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Philippine College Scholarships: DOST Scholarship

Each year, thousands of high school students from all over the Philippines receive undergraduate scholarships courtesy of the Department of Science and Technology. One of the most generous scholarships in the country, the DOST-SEI Merit and R.A. 7687 scholarships make college education more accessible to thousands of undergraduates. It could very well be the ticket to your own undergraduate science degree.



Unlike many other scholarships, all DOST-SEI Merit scholars get the same basic benefits regardless of socio-economic status. Each scholar gets

  • a tuition subsidy amounting to a maximum of PhP6,000 per semester
  • a book allowance of PhP5,000 for every academic year under scholarship
  • a uniform allowance of PhP500, to be given once for the entire scholarship
  • tuition subsidies for academic units taken during summer
  • group accident and health insurance

On top of the standard benefits, scholars are also entitled to receive a monthly stipend from the DOST as part of the program. The amount of the stipend is based on financial documents submitted by scholars. Stipends, however, start at PhP1,200 per month and can go as high as PhP4,000 monthly. Either way, it’s still a big contribution in the typical student’s budget.

Scholars enrolling into courses identified as ‘special priority’ fields like physics are also given special incentives by the scholarship program. Additional allowances and subsidies await you if it so happens that you’ll be going into any of the priority majors.

The R.A. 7687 Scholarship works almost identically to the DOST-SEI Merit program, except that the schedules for the issuance of stipends and benefits are different. Scholars under the R.A. 7687 program are also required to undertake extra training and workshops  to better orient them with its goals.



Applicants for the DOST-SEI Merit program are accepted regardless of socio-economic status. Only the R.A. 7687 scholarship is specifically targeted toward less financially able students, which is why a declaration of assets and liabilities are part of the application procedure. Both the Merit and R.A. 7687 programs, however, use the same application papers and require taking the same test.

In order to qualify for either scholarship, you must be from the top 5% of your graduating class, or otherwise will be graduating from a special science high school like Philippine Science. A duly accomplished application form must be submitted to the DOST (usually by the end of June during senior year) with the required paperwork.

One screening test is part of the procedure in order to become a scholar under either program. All applicants who are able to get the required number of points on the test will be sent a notice of award from the DOST, and will be eligible to claim either scholarship.

The DOST Scholarship Test


Unlike typical college entrance examinations, the DOST scholarship screening test has a much wider coverage of topics and fields. Because the program aims to create a larger number of scientists and engineers, it comes as no surprise that the test leans heavily towards those fields.

The screening test is composed of two major parts, the Intellective and Non-Intellective portions. The Intellective half is comprised of

  • scientific ability, which covers basic to intermediate high school biology, physics and chemistry
  • quantitative ability, which covers the entire high school curriculum up to intermediate trigonometry
  • mechanical and technical ability, which makes you determine the outcome of a series of mechanical steps
  • linguistic ability, which requires a good grasp of high school English, and
  • working memory, where you are briefly shown an image that you must identify afterwards on your test paper


If you’ve worked your way through the typical public high school full curriculum, then the coverage of most of the DOST test should have been taken up in the classroom. Much harder to anticipate is the non-intellective portion, which requires analysis on your part to solve a problem. In some cases, the test requires you to understand a theoretical language, and to comprehend passages written in that language.


Tips for Test Day


Although the requirements of the DOST exam aren’t exactly rocket science, you’ll still want to keep yourself sharp the whole time. The exam can take extremely long – up to four whole hours – so make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand. Psyching yourself prior to the test will also be crucial; you’ll be taking it with hundreds of other hopefuls, and you can be sure that the test center will be noisy and distracting.


If anything, the test is long. Most of the questions are in the easy to intermediate range, but there are also some (particularly in the quantitative and scientific ability areas) that are extremely difficult. Employ good time management and you should do fine.

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Please be advised. Thank you.

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57 thoughts on “Philippine College Scholarships: DOST Scholarship

  1. graduate na po ako ng high school…hindi po ako nakapag aral ng 1st sem ngayong college..pwede pa po ba akong kumuha ng DOST exam kasi po papasok na ako ngayong 2nd sem. maraming salamat po.

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  3. blessed be god forever!!! gud afternun…
    i juz want to ask on how can i avail the dost scholarship…
    i’m a 4th yr student in notre dame of tulunan. here @ tulunan north cotabato…… i juz want to ask on how i can avail the scholarship ,our town is in mindanao!! what are the contac #’s?

    t.y po

    • You should visit the nearest DOST Regional Office or Provincial Science and Technology Center to procure the application form (the so-called DOST-SEI Information Sheet); note that we have no word yet whether this form is already available.

      Just fill that out then submit it along with all the other requirements before the application deadline (which we don’t know yet) to the DOST Regional Office or the Provincial Science and Technology Center from which you obtained your application form.

      Begin your search for the nearest DOST Regional Office or Provincial Science and Technology Center by visiting the DOST regional offices directory. If your DOST Regional Office has a website, follow the link to that website to see if the website has a list of the Provincial Science and Technology Centers in your region.

  4. good day po..i will ask something lang po.if i can still avail the scholarship and where can i get the application living at quezon city.i stopped 1year cause of financial prob. and now i continue studying in PUP sta.maria bulacan,2ndyr and i am a working student for i,to finance my study but it is not so willing to take your exam..
    thank you for kindly response.Godbless

  5. sir/ mam, i want to study masteral degree in education, major in educ management, can i avail the scholarship if ever there is!

  6. hi can i ask if i can still apply for the scholarship? i graduated last 2009 and i stop because of financial problem..i also want to know where can i get the application form im from pasay

  7. GOOD day po!!!!
    how can i get an application form for that said Scholarship test.
    can i apply on online registration?
    kindly, indicate the website of that said Online registration?
    thank you and more power:)

  8. Good day!..,

    Can I ask, what courses are in the priority fields?.., do you offer scholarship for accountancy?..,

  9. hello good day. my daughter an incoming senior of ids in msu – iit highschool department. where could she secure an application form, we’re from iligan by the way.

  10. hello good day….Im a dost scholar of batch 2008..i stopped last october 2010 because of financial problems..i have a work now..what will i do if i will not continue my studies anymore.?please reply..thank you po..

    • gud day! i just wanna ask if i can stil avail of the scholarship , last school yir i graduated as valedictorian and i am not aware that you give such scholarship,, tnx need ur responce

    • If you want a DOST graduate scholarship, I know there is such a program (Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program). I’ve checked the brochure, however, and I don’t see mechanical engineering in the priority fields. You’ll find the brochure here:

      In any case, you should call DOST to explore your options.

  11. A pleasant day! I am a B.S.I.T student from University of Pangasinan, I’m just wondering if i could still apply for your scholarship offer even if the date for examination is over. thank you.

    • Hi Riza! Unfortunately, the DOST scholarship is available only to incoming college freshmen. According to the DOST SEI brochure, students who have already taken post-secondary/undergraduate units are no longer eligible to apply for DOST scholarship.

  12. Hi, good day!
    I am a dost scholar batch 2001 under cagayan de or city. I wasn’t able to finished my studies. And now I am planning to abroad. I want to request for a computation of my balance. Where would I send for my request? Hope you will help me.
    thank you! God Bless

  13. i am a graduating student of university of the philippines a dost scolar and and my faily was planing to have a vacation to other country if ever i graduate this year. it is not difficult to me to get a pasport to travel with them because i have a form sign that if ever i finished my studies i have to work here in philiphines for 4 years?

  14. im studying in Pagsanjan, Laguna and will be graduating by year 2012. I would like to know the nearest office to inquire for the scholarship.

  15. …hi..I’m so interested about the scholarship,,,,but i don’t know if am i still qualified cause I’m already a 1st year college student???/

    where can i get an application form for it????
    im here in cebu central…

    • no you can’t..
      only ongoing 4th year high school students can apply..
      pag 3rd year ka na, baka merong JLAP.. for junior students yun..

  16. ..kailan po ba ang entrance test para sa scholarship????
    …pd pa ba aq khit na 1st na ako..?????
    …s it only for science related courses????
    or pd ba engineering???

  17. Please help me!
    DOST offers 2 scholarships – the RA 7687 and Merit which are based on the socio-economic status of the applicant’s family, right?
    what are the indicators set by the DOST that identify which scholarship will an applicant must apply into?

  18. Please help me!
    DOST offers 2 scholarships – the RA 7687 and Merit which are based on the socio-economic status of the applicant’s family, right?
    what are the indicators set by the DOST that identify what scholarship a student will apply into?

    • I don’t think I’ve heard about intakes of students already in college. However, please call the DOST-SEI directly to make sure; we’ll appreciate it if you can tell us and other interested readers whatever information you learn on this matter. Thanks!

  19. ahhmz…i just want to ask if i can still apply for dost schoalrship if im already a college student,specifically a first year college student now???? But when I fnished my secondary study, I am the salutatorian of our batch…..

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  21. I am a student of Marcial O. Ranola Memorial School under the Engineering and Science Education Program Curriculum. How can I apply for a DOST scholarship? Is it ongoing?

    • I don’t see any announcements yet. Usually (note the word: usually), the application period opens in September. To be sure, call the nearest Provincial Science and Technology Center or the DOST Regional Office. Your School is in Albay, right? Here are the addresses and contact info of the DOST/PS&T office near you:

      DOST Regional Office No. V
      Regional Center Site, Rawis, Legaspi City 4500
      Tel. No.: (052) 820-5385
      Fax No.: (052) 820-5039
      E-mail: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
      Regional Director: Mr.Tomas B. Briñas

      PSTC – Albay
      DOST Compound, Legaspi City 4500
      Tel. No.: (052) 820-5385 loc. 111
      Cellphone: 09154839311
      e-mail: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
      Provincial S&T Director: Mr. Jacinto Alexis B. Elegado

      To apply for a DOST scholarship, you need to get an application form from any one of the above offices, fill it out, satisfy whatever requirements you’re asked to meet, pay the testing fee, and proceed as instructed (by the DOST or the Provincial S&T personnel).

    • Application forms should be available at Provincial Science and Technology Centers or DOST regional offices. When I was in high school though, our teachers passed around the application forms – so be sure to inquire with your school administrators, too.

  22. can i still apply for the scholarship… i am from bulacan where is your nearest office so i can submit if i can still apply…

    • Hi Jethro, if things go as they did last year, the exam should be in the 4th quarter (around November) of this year, with results coming out in the first quarter of the next year (2011).

      This is the contact information for DOST Region III:

      DOST Region III
      Government Center, Maimpis
      City of San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga
      Tel. No. : +63 (045) 961-4460 / 861-3730
      861-3731 / 860-0650
      Fax No. : +63 (045) 961-4460 / 860-0650
      Website :

      This is the contact information for the Provincial Science and Technology Center of Bulacan:

      BSU Campus, MacArthur Highway, Malolos, Bulacan
      Telefax: 044-7915255
      ANGELITA Q. PARUNGAO – Provincial Director

  23. Can we still avail or apply for this scolarship at this time? Or are we already late for the submission of application.

    Thank you!

    • The DOST website is proving very unhelpful at the moment; I keep getting server errors. If you can, please call DOST directly at (02) 837-20-71 to 82.

  24. my daughter is top 7 last school year (3rd year). i just want to ask if shes still qualified for the scholarship? can i still try to process the application?

  25. hhmm. as far as i know, the list of qualifiers will be published on March 2010. that’s what they did on previous years. it could be on the 3rd or 4th week of March. i recommend that you buy Manila Bulletin’s Sunday Issues most probably on the month of March,.

  26. good luck to those who took the exam last november 2009..
    for me, the exam last year was hard..
    you really have to be good in all your academic subjects..
    and don’t forget the lessons that you have taken from first year to fourth year high school.. stocked knowledge really helps..

    memorize mathematical formulas..
    scrutinize your laboratory activities (experiments) in science because there are questions that are related to them..

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