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Types of UPCAT Results

The best type of UPCAT result is of course the one that says accepted.  Sadly, this is also the rarest one.  If you do get this kind of result, shout the news over the rooftops, offer some eggs to the monastery or treat yourself out.  You deserve it.

The Results You Don’t Expect (Or Don’t Want to Expect)

While everyone’s goal is to make it into the state university, the sad fact is that not everyone gets the results they work hard to achieve.  The most painful one is obviously a flat out “no,” yet sometimes you get a “special” kind of result that’s somewhere between full acceptance and utter rejection.

The first special case you may come across is known as the pending status.  It’s classified as an “almost there but not quite” status—in other words, the potential student appears to have all the necessary qualifications for acceptance, except for a wee hitch or two.

The hitch usually has something to do with documents or some other requirements that the potential pupil has turned in.  Never fear, as the Admissions Office will explain the situation to the applicant, as well as what can be done about it.  Once things have been settled, the student is good to go.

Another case you may encounter is that of the “degree course with available slot” status.  In layman’s terms, it means that the student hopeful has been waitlisted with respect to his or her first course of choice.

Waitlisted?  Now What?

Fortunately, there are alternatives available.  For one thing, applicants may pray and choose to wait for a slot to appear as far as their first choice is concerned.  If they’re really hot about studying in U.P. right away, regardless of course, they may also settle for their second choice, instead.

On a related note, the university may suggest that the students go for a “non-quota course” while they wait.  I placed the phrase in between quotation marks because word apparently has it that U.P. no longer makes the distinction between quota and non-quota programs—every course is supposedly now a quota course.

If ever you decide to take that path, do know that you can always opt to shift to your first choice if or when a slot becomes available, unless you change your mind and stay in your non-quota course for the rest of your college tenure.

Yet another thing you can do is to try appealing to the school authorities.  They may actually reconsider.  Believe me, there have actually been cases of that happening.  University officials aren’t perfect, and sometimes a second look is all that’s needed for them to change their minds.

Regardless of what exam result you end up with, remember, there’s always a positive way to respond to your situation.  Find out what can be done and what your options are, pray for wisdom and guidance, and then decide and move forward.

To learn about other alternatives in case you dont pass the UPCAT, click here.

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