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BS Computer Engineering: Skills and Factors

By admin Friday, December 18th, 2009
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My friend Tom is a computer engineer by trade.  He’s an interesting, eccentric fellow, and I’ve sometimes found myself wondering if his traits are solely his own, or if they’re common to all or most people of his profession.

It’s only recently that I’ve found out.  And what I’ve found out, I now share with you.

Theoretical Expertise and Otherwise

Scientific and mathematical ability are pretty much staple skills for any engineer, computer or otherwise.  These disciplines develop the analytical thinking needed for the kind of work they do.  It’s also a plus if they’re interested (even passionate) about brainteasers, riddles, or anything that involves puzzle-solving and strategy.

Curiosity and creativity, it is said, are also important for engineers.  They may be called upon to solve problems from time to time, especially with the things they’re designing.  It helps to approach things in an unorthodox or counterintuitive manner.

The Persistent, People-Oriented Genius

Gone are the days of the anti-social genius who never leaves his lab.  Today’s engineers may use tools, but they still work closely with people, so a certain amount of people skills is in order.

Finally, computer engineers can also be dogged and determined folks.  Sometimes, their initial solutions won’t work, and it’s their stick-to-itiveness that will keep them hanging in there until they do find solutions that work.

Nowhere have I seen this better than in my friend, Tom.  He’s currently working with a friend on developing his very own MMORPG.  Given the kind of person he is and the way things are going, I’m very sure he’ll turn that dream into reality someday.

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