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Post Your UPCAT Review Info on our Website

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Academic Clinic is a Free Education Website that Caters to Highschool and College Students in the Philippines.  We get around 50,000-100,000 Visitors in our Website monthly [1,121,000 Visits in 2013 alone].  Our visitors are composed of students mainly from Metro Manila [around 75%] looking for information on college admissions, college entrance exam reviewers, top/in demand courses in the Philippines, College Scholarships, etc.

Academic Clinic 2013 Traffic Statistics:

ac statsAs such, we would like to invite you to post some information on our website about your UPCAT and other college entrance exam review services.  This will help you gain exposure for your UPCAT Review services as a lot of students browse for this kind of information in our website.  By using a form that representatives of UPCAT Review Centers can fill out, we will be able to provide a more accurate and complete info to our readers.

Please also feel free to contact us if you want to gain more exposure for your UPCAT review services.  Our website offers highly targeted advertising packages of which info can be found in this link:   [5 ad slots only] All proceeds go towards the research and creation of more scholarship posts, free reviewers and other educational resources in our website.

We also occasionally tie-up with Review Centers in holding contests with UPCAT Review Slots and freebies as the prize as you can see here: so if you’d like to spread the word by offering slots in your UPCAT review program as prizes, please do email us at

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