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Last updated: June 22, 2009

It’s that time of the year again when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…college entrance tests.  Seriously, various universities have already gotten the application ball rolling, and potential applicants are already working hard to land a much-coveted spot in the institution of their choice.

If the mad scramble for a college has left you feeling more than a bit dazed, worry not:  I’ll be sharing some information here to help you get your schedule in order.  Let’s shed a little light on four entrance exams in particular:  the USTET, the ACET, the DLSUCET and the UPCAT.

All We Ask of You

One thing that students will quickly realize is that the application process is an investment in time, money and effort:  Besides any fees that they need to shell out, students will also need to submit a bit of paperwork.

The good news is that the documents are generally similar across universities.  Each university has its own standard issue application forms, so filling these out is a must.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper process without the mandatory recent ID pictures.

Watch out for some subtle differences, however.  For example, U.P. may also ask for a photocopy of your Permanent Secondary School Record (otherwise known as F137), duly signed and certified, while UST will ask for a photocopy of your birth certificate.

Of Tests and Time Tables

As expected, each university also has its own schedule for administering its entrance exams and for revealing the results.  Ateneo and U.P. usually start accepting potential students sometime mid-June, while UST and DLSU get things going in July.

The duration of the process also varies from university to university.  Some, like UST, will continue accepting applicants all the way until December.  Others, like DLSU, only do so until September.

If you’re thinking of taking the entrance tests of the four universities mentioned above, it’d probably be wise to deal with the UPCAT and the USTET first, as they both usually take place in August.

The former usually falls on the first weekend of the month, while the latter may land on anywhere from the first to the third weekend of August.  If scheduling is a problem, do know that UST also offers its test during October and December.

Next in line is the ACET, which tends to take up the second or third weekend of September.  Finally, the DLSUCET gives you the option of three Sundays in October, so take your pick and go for it.

The Waiting Game

You can imagine the sheer number of papers that school authorities have to check following exams, so a waiting period is definitely in order.  In case you’re wondering if taking a particular exam at a later date also translates into getting your test results later than earlier batches, wonder no more.

The good news is that all the aforementioned universities have the same set time for releasing exam results—January. This holds true regardless of when you took those exams in the first place.

When you really think about it, applying at a college doesn’t have to be that bad.  Once you know what to expect, a little planning, preparation and prayer will go a long way.

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