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UPCAT on August 1 and 2

The UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) will be held tomorrow (Saturday) and the following day (Sunday) or from August 1 and 2, 2009.  God bless to all UPCAT takers.  Those who would like to be included in the UPCAT mass … Continue reading

Quezon City Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

Each school has its own benchmarks for potential students hoping to study in its halls.  Of particular note is the strict standard set by the science high schools:  Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science. Not to be out … Continue reading

Ateneo High School Entrance Exam Schedule

In a past article, I covered the details of the Ateneo de Manila University’s strict application process.  Believe it or not, the application system for the high school is just as stringent.  Apparently, the Jesuits believe in training up a … Continue reading

Manila Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

Being one of the members in the science high school triumvirate, Manila Science (henceforth referred to as MaSci) joins its peer institutions in training promising young scientists of tomorrow. While qualifying for MaSci is a challenge in itself, the interesting … Continue reading

Ateneo High School and ACET Application Ongoing

INCOMING ATENEO HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMEN (2010-2011) Application forms for the Ateneo High School entrance examination are now available at the Office of Admission and Aid in Kostka Hall, ADMU.  Be sure to submit your completely filled-out form by the application … Continue reading

Philippine Science High School Application Ongoing

Want to become a Philippine Science High School (PSHS) scholar for the school year 2010-2011? PSHS is now accepting applications for the annual PSHS National Competitive Examination (PSHS-NCE).  The last day for filing of applications is August 31, 2009.  The … Continue reading

Sign up for the UPCAT Mass is sponsoring a mass for UPCAT takers.  If you want us to include your name in the list of people for whom the mass will be said, visit our Twitter profile.  The specific tweet follows: 100th Tweet! Who wants … Continue reading

Philippine Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

There are quite a few things in life that depend on ranking.  Being accepted into the Philippine Science High School (PhiSci) is one of them.  It’s no surprise, really, considering that the institution helps local budding mathematicians and scientists to … Continue reading

Increasing Your Chances of Passing the Philippine Science High School Entrance Test

With its reputation as the premiere secondary institution in the country, it’s no surprise that a seat in the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is highly coveted. Nearly 100,000 grade school graduates compete for a mere 240 slots, and competition … Continue reading

Phisci, MaSci and QueSci Admission Procedure Basics

Have you ever felt as if life was just one big test?  Whether you’re a student or a member of the workforce (or both) any vocation comes with certain requirements that need to be met in order to get to … Continue reading