration

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Back when I was in college, I remember sweating and plodding along with a few thousand other students just to get my application form.  The Internet was in its infancy then, and we had little choice but to suck it up and bite the bullet.  Had there been an online registration system at the time, I would’ve snapped it up without a second thought.

Fortunately for you guys, more and more universities are taking to the World Wide Web to help make the hassles of registration more bearable for students.  Check out the details of De La Salle University’s online registration system below.

A Tale of Three Forms

Keep the magic number three in your head because there are three forms you need to fill out. all of which are available on the site.  Thankfully, all of them are available on DLSU’s official website.

The first is the undergraduate application form, which will ask for the usual vital statistics:  personal data like your name and address, your educational background and the courses you’re particularly interested in.

The second form is the recommendation form, which is something a relevant high school authority figure will fill up to vouch for your good name.  You may choose from your principal, guidance counselor, or class adviser for this purpose.  Just be sure to have two of these forms ready for the DLSU admissions staff to scrutinize.

The third form is the secondary scholastic record form.  Think of it as an overview of your final grades (and their respective averages) in important subjects from the first three years of your secondary school education.  Let your school registrar certify this one.

Dropping off the Paperwork

Seems like a mouthful, doesn’t it?  But wait, you’ll still need to do some legwork!  Aside from the documents I’ve mentioned above, grab these other requirements as well:  a photocopy of your NSO (National Statistics Office) Birth Certificate, three identical photos of the 2 x 2 variety and six hundred pesos (fifty dollars if you’re an international student) for the processing fee.

If you’re applying for financial assistance from DLSU as well, kindly include the relevant form (aptly dubbed the Application Form for Financial Assistance) for that request, too.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to pick up the said form from the admissions office, as it’s not readily available from their official website.

Assuming you’ve everything in, the DLSU admissions staff will hand you your exam permit.  As with the application processes of other universities, the actual date of your test will depend on how quickly you can get all the requirements to the school.

Additional Help

You’ll find a far more detailed explanation of the registration process on this webpage, complete with a timetable, a set of download links for all the forms I’ve mentioned above, and even an admissions video.  DLSU has conveniently placed them in the leftmost column for your viewing pleasure.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the DLSU admissions staff at 523-4230, or e-mail them at .  They were a big help to me when I inquired—I bet they’ll only be too glad to help you out, too.

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2 Responses to “DLSUCET Online Application / Registration”

  1. Anna

    wala po ba silang exeption para sa testing fee like the UPCAT? another thing, sa school po ba nila ipapadala ang lahat? pwede via email lang? malayo kasi kami eh!

    • Hi Anna,

      Please call DLSU directly for testing fee exception inquiries. When it comes to results, DLSU sends them to the address specified in your application form. Furthermore, you need a physical test permit to get into the testing room, and you should ask the person who receives your application form how and when you’ll get your testing permit.


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