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BA Communications Research: Course Description

BA Communications Research:  Course Description

When I think of Mass Communications, it usually conjures up images of journalists typing away at their computers or going before the camera to report the evening news.  Journalism is only one facet of MassCom, though.  There are other aspects to this comprehensive field, and research is one of them.

Why would anyone need to do research on communication?  Let’s take a closer look at the course and the value behind it.

Tools of the Trade

Regardless of which field you specialize in, at least some form of research is in order.  The same is true with Communications Research.  The course branches out into two of research:  qualitative and quantitative.

Thus, expect sub-courses in such fields as statistics, experimental and quasi-experimental design.  You can also look forward to brushing up on different data-gathering methods.  For example, you’ll learn how to conduct surveys, observe things and people, glean info from secondary sources and analyze the data you acquire.

But I’m not a Scientist!

At first glance, a lot of this stuff looks like fodder for hardcore scientists, not MassCom folks.  Believe it or not, there may come a time when you’ll be called to study and assess media, messages or audiences, so it helps to be armed with the knowledge that you can do research as well as any scientist can.

There are other, hidden benefits, besides.  Not only will you be trained to think critically as a researcher, but you’ll also get a chance to polish your presentation skills.  Think of it that way and you’ve got a win-win scenario on your hands.

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