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Quezon City Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

Last updated: July 30, 2009

Each school has its own benchmarks for potential students hoping to study in its halls.  Of particular note is the strict standard set by the science high schools:  Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science.

Not to be out done by its contemporaries, Quezon City Science High school (hence forth known as QueSci) has some important facts for student applicants who wish to grace its campus.  Before we proceed, please note that the information below is tentative and subject to change.

The QueSci Application System

The application period for school year 2010-2011 at QueSci is all set to start this last quarter of 2009 (The Admission Office staff estimate it at anytime from September to November).  Before you rush out and apply, though a caveat:  the institution’s application system is a little different from that of other schools’.

For one thing, QueSci will not hand you your application form right away, even if you ask for it.  Present your Grade 5 report card first and the school will then screen you—specifically, they’ll have to check and see if the grades on your card meet their standards.

In order to qualify, you must have at least an average of 85 in Math, Science and English, and at least an average of 83 on all other subjects.  Furthermore, your overall weighted average must be at least 85, too.

Assuming you meet those requirements, they will then hand you the application form.  Fill it up, pay the fee (around two hundred fifty pesos or so, as of the time of this article’s writing), give them some 1 x 1 ID pictures, and proceed with the rest of the process.

QueSci Testing Dates

Another interesting thing to note about the QueSci system is that involves a multi-phase exam.  That’s right:  you need to go three phases of exams, and only if you pass the preceding phase(s).  .

The three exams consist of the first, more general test, a second subject proficiency test (focusing specifically on Math, Science and English) and an oral interview.  There’s actually a fourth exam—a medical exam—after the oral interview, but this last phase is more for formality’s sake.  If you reach this part, it means you’ve passed all three preceding phases.

As of last year, the first part of the multi-phase exam kicked off last December 5, 2008, with the second and third phases in January and February, respectively.  A similar schedule may be followed this year, depending on how things go.

Releasing of Results

Expect QueSci to release the results of your labor about a month after the oral interview (The case of last year’s set ended up being released just last March 2009.).  As of now, no exact date has been given, so check with the QueSci Admissions Office every so often for updates.

You may call either 4250287, 9220739 or 4536619 during office hours.  Preferably ask for either Ms. Hilario or Ms. Cayetano, as they’re the people in charge.  Unfortunately, QueSci currently has no official website you can visit.  Feel free to visit the unofficial Multiply site if you wish, though:

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may also opt to visit the high school compound along Misamis Street, Barangay Santo Cristo, Quezon City.  The QueSci Admissions Office will post the details of the exam results on the school bulletin boards once they’re ready.

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114 thoughts on “Quezon City Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

  1. Tanong ko lang po kung saan po pwedeng makita yung mga pangalan ng mga istudyante na magtetest sa qcy kasi po kailangan ko napo eh?

  2. Just want to ask until when is the submission of application for registration for school year 2012-2013? any deadline? where can we get the copy of the application form? How Much is the entrance exam fee?

    • Hi Ferdinand,

      Based on past schedules, application for the QueSci entrance exam is usually open from September to November. We have no specific dates yet, but we advise you to call the QueSci numbers we have mentioned in the post for updated info.

  3. ask ko lang po kailan po pwede kumuha ng application form para sa school year 2012 to 2013 , mag fifirst year high school at tsaka po kailan po ung entrance exam schedules nyo???????? uhmmm…. pwede pa po ba ako magtake ng exam?????????

    • Hi Eunice,

      Usually, the application period for the QueSci entrance test begins in the last quarter of the year. To get a specific answer, though, you should call the school directly. The phone numbers for QueSci are in the article.

  4. Good day! I was trying to call Quesci, but their numbers are so busy. Open kaya sila pag Saturdays, so I can go directly to their school? Start na ba nag bigayan ng application forms for the Admission Exams? Thank you very much.

  5. Good Am.

    We are residents of Kamuning, Quezon City but my son is studying in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. He is a consistent 1st honor from kinder to Grade 5 and he is currently in Grade 6. In 2010 he took silver in the Regional School Press Conference and in 2011 they were declared Regional Champions and silver medalist in the recent National School Press Conference in Butuan City. I want to know if he is eligible to take the exam. Thank you very much.

  6. when will be the filing of application form at
    Quesci high for the school 2012-2013
    examination date and also the fee..

    thanks more powers Quesci High :)

  7. What if the Grade 5 final average in Science and Math did not reach 85%, would you consider the recommendation from the School and the 1st quarter of Grade 6?

  8. Hello po. Meron pa po bang entrance exam ngayong month of February or March? what time po usually start ng exam. tumatawag po kasi kami sa telephone para mag’inquire pero madalis po busy ang line. Thank you po.

  9. I just want to ask if Quesci accepts applicants who are non-residents of Quezon City or is living in QC for less than a year? Thanks!

    • Kailangan mong i-fill out yung application form at magbigay sa school ng 1×1 ID pictures. Kung may kailangan pang iba, sasabihan ka niyan ng tagabigay ng application form; para sigurado, tanungin mo yung namimigay ng application form kung may iba pang requirements.

    • Hi Sheann,

      Generally, Regional Science High Schools (of which QueSci is one) admit qualified transferees only from other Regional Science High Schools – but please note the operative word: generally.

      To find out if QueSci admits students from other types of high schools (and the transfer requirements if transfers are indeed allowed), please call QueSci directly. You’ll find QueSci’s contact information in our Directory.

  10. klan po b yung entrnce exm ng mga frst year [2010]
    ka=c po wla po ko reviewer
    eh!,,.,.,,!!,,.cge po,,,,,,,
    msta nlng sa skul n 2,,.!!!!!!..!!!…,,

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