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BS Nursing: Course Description

It’s no secret that the nursing profession is one of the popular choices among Filipinos these days.  Despite the seeming oversupply of nurses with respect to demand, there are still those who prefer to immerse themselves in the care giving arts with the intention of going abroad.

As with all professions, you’ll need to go through the actual training process first before you can actually become a nurse.  Here, then, is what you can expect from the said process.

Nurse Training

While the nitty-gritty may vary somewhat depending on which college you attend, nursing courses generally have certain things in common.  For one thing, you can look forward to a combination of theoretical and practical (laboratory) classes on a variety of subjects.

What kind of subjects, you may ask?  Topics such as nutrition, physiology, midwifery, nursing management and rehabilitation are just par for the nursing course.  Of course, the education wouldn’t be complete without actual field experience in fields like surgery and cancer care.  That’s why you see all those student nurses following doctors and more experienced nurses around in hospitals.

… And Beyond

Believers in lifelong learning will be pleased to know that graduate and postgraduate degrees in nursing also exist.  These lean more toward a particular specialty (i.e.  child nursing, adult nursing, gastrointestinal nursing, etc.)  If you’re interested in the extra training and you wouldn’t mind having letters placed after your name, then you may want to consider going for further studies.

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