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Transferring to UP Diliman Campus

As people, we’re all prone to changing our minds.  Sometimes that change involves studying at the U.P. Diliman instead of at another campus.

If you’re itching to transfer, then you’re in for a meticulous application process.  Read on.

Transferring from another UP campus to U.P. Diliman

Prepare the true copy of your grades and your transfer application and send them in to the Diliman campus.  After you do that, wait a bit.  Once they’ve been accepted, apply for your Official Transcript of Records, your Permit to Transfer and your Student Clearance from your U.P. branch of origin.

Send these in to Diliman and get your College Admission Slip.  Turn the slip in to the Admissions and Registration Office, fill up a couple of copies of the student directory, and you’re done.

Transferring from another School to UP

Applicants from other schools need to do a tad more work.  Prepare a True Copy of Grades or transcript signed by your school Registrar, U.P. form 3 or 3.1, two recent 2 x 2 photos and one hundred pesos.

After that, play the waiting game for about three weeks, and then inquire about the status of your application.  If it’s been accepted, gird your loins, there’s more come.

Get a Transfer Credential or Honorable Dismissal from your original school and turn it in.  Fill up two copies of the student directory, and then get an official request for your Transcript of Records and your University Admission Slip.

Next, go for a medical and physical examination from the University Health Service.  Turn in the validated medical certificate and the Admission Slip to get your Form 5A.  From thereon, it’s registration as usual.

Sound tedious?  It can be.  The rewards, though, will be well worth the time and effort invested.

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7 thoughts on “Transferring to UP Diliman Campus

  1. Hi, just want to share. I got accepted at UP Diliman with a meager 1.654 GWA from UST. I know a lot of people who are also aspiring transferees who have better GWAs than I do. By some miracle, I pulled through!

    Tip: Kung may panel interview, mag-Tagalog kayo! And be humble! Karamihan ng mga kasabayan ko dun ang aarte mag-English at nagpapayabangan ng GWA (ako yata ang isa may pinakamababang GWA na nakita ko dun). Karamihan sa kanila hindi din naaccept. Ayaw yata ng panel ng masyadong pa-konyo. Just sayin’

  2. Pwede po ba akong magtransfer sa UPDiliman na ang course BS Physics.. kung ang tinake ko po sa P.N.U. Bs physics for teachers? sagot po kayo pls.

    • Hi Cel,

      Unfortunately, we have no specifics on student transfer requirements for the BS Physics program. I suggest you contact the National Institute of Physics directly to get an answer to your query. The NIP may be reached at (02) 981-8500 loc 3701 (to 3703). Good luck! :)

  3. is there a specific date as to when you can send the said application papers to diliman? san po ba kukumukuha ng application form? san po ba pwedeng makakita ng list ng requirements ng specific course na gusto mong itake? like kung anong GWA ung kailangan? i’d really appreciate if you can answer my questions thans :)

    • Hi! You can find specific answers at the UP Diliman Office of the University Registrar’s webpage. Just copy paste this URL to your browser then hit enter: Look for the relevant section (Transfer 1 for UP-to-UP transfers and Transfer 2 if transferring from another university). Unfortunately, we can’t vouch for the freshness of the information in that page so it’d be best to call the UPD Office of the University Registrar for the most up-to-date info. You can use the following contact info:
      UPD OUR
      Direct Line :+(632) 928.83.69
      VoIP : 981.85.00 local 4555, 4556
      email :

  4. where do i pay the P100 (i believe i should not put it in the envelope right?) and where do i send the requirements?. the exact address?
    i’m very far from manila, i live in mindanao :)

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