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10 Tips on Acing the UST Interview

Last updated: January 6, 2010

After passing the USTET, the next step before you could actually enroll is the scheduled interview. Not all courses require it, but if you are to take up Nursing, Tourism, Physical Therapy and the like, passing the interview is as important as passing the entrance exam. So here are some points to help you increase the chances of passing the interview:

1. Good grooming.

A lot of folks say that the way you look reflects your personality. It might sound cliché but it is actually true. As you take the fist step into the interviewing room and greet the panel, the first thing they notice is basically how you look. Hence, it is very important to keep yourself looking neat and orderly.

  • Get a good haircut for the gents, be sure to leave off those emo or F4 styles behind, at least for the interview. Suit yourself a clean cut, that way you’d look professional and orderly. (Even if you’re not.)
  • For the girls, kindly put your hair tied up neatly. May it be clipped or plainly tied up in a ponytail.   Do NOT get your hair done like you’re going on a debut or wedding. I actually saw someone during her interview sporting that grand hairdo, we called her “salon girl” ever since. Luckily, I still see her around which means she passed anyway.
  • For the guys, please do shave your facial hair. You don’t want to look like Mr.Suave on your interview day, do you?
  • Put some make up on. Of course, that item is for the girls. You might also consider putting on some make up but please, do yourself a favor and spare yourself from heavy make up. Again, you’re not attending a debut. You’re attending an interview. I don’t advise the not-so-girls to wear make-up though. For the guys, just keep your face shine and perspiration fee and you’re good to go.

2. Wear something decent

By wearing something decent, I mean you should avoid being over or under-dressed. The rule is pretty simple, you just have to wear a simple top, simple pants, and closed shoes. You don’t really have to go to UST wearing a semi-formal attire. Also, please do consider that you are applying in a pontifical and Catholic university, therefore, the rules of conservatism apply. Do NOT wear micro-mini-skirts, slippers, plunging necklines, and ultra-high heels. Again, be simple.

3. Observe courtesy

Those simple words and expressions do really mean a lot. Don’t forget to greet the panel with your  good mornings, good afternoons, etc. Be sure that you also include the magic words “po” and “opo” when talking to the panel.

4. Observe Manners

GMRC 101:

  • Knock at the door before going inside the room.
  • Wait for the panelist’s cue to tell you to sit down.

5. Maintain eye contact

This part is also very important. Maintaining eye contact actually shows how sincere you are to your answers. Even if you have award winning answers, lack of eye contact actually kills it. After all, the interviewers are looking for substance, not your answers itself.

6. Smile

Now who could not be convinced with an applicant that smiles a lot? Smiling actually shows how confident you are. When I was being interviewed, I still pulled on with the smiling thingy even though the interviewer is already asking me tough questions. Its like being in a beauty pageant, be graceful even if under pressure.

7. Know the course you’re applying

This is actually basic preparation for any interview which is know what you’re applying for. Know how your course works, its relevance, and how it can help the society in general. Do not also limit yourself with what you actually know about the course, so do your own research.

Say for example, BS Nursing. All the while, I though nurses were just “helpers” of the doctors. After researching, Nursing actually covers a lot of areas such as community health, pharmacology, and so on.

8. Be prepared for questions regarding yourself, your faith, your family and current events.

Since you are applying to the Pontifical Catholic University of the Philippines, expect questions that would pertain to yourself, your family and your faith. Some questions I was asked during my interview were “Describe your family.”, “How would you describe yourself?”, “How do you develop faith?”, etc. Brush up also on the different contemporary social issues such as premarital sex, divorce, etc.  and be prepared with your stand regarding these. (Of course, you also have to know the Church’s viewpoint regarding these issues.)

More or less, you now have a sneak preview on how they formulate questions.

Knowing the current events may also help since some of the questions may require you to relate your answers to these topics. Also don’t forget to prepare your answer on the why-did-you-take-up-this-course questions, they’re inevitable.

9. Be consistent with what you say

This is self explanatory. Be consistent with what you say. Be firm with your stand and what you believe in.

10. Never admit that you were just FORCED to the course you applied.

This is one thing that could either make or break you. As much as possible, never resort to admitting that you were just forced to take up the course you applied in, unless of course if you want to fail the interview.

One of my professors who used to conduct interviews herself once shared that once an applicant shares that he was just FORCED to take that course up, she automatically fails the student. Of course, they have to prioritize the ones who are really interested in the course and those who could pursue with the challenges the course has to offer.

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73 thoughts on “10 Tips on Acing the UST Interview

  1. hi! is this page still active? i hope it is. :]
    uhm im a 4th yr hs student that moved back here from ths US.but then i had a failing grade in math pero i wasnt able to take summer class for that cuz when i came back,school already started. so im gona be having summer class for my 3rd yr math class this coming summer after i graduate. i was jst wonderin kun mkaka affect ba un? kasi ang USTET sa oct and they might see na bgsak akosa math kc dkopa nssumer, baka hnd nla ak tngapin? do they look at the 3rd yr grades?

    and, is there anyway sumone can give me an idea what to study for the USTET CUZ IM Still here in the US and im not moving til nxtnxtmonth. gsto kolng sna mgng productive by studying pra dun. I might take PT pala. and, last ques na po. haha sorry. does the test depend on what course ur taking or ur gonna have the same entrance test with all the new applicants/freshmen?
    thanks in advance! and i saw andmai pumasa sa USTET. congratulations u guys! :)

  2. good day! i am going to shift in travel management but i have a failed grade. do you think i can still make it? help pleeease :|

  3. i just had my interview in BSN and said they that im wait listed and be back on april 8 for the slots.

    mai pagasa po b akong makakuha ng slots?

    tnx and Godbless :D

  4. I also had my BSN interview last March 12,2011,and according to my source, I passed the interview. She saw my name on the Bulletin Board,yet she failed to text me when to come for a reservation. I still don’t know when is the right time to process it. I’m afraid I may lose my slot if don’t go in the date desired by UST,because there aren’t any results posted in UST’s website.

  5. I had my BSN interview last saturday. And they said that results will be released today March 17, 2011. But I couldn’t find it on their website. Help please! Thanks

  6. I passed the interview at UST but i did not passed the there a chance for me of entering UST kahit sa ibang course?Cause i really want to study at UST

    • Hi Renz,

      We’re sorry to hear that. Ano’ng sinabi sa’yo nung ininform ka about your interview results? Sinabi ba nila sa’yo categorically na hindi ka na pwedeng pumasok sa UST? Kung ang sabi lang nila sa’yo ay di ka pasado sa kursong pinili mo (at pasado ka nga sa UST kasi pumasa ka nang USTET), baka pwede kang humingi ng reconsideration sa ibang department/college para makakuha ka ng ibang kurso.

      • yun nga po ang gagawin ko try ko na gumawa ng reconsideration sa ibang department/college.kasi sayang namn dahil naipasa ko na ung written exam tapos sa oral naman ako bumagsak.thank you po for the tips.

  7. I passed the exam in UST pero di ko po naipasa yung interview in travel management.sayang late ko na nakita itong website na to.dami ko mali nagawa sa interview.
    May chance pa po ba ako of entering the UST kahit sa ibang course?

  8. i just had my interview BSN, they asked me about RH bill and I said I agree on the bill. Does that mean I have a lesser chance to pass the interview? :(

      • Hi! Thank you for this wonderful advices. I passed the interview. :) ) Oh! btw, how’d you know if you don’t pass the interview? The names listed there are only the passers, right?

        • You’re welcome and congratulations! (hear the champagne cork popping? :) ) Where, exactly, did you see the interview results? Can you give us the URL address? Without that information (and I can’t seem to find it anywhere), I can’t answer your question. :(

  9. i passed the exam in hrm. pano po if hndi ako nka pasa sa interview sa hrm, pumasa po ako sa ustet it means, pwd po ba ko mag try ng ibang course? thankyou po

    • We really don’t know, sorry. We know that the interview is an important part of the screening process. However, we don’t know how important it is relative to the USTET. To get an answer to this question, please contact UST.

      To all: If any one of you knows the answer, please feel free to share. :)

  10. I passed the USTET. YAY! Pero sabi po FOR INTERVIEW. Galing po akong USTHS, may advantage po ba ako para makapasa sa interview? Mostly po, ano kayang tinatanong na questions sa interview? Salamat! :)

    • Congratulations!! ^_^ Syempre iba-iba naman ang tinatanong niyan. Tatanungin ka niyan about your personal life and preferences. Syempre, tatanungin ka rin kung bakit sa UST mo gustong mag-aral at bakit yung course na pinili mo ang kukunin mo. As for the advantage, no one will probably be able to answer that, ^_^. Good luck!!

  11. I passed USTET. First choice: BSHRM. I have an interview tomorrow and passing the interview is a must. In HRM, what are the questions that might possibly be raised, aside from current events, faith, myself and my family?

    • Congratulations! Unfortunately, we cannot answer your question. Depende kasi ‘yan sa interviewers. Most probably (pure speculation on our part), babatuhin ka ng mga tanong na naglalayong alamin ang “fit” or suitability mo sa course na pinili mo.

    • Congratulations! College interviewers don’t usually set out clearly if they prefer Pilipino or English. A good rule of thumb I used in the past is to go with whatever language the interviewer is using. When an interviewer asked me a question in English, I responded in English. When I was asked a question in Pilipino, I used Pilipino.

      Others, if you have ideas, you’re welcome to share! ^_^

  12. hello
    gusto ko po sanang itanung kung anung height ungrequired sa BS Nursing, kasi mga 154cm something ung height ko…. and mag-uundergo ako sa saturday ng aking interview.. ano po ung mga hard questions na natanung sa inyo?…and ilang oras or minutes ang interview?… thanks po!

  13. Greetings.

    I just want to ask if UST consider the weight/ physical appearance with regards to that when in an interview? I’m worried with this issue of mine that they might not consider me for BS Nursing since there’s also height requirement. Also, this came up to my mind because if I’m pursuing a course where they encourage someone to be as healthy as they should be, how could I when I myself isn’t? Will UST interviewers consider this factor?

    • Hi Jasper,

      I know the height requirement for BS Nursing applicants is a valid one. As for weight, I don’t think this should matter as long as you are declared fit to study by your doctor. In the end, everything will really depend on the interviewers who will conduct your interview. Nevertheless, I believe they’re not so narrow-minded as to discriminate based on physical appearance.

  14. saan ho ba makikita ang results ang UST interview sa physica therapy na course? taga-mindanao po kasi ako.di ko makita ang results sa UST website.

    • Hi Erika,

      This is the link to UST’s results page: Copy then paste that on to your URL bar and search using your applicant number and surname.

  15. Yay! Congrats elvin! =) See you around the college. You should read my blog about the UST Nursing Freshman Guide at my blog,

  16. Yes,I think you still can. I’ve read at the Varsitarian (official student publication of UST) that they’re not really looking at the hs grades, rather they base their standards on the USTET. But in other colleges with higher quotas, they really look into these things.=)

  17. wow. i did this . Nursing interview. and i passed im so thankful. thanks:) being simple is what they want. being yourself is what ust looking for. an also intellectual. btw results in ust nursing was posted at ust last march 2010

  18. My daughter passed her first choice –
    chemical Engineering but she wanted to change it to BS information Technology solely for the reason that we now can’t afford Chem Engr ( it’s a five year course) and it would be best to take up a four year course which she is also intrested in.

    Will UST allows her to change her course during the admission process? what are the requirements if so? where office should she inquire in the university regarding her course change?

    i appreciate your assistance.


    • @Mary,

      Congratulations to you and your daughter. A change in degree program may be possible – but only if there’s room in the destination program (Information Technology in this case) and if the change is not made too late. That being said, you should ask the Faculty of Engineering directly if a transfer from BS Chem Eng’g to BS IT would be permitted in your daughter’s case.

      Since both programs (Chem Eng’g and IT) are offered by the Faculty of Engineering, please visit or call this Faculty to inquire about its shifting policies and requirements. The following are the UST Faculty of Engineering’s contact information and the name of its administrators:

      Assoc. Prof. Josefin S. de Alban, Jr. (Dean)
      Fr. Franklin F. Beltran, O.P. (Regent)
      Asst. Prof. Carlos Ignacio P. Lugay (Faculty Secretary)
      Assoc. Prof. Ricardo S. Balog (Asst. Dean)

      Contact Info
      Office Location: Roque Ruaño Buliding University of Santo Tomas España, Manila 1008
      Telephone: (632) 406-1611 Loc. 8275; (632) 731-4041

      You should probably ask for the Faculty Secretary or the Dean.

  19. I passed USTET. pero ung kota ko po di qualified sa napili kong course. dun po sa acad. placement ko, napili ko po ung nutrition and dietetics sa college of education…sabi po dun punta daw po ko ng April 10 and check ko daw po ung name ko sa bulletin ng college of education if qualified po ko sa interview na gaganapin on April 20. required po ba sa course na nutrition and dietetics ang interview kpg academic placement po?

    • @mikee,
      Congratulations on passing USTET! :)

      Your best course of action is to ask the UST College of Education directly. That’s what I would do.

      It stands to reason, however, that you should follow the instructions you were given. If these instructions say you have to pass an interview, then that’s what you have to do.

      • anytime po ba pwede pumunta sa UST College of Education? Balak ko po kasi sa Saturday (jan.30) Pagdating ko po dun, san po ko pupunta at sino po ung tatanungin ko? :D ang kulit ko po nuh.haha.sorry po, gusto ko lng talaga mag aral sa UST. as in gusto ko po talaga.

        • @mikee,

          That’s quite all right. We don’t mind. :)

          In your place, I would call UST College of Education before I went there on a Saturday. Here’s the address and contact information for UST College of Education:

          Contact Info

          Office Location:
          Albertus Magnus Building
          University of Santo Tomas Espana, Manila 1083
          406-1611 loc. 8260

          The administrators are the following (I would probably go for the college secretary):


          Dean: Dr. Clotilde N. Arcangel
          O.P. Regent: Rev. Fr. Romulo V. Rodriguez, O.P. Regent
          College Secretary: Asst. Prof. Shiela C. Vindollo

          • im in acad. replacement in ust. and i prefer the course bachelor library and info. tech. do i need to submit a recon. letter? tnx.

    • @aj,

      I doubt there’s a right answer to this. Even the interviewers would probably tell you they don’t have any special preference.

      Here’s a general rule of thumb (this should also be useful in job application interviews): speak the language that the interviewer is using. In other words, if the interviewer asks you questions in English, it’s good form to respond in English. Likewise, if he/she asks you questions in Filipino, respond in Filipino.

      This is no hard-and-fast rule, however. Some will tell you to use the language with which you’re most comfortable.

      Just remember: you need to be fluent and eloquent whatever language you finally decide to use. The important thing is to get your point across – briefly and clearly.

  20. Good day! =) For sure tinitignan ang physical appearance, pero I dont think being super makinis really matters, you just have to look clean. For tourism, I think tinitignan nila, kasi samin sa nursing bawal masyado maliit, not familiar sa exact height pero I think they also reconsider shorter people kasi puberty pa nman daw and may chance pa lumaki.

  21. hello! good day!
    tanong ko lang po if tinigtignan ang physical appearance sa interview?
    like sa Tourism po, dapat ba super kinis ung skin, face or underarms? ung height po tinitignan ba talaga?
    thank you po! please help. :)

  22. WEW.. My status was, I need to undergo interview and this is my first time..
    pagdating naman po kasi sa mga ate at kuya ko po, mdli lng silang nkpasok..
    and nung nbsa ko po to, nkadagdag po siya sa aking kaalaman..^^.. galing…
    sana makapasa..
    GOD BLESS po.. Good day..

  23. BSN UST Interview

    well, true… isa sa mga ci, binagsak ung isang applicant kasi mayabang xa… like gusto daw sana nya mag-law pero pinilit xa n mag-nursing nd parang minamaliit nya ung BSN… eh ung hs grade nmn daw mejo mababa :(

    * tinatanong din if pre-med m b ung nursing
    * they compute ur grades on the spot so habang may tym k pa taasan m n ang hs grades m (pero di q alam kung paano nakakaapekto ito s result)
    * well just show ur interest nd have confidence

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