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UST Scholarships and Financial Assistance

University of Santo Tomas, the sole pontifical university in the whole of Asia caters to students who came from different families with various income potential.  The ones who run the school understand that there are those who seek for very good education but do not have enough means to pay for college tuition.  To aid those who want to be a part of the UST family, the university has come up with various scholarship and financial assistance programs.  They are aimed not only to extend assistance and support to those who are in need but also to give recognition to those who excel.

UST Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs

There are four categories for scholarship programs that University of Santo Tomas offers: the Santo Tomas Scholarship, the Santo Domingo De Guzman Scholarship, the San Martin De Porres Scholarship, and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship.

The Santo Tomas Scholarship is awarded to students who have an excellent rating for their academic performance.  The valedictorians and salutatorians are required to submit a photocopy of their high school report card or Form 138, two pieces of 2×2 ID pictures, an original school certificate with a dry seal indicating that the student is indeed a valedictorian/salutatorian, a photocopy of enrollment confirmation, and a good moral character certificate.  Requirements should be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs or OSA and application forms should be duly filled up.  The coverage for valedictorians and salutatorians will be 100% and 50% defrayal of tuition, respectively.

The Santo Domingo De Guzman Scholarship is offered to those who do extremely well in sports and in the arts.  Both the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics Department and the Conservatory of Music screen the students’ applications.

The San Martin De Porres Scholarship is for the deserving students who need financial assistance.  The St. Rose of Lima Fund is for the regular freshmen students who have no failing grades and whose average grade does not fall below 85%.  The coverage is 50% defrayal in tuition.  Students should submit the complete requirements to the Office for Student Affairs, fill out the application form, and undergo a series of interviews.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship is given to those who are seeking for financial assistance.  As a general requirement, students must not have any failing grades.    They should be able to render certain working hours but not exceeding 30 hours.  To qualify students must submit parents’ letter of consent, 2 recommendation letters form the parish priest and guidance counselor, parents’ latest ITR or non-filing of ITR certificate, parents’ proof of income, a photocopy of Form 138, and good moral certificate.  Requirements should be submitted to the Office of the Student Affairs.  Students must also fill out an application form, take an IQ test, go through a series of interviews, and do the designated work assignment.

UST extends scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students as a way of helping develop a more productive, progressive and humane society.  The university believes in giving opportunities especially to those who are worthy in order to keep the hopes of those who have big dreams alive.