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UST HighSchool Application Schedule and Important Dates

If you take a closer look at life, you’ll notice it has a dual nature about it.  Men and women, good and evil, yin and yang—everything shows that there is more than one side to the same coin.

The same may be said of the UST High School.  Its unique, two-in-one nature makes in an interesting topic for discussion, especially if you’re thinking of applying as a student there.  That being the case, there are some things you need to know.

Two Approaches

UST’s high school is subdivided into the regular high school (henceforth referred to as RHS) and the laboratory high school (also called education high school, or EHS for short).  The RHS acts as the usual training ground for college, while the EHS focuses on preparing students to become quality Catholic teachers of tomorrow.

The EHS acts independently from its sister UST high school, yet it still strives to meet the same educational and national goals of the RHS and of the university as a whole.  Besides that, the EHS also provides financial assistance to underprivileged but deserving students.

RHS Important Dates

Both the RHS and the EHS have similar marked dates on their academic application calendars, with some minor variations between the two.  For starters, the RHS will begin open applications for school year 2011-2012 around the last week of October 2010.

Consequently, the deadliest deadline for requirement submissions will be a day before the entrance exam for the high school, which will probably fall on the last Sunday of February 2011.  The results of the said exam should come out around the third week of March 2011.

Please note that everything thereafter is scheduled by the principal’s office.  As of now, there are no definite schedules yet for the interview and enrolment confirmation periods.

EHS Important Dates

Like its regular counterpart, the EHS will open its doors to new applicants in October 2010, only a bit earlier—sources say that the process should begin around the second or third week of the month.

Ironically, the deadline for getting all the important papers in is stricter.  The admissions office estimates that the grace period will end by around the first week of February 2010.  The entrance test will follow sometime around the last week of that month, and the results should be released around the third week of March.

As is the case with the RHS, the dates for the interview, confirmation and submission of high school report cards are all scheduled by the principal and subject to variation.

Contact Details

As you’ve probably observed, the dates I’ve mentioned above are general estimates.  As such, they may change depending on circumstances and the whims of the high school principals.  For inquiries or updates on the application process it would be best to check with both the RHS and EHS from time to time.

Feel free to call the RHS at (632) 731-4785 (incidentally, that also doubles as their fax number), or simply dial (632) 406-1611 local 8276 to inquire.  E-mail goes to  If you intend to visit them in person, their office is located at the ground floor of the Benavides Building in the UST compound in Espana, Manila.

The EHS may be reached at (632) 731-2952 (again, a telefax number) or mobile number 0918-3301136.  Kindly direct your personal visits to Room 410 of the Albertus Magnus Building at the College of Education in the same compound.


Ms. Janet of the UST Admissions Office

Ms. Tess of the UST EHS Admissions Office