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UP Integrated School (UPIS) Entrance Exam Schedule

Last updated: August 3, 2009

Chances are, you’re familiar with this process:  you pay the fee, fill out the application form at the high school of your choice, send in the proper documents, take the test, and then cross your fingers and await the results.

Still, there are some schools who have modified the general custom somewhat.  One such example is that of the University of the Philippines’ Integrated School (henceforth referred to as UPIS).  Allow me to show you why this is the case.

The UPIS Application System

The UPIS school system is the U.P. College of Education’s lab school, so it understandably differs from that of other schools.  For one thing, you are normally not allowed to apply for the high school straight away.

In fact, you’d better start off (literally) early because the only allowed entry point is the kindergarten level.  Sorry, UP High School hopefuls, but you’ll need to be patient with this one.

Note that I said “normally”—there are exceptions even to this exception.  For example, lateral entrants may be accepted if they’re children of returning U.P. staff members.  There was also a special case last February wherein the UPIS accepted fourteen high school freshmen.

Thing is, this was only done to fill in some vacant slots left by students who chose to enroll in other schools, as well as to recruit more varsity players for the UPIS basketball team.

UPIS Application Requirements

With such a system, you may be thinking that the application process is just as stringent for the kindergarteners.  Well, you’re right:  student hopefuls will be ranked according to their performance on a mental ability test, and the school will only select the top one hundred test takers.  Take note that sixty of these one hundred kids will be progeny of U.P. personnel.

There are other requirements, besides:  the child must be within the five-and-a-half to six-and-a-half-year-old range by enrollment time.  They shouldn’t be previous UPIS test takers, either.

The school’s application form will specify what other things you’ll need to submit, if any.  As of last year, the fee was set at three hundred fifty pesos.

UPIS Important Dates

January-February 2010:  estimated application period for school year 2010-2011

March/April 2010:  estimated entrance exam period for school year 2010-2011

May 2010:  estimated release of entrance test results school year 2010-2011

As of the time of this article’s writing, the UPIS Admissions Office has no specific dates for school year 2010-2011 yet, only approximations.  The folks have informed me that the exact dates of testing will only be determined upon the student’s application to the school, so it’s a good idea to check back with them often.

[***Important update:  Please find the schedule of the 2010 UPKAT at the post, UPIS Important Dates for 2010.]

Further Inquiries

There’s a lot more to the UPIS than what I’ve mentioned here.  If you have more questions about the institution and its unique system, schedule or application process, feel free to visit the official website for more information.

Alternatively, you may also call the school at 9297797.  If you absolutely must talk to the school folks in person, though, just drop by the campus along Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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Please be advised. Thank you.

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63 thoughts on “UP Integrated School (UPIS) Entrance Exam Schedule

  1. Hi,

    Just wanna know if you also accept daughter is still in grade one right now here in St Mary’s Academy, but am dying to enroll her in UPIS for the next school year..thanks

  2. Hi,

    Just wanna know if you accept transferees, my daughter is still in grade one right now here in St Mary’s Academy, but am dying to enroll her in UPIS…

  3. hi,

    ma’am, my daughter qualified for the 2011 UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test, however her name along with the names of the other two kids of UP personnel were not yet posted at the UPIS website. sana po mai-update ung list sa website… thanks…

  4. hello, tanong ko lng kng wla b ang pangalan mo s 100 n ng qualify s kinder ng upis ibig bng sabihin nun bagsak kna? or my pag-asa kpng mapunta s waiting list?
    thank you.

  5. hello, if wala ba ang name mo sa 100 students n qualify s kinder ibig sabihin nun bagsak ka? meron dn bng mga napupunta s waiting list s upis?
    thank u!

  6. hi,

    my daughter passed the exam for kinder SY 2011-2012 ask ko lang po kung may idea kayo kung mag kano tuition po ng kinder? thanks…

  7. Hi! Ask ko lang po kung meron na result sa Kindergarten Admission Test for SY 2011-2012 kumuha ksi pamangkin ko. Meron kasi ako kakilala sabi nya nakapasa anak nya kaya lng wala pa ko makita nakapost result ng exam for kindergarten. Thank you po.

    • Hi Ed! According to UPIS (, the results for the kindergarten 2011 admission test will be released on May 1, 2011. Check the link provided to see the actual PDF file from the UPIS website.

      Results will be posted at UPIS Bldg. 1, Grades 3-6 Bldg., K-2 Bldg. and at the website

  8. may I know kumusta naman ang facilities ng UPIS? I know they are one of the best when it comes to quality education. pero di ba ma ganado mag-aral mga bata if ok din naman ang facilities. syempre sa generation na ito high tech na. di naman kaya nahuhuli mga UPIS students pag dating sa high tech?

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  10. Hi admin,

    Just wanna ask when is the entrance exam for a graduating student turning freshmen.I want to try in your good school.

    thank you for the consideration..


  11. hi admin,

    my daughter is graduating this coming march in elementary and we’re hoping to enroll her in upis as freshmen.last month i visit your office and they said i have to wait for a lateral. i want to know if my daughter has a chance to be enrolled in your good school… we’re hoping and praying!!!

    your response will be very much appreciated.

    God bless…

    • UPIS to Accept 24 New 1st Year HS Students

      UPIS regularly accepts 100 new students at Kindergarten which for several years served as its only entry point since CHED downsized all state lab schools.

      Last year, it started accepting students at Grade 7 (1st year HS) to replace vacated slots at Grade 6. Last year, UPIS accepted 9 new HS fresshmen.

      For school year 2011-2012, UPIS will accept 24.

      Listed below are the requirements for Kindergarten and Grade 7 applicants to the UPIS. Application forms will be available on January 17, 2011 at the UPIS on Katipunan or via PDF download on this site.(

      The UPIS will admit only one hundred (100) students at Kindergarten for the academic year 2011-2012. The UPIS as a service school of the University, has an admissions policy that mandates a 60-40 ratio of students in favor of children of UP personnel. The UPIS uses Filipino as medium of instruction from Kindergarten to Grade 4.

      Qualifications for Admission (Kinder):

      •Applicants to Kindergarten must be 5 ½ to 6 ½ years old by June 2011.

      •Only those born within November 15, 2004 -December 31, 2005 are qualified to apply.

      •They should not have taken the UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test before.

      The UP Integrated School will admit twenty four (24) students at Grade 7 for Academic Year 2011-2012. All applicants are required to take the UPIS Admissions Test for Grade 7.

      Qualifications of Applicants (Grade 7)

      •Any student currently enrolled in Grade 6 with an average of 85% or better (or its equivalent in another grading system) for three grading periods.

      •Any student currently enrolled in Grade 7 in an elementary which offers Grades 1-7 with an average of 85% or better in three grading periods.

      • Hi! Is UPIS accepting applicants for upcoming 2nd year high school students? If yes, what are the qualifications and the date of the exams? Please help us. Thank you and good day to you.

  12. kailan po exact date ng entrance exam para sa grade 4; sana po magkaroon ng chance na madagdagan ng bilang ang mga enrollies sa upis; marami pa tayo mga potential outstanding students na gusto makapag aral sa upis; sana mapag aralan ng upis tribunal also the government na mag allocate ng additional fund for more qualified students; marami salamat po and more power sa upis.godbless

  13. hi, i’m planning to apply my 5yr old girl in upis but she is already graduating from prep at her present school. Is there a possibility that they accept her for grade 1 or does she have to be kinder again. Thanks.

  14. hi,, i would like to ask about the admission matters on incoming freshmen high school students for SY 2011-2012. my cousin wants to be admitted. what are the requirements? procedure? for the enrollment or examinations?? thanks in advance:)

  15. hello po, ask ko lang if meron bang offer ng scholarship for students going elementary next year….

    if meron, panu mag apply,or san mag tetake ng exam…?

    yung daughter ko kase gusto ko sanang subukan mag take ng exam for scholarship sa UP.


    • Hi Jemachi,

      Please ask UPIS directly. UPIS’ contact information is as follows:

      UP Integrated School
      Katipunan Avenue, Diliman Quezon City 1101
      Tel/Fax: (632) 9297797
      Tel (632) 9818500 loc 4451-52

  16. good morning admin, may i ask when is the realising of your application form for examination entrance for cy 2011 – 2012 for high school freshmen. what are the requirements? her birthday is april 1, 1999 i want also to know if my daughter is qualified to enroll at your good school. thank you so much. i hope you would give me an info about my question. God Bless and more power… :)

    • Hi Jenny,

      It’s best if you ask UPIS directly about this – from the horse’s mouth ika nga. UPIS’ contact information is as follows:

      UP Integrated School
      Katipunan Avenue, Diliman Quezon City 1101
      Tel/Fax: (632) 9297797
      Tel (632) 9818500 loc 4451-52

  17. Hi,

    I need help can not find any HOUSE for RENT near the area.

    My daughter pass the exam and we need to relocate.

    We already looked in KRUS NA LIGAS, no luck…HELP pls…

    • Hi Gab,

      Please try UP Village and Teachers Village. Along Maginhawa, apartments usually cost more or less 15k a month. It’s probably more economical, in the long run, to get a financing option and buy or lease-to-own a home in the area. In Krus na Ligas, I know some apartments will be available soon near Alberto’s hardware. You need to do a lot of legwork to find a place in Krus na Ligas; it’s full of sidestreets with lots of apartments for rent. You should also try the Katipunan area (e.g. Loyola Heights).

    • Hi Gab,

      You should also try searching online. I found a listing of QC apartments for rent at Here are a couple of links for QC townhomes/condos/apartments: and

  18. magandang araw po ask ko lang po kung pumasa sa entrance exam. ang anak ko noong april 11 2010 para sa grade 1

    • Hi Ms. Sarino,

      We can’t find a link to UPIS results; it’s probably not posted online.
      (request for everyone: anyone who has information, please share it with us here.)

      For now, please check with UPIS directly. Here’s the contact information:
      UP Integrated School
      Katipunan Avenue, Diliman Quezon City 1101
      Tel/Fax: (632) 9297797
      Tel (632) 9818500 loc 4451-52

  19. Hi, I just want to ask if my child is qualified to take the UPIS entrance exam next year, his birthdate is October 11,2004. Hope for your reply. Thanks.

  20. i work in u.p manila since 2002 but on a contractual basis only ( every year our contact is renewed).tinawagan ako ng upis telling me that my daughter is not qualified as up dependent. i felt bad. gusto ko talaga siya dun mag-aral kasi dun ako nag-aral from kinder-high school.
    wala naman naka lagay sa apllication na dapat permanent employee lang ang tatangapin. hindi man lang nila kinonsider na 8 years na ako nagtratrabaho sa u.p.
    pwede kaya ako mag appeal?

    • Hi Melody,

      You can try to appeal the decision. Who knows, you might just be granted an exception. Just note, though, that you may be disappointed in the end. UPIS kindergarten slots are very limited, so UP probably prioritizes dependents of regular employees. Nevertheless, if you’re truly determined, there’s no harm in trying to appeal for a more favorable decision.

      We wish you good luck and God’s blessing!

    • Hi Michele,

      The word is out. You can find the results here: Links was provided by commenter Gab, so he deserves our thanks. :)

  21. saan po ba makikita ang results ng entrance exam ng kinder students?
    kasi po nag entrance exam po yung cousin ko sa UP, e ngayon po makikita yung result.
    Thank you po sa sasagot ng tanong ko.

  22. For those asking about UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test, the following messages gathered from previous posts from upisguestbook may help. We shared this compilation with many others before. With God’s blessings, our examinee succeeded. Good luck to all:

    NUMBER OF QUESTIONS. From what I gathered, the test consists of 50 questions.

    INSTRUCTIONS IN FILIPINO. It seems that the instructions are stated in Filipino. Our examinees said they were directed to “Bilugan ang tamang sagot”, “Ekisan ang naiiba”, “Lagyan ng tsek ang mas marami”, “Kulayan ang mas malaki”, etc.

    PREPARATION. Since our examinee was then attending a nursery school where English is the medium of instruction, we prepared a sample test with instructions in Filipino. We explained that bilugan means encircle, ekisan means put an X, lagyan ng tsek means place a check, kulayan means to color… It also helped that the nursery school prepared their students for the entrance tests of the Big schools.

    RANKING. Examinees get ranked based on test scores. To accomplish the quota, there are two lists – one for children of UP employees, one for outsiders (children of non-UP personnel). Sixty percent (60%) of the 100 slots or 60 slots are reserved for the children of UP personnel per Board of Regents policy and only forty percent (40%) or 40 slots are for the externals.

    In 2008, there were 1465 outsiders fighting for 40 slots (2.73% chance) and 110 insiders fighting for 60 slots. The lowest score of accepted outsiders is 45 (that’s out of 50 questions).

    IN CASE OF TIE. Another 5% are added to accommodate those with tied scores who are children of UP personnel. This 5% leeway applies only to children of UP personnel.

    In 2007, 31 applicants who were children of non-UP personnel tied for the last 5 remaining slots allotted to children of non-UP personnel. Since there is no 5% leeway or additional slot/s available, the 5 slots were RAFFLED OFF. This means that the top scoring non-UP examinees who ranked 1 to 35 among the 1350 non-UP examinees are assured of slots. On the other hand, the admission of 31 who tied for the remaining 5 slots were determined by lottery. Kasi nga 40 slots lang talaga ang para sa children of non-UP personnel.


    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to share that other than academics, behavioral skills is also one aspect that will be observed by the proctor. This is based from what I heard from a parent who has a son in Kinder. Apparently, the teacher will briefly interview the kid with some basic information such as “anong pangalan mo?” “saan school ka galing?” Ano pangalan ng nanay/tatay mo?” and other stuff. The child will apparently also be given a toy or asked to choose a toy and be given a situationer from which the proctor will draw behavioral aptitude.
    I guess, there is no surefire key to ace the exam but it would probably help if confidence is something innate to the child coupled with politeness and congeniality. To Arman’s point, it is necessary that the child be trained to speak and listen to Tagalog instructions, especially those who were trained to speak in English in previous Nursery classes.
    My son has passed two Prep schools so far but I am praying that he makes it to UPIS. I think the pride, the quality of education (despite it’s debatable state) and the laid back setting altogether make a difference.
    Goodluck to all of us parents and the kids.


    I think it is true that more than 1550 applied last year for 100 slots. There is no reason to doubt the official press release of the UPIS that “1575 took the admission test”. From Kindergarten to Grade 2, there are 4 sections and the class size is 25 pupils per section. It is true that the tuition is 600 pesos per sem (1200 pesos annually) for children of non-UP personnel.[ gb.php]

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  24. The Guidelines and the application form for UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test for 2010 may now be downloaded from the following site:

  25. Important dates to remember about the 2010 UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test, based on the announcement posted at the UPIS gate:

    Issuance of Application Forms: January 18 to February 6, 2010.

    Test Administration: March 29 to April 9, 2010.

    Release of Results: May 1, 2010.

    Qualified to Take the Test: Those born between November 15, 2003 to December 31, 2004.

    For details: see ( UPIS)… walang opisina at klase pag Mondays sa UPD…

    I think the UPKAT application forms will be posted in the UPIS website, as in previous years… Abangan this week.

  26. Hello

    I am a 12 year old kid planning to enroll at UPIS but i would like to ask if i could have a chance to be accepted at this school because its my first time studying there, and i heard that you have to start studying there when you were in kindergarten please reply immediatley to my email : please help me!!!

    — jessica (essi)

  27. Hi,

    I would like to know if my son is qualified on taking the application/exam for school year 2010-2011. He is turning 5 years old this August 2010. Please advise if he is eligible so we can take the necessary preparation. If not, when is the best time for him to take the application?

    Your response will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  28. Hello,
    Being a non-UP employee (only 40 slots for us), hope you could share some tips on how I can prepare my child for the exam. I don’t want her to feel pressured but at the same time, I want her to be prepared when the exam day comes. Thanks!

    • Hi,

      As of now, we’re still looking into the specifics of the UPIS Exam. Upon asking around though, it seems that it is really hard to get a slot in UPIS as more and more students are vying for slots every year. The best advice i can give you is to hire a special tutor from UPIS or UP college of education as these people have the best idea of what and how students are evaluated and taught in UPIS. Rest assured though that we’ll post more articles about this exam as we learn more about it in the near future.

      By the way, here’s a link that might help you learn more about the topic:

      Goodluck and Godbless on your child’s exam!:)

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