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Philippine Science High School Application Ongoing

Last updated: July 25, 2009

Want to become a Philippine Science High School (PSHS) scholar for the school year 2010-2011? PSHS is now accepting applications for the annual PSHS National Competitive Examination (PSHS-NCE).  The last day for filing of applications is August 31, 2009.  The exam will be held on November 7, 2009.  You may download the PSHS-NCE application form at the PSHS website (just click the hyperlink and you’ll be taken to the download page directly).  You can also go to the nearest PSHS campus to get a copy of the application form.

You need to take the PSHS-NCE if you want to be admitted as a high school freshman into the PSHS system. To qualify for admission to the PSHS system, you must belong to the upper 10% of your graduating class then attain the required minimum scores in the PSHS-NCE.

The PSHS-NCE will test the following:

  • Scientific Ability
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Verbal Aptitude

Eligibility requirements (from the PSHS website):

eligibility requirements for PSHS

eligibility requirements for PSHS

Application Requirements (from the PSHS website):

PSHS application requirements

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52 thoughts on “Philippine Science High School Application Ongoing

  1. Hi,
    My son is currently in year9 here in New Zealand which is equivalent to 2nd year high school in phil. We are planning to settle in manila by next year. Our status are still all filipino and no pending application for changing the citizenship. Is there any chance for my son to transfer in your school by the next school year (2011-2012) as 3rd year high school? thank you very much!

    • Sorry Paul, as far as I know, Philippine Science High School doesn’t release a list of examinees. It does inform you by sending you a Test Permit. The best thing you can do right now is call the Philippine Science High School directly. You’ll find their phone number in our Directory to check if a Test Permit for you is on the way.

  2. hi po,

    gud evening,We are looking for a Science High School review center in singalong, malate manila in preparation for the entrance exam on Nov.5 2010 in PSHS.

    Hope you can help us find one.

    thank you!!!!

    • Hi Lynrishe,

      While we can’t make any recommendations (we’ve yet to assess review centers), I hope your comment would draw replies from those who have review centers in mind. Good luck on finding a good review center, and God bless on the exam! :)

  3. i was to not able to make it on the deadline for the application to take the entrance exam for PSci for s.y 2011 – 2011. Are there any extensin date where i can submit my application form. or if there none, can i still go into PSci next year.. tnx and God Bless to PSHS

  4. Hi!
    We are looking for a Science High School review center in Cavite in preparation for the entrance exam on Nov.6 2010.
    Hope you can help us find one.


  5. mam sir ;
    gud day i have a child who’s so eager to take the NCE.he studying in a public school in caloocan city.but his science final rating is only 84 his english subjct is 83 and math is 84 in final rating.pls consider 84 so that he can take the exam.the child is willing to try his best hope for your kind consideration.we will wait for your reply thank you very much..

  6. Hi. I checked with PSHS earlier today and they said that the results will be out next week (website and PSHS bulletin boards). They were unable to say on what day exactly, but they were definite that it would be next week. Only a few more days to go…. (we were hoping that it would be released this Friday. guess not.)

    • @Seiji

      There are no results in the web yet. We’ll update the site the minute the PSHS results are out. However, please inquire with your school or with your local post office. Pisay sends out letters to examinees.

  7. When will you release the examination results for the school year 2010-2011 held last Nov. 7, 2009. They said that it will be out in january..PLEASE POST IT ASAP.

  8. Are the exam results for school year 2010-2011 out already? If it’s not yet available, when will the list of passers be released? Thanks.

    • @Chona,

      Nope, we don’t have the list yet and the PSHS website doesn’t have it yet either. We’ll keep our ears and eyes open for the results and announce its availability in the website as soon as we learn about it.

  9. Gud day Ma’am/Sir,

    I just want to know if your good office will going to post the test result last Nov.7 for the pshs.scholarship………….than you and more power.


  10. Dear Sir/Madam:

    This is Ms. Caroline Caberte, 11 year-old, graduating pupil in Little Heirs Academy, Bulihan, Silang, Cavite.

    In connection there to, I would like to ask your good office of the schedule of the entrance examination of Philippine Science High School.

    Please send to me the complete information, location and date.

    Hoping for your immediate response.

    Very Truly yours,

    Ms. Caberte
    Tel 09298864862

    • Seu,

      Unfortunately, no. The application period was extended until September 25 (if I’m not mistaken), but it has definitely not been re-extended. I’m sorry if you were not able to make the application deadline.

  11. Is there a way to confirm if our applications have been sent to your office? Isn’t it fair to post the list of pupil applicants for the entrance exam scheduled on Nov. 7, 2009 earlier because we are started reviewing from review centers and we haven’t know if we are qualified or scheduled to take the exam.

    • Hi Geofrey,

      Right now, Philippine Science High School hasn’t released a list of the names of those who are eligible to take the exam. However, you should receive your Test Permit by mail. Please ask your school if the Test Permits for PSHS-NCE-eligible students have arrived yet; the Test Permit may also be sent to your home address. If the exam date is drawing near and you haven’t received your Test Permit yet, you may inquire at the nearest PSHS campus or DOST office near you. Alternatively, you can contact the PSHS Main Campus directly at (02) 924-0614.

      Meanwhile, we at will be on the lookout for the list of PSHS-NCE 2009 examinees, if ever PSHS does release such a list.

    • Hi Ma’am,

      I’m afraid I can’t suggest anyone offhand. I’d have to ask around. I do know a teacher, a UP alumna, who is doing some tutoring in her spare time but I don’t know what her schedule is like right now. I will ask her if she can tutor one more student. If she says she can, I’ll put her in touch with you.

  12. is there an extension for the deadline August 31, 2009, for the filing of application forms for entrance, which is a holiday, Nationl Heroes’ Day, for at least up Friday, Se[ptember04,2009? Thank you.

    • Hi may,

      I checked the PSHS website. The deadline for filing of application has been extended but only by one day. Today, September 1, is the last day for filing of PSHS exam applications so do hurry.

    • Hi mcordona,

      I’m sorry but we haven’t done a study about review centers yet. As such, we can’t make any recommendations. I’m sure your classmates know a good review center, though.

    • @ Malou S,

      Checked the link. It’s not broken or anything. Perhaps their server was down when you tried to access it.

      When you click the link, a new window should open with a PDF image of the application form. If that does not work, try to right click on the link, choose “Copy Shortcut” then paste the URL in your URL bar (when I tried it, it worked both on Mozilla and IE).

      You can also go to (the Pisay website). At the top of the page is this announcement “Application to the PSHS-NCE is now open.” You’ll find the download link there.

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