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USTET Reconsideration Process

One of the most reassuring aspects of a college entrance exam is the option you’re given if you don’t perform as planned.  It’s called reconsideration, and the University of Santo Tomas is offering this option for applicants who don’t quite make the cutoff USTET score.


Appealing for reconsideration is quite simple:  all you have to do is to compose a handwritten appeal letter explaining why you think the UST authorities should reconsider your case.  Address this letter to the dean of the college of the program you intended to take and hand it to the staff.  The dean will evaluate the letter and give you the details regarding the date and time of follow-ups.


Please note that factors such as slot availability can and will influence the decision.  This is because UST officials give first priority to applicants who passed the test beyond the shadow of doubt.  Whatever is left goes to the folks who appeal for reconsideration.


Different Folks, Different Strokes


Here’s the tricky part: UST has about thirteen different colleges corresponding to all the different programs that they have, and each college has its own cutoff score requirements and variations of the reconsideration process, along with different starting dates and deadlines for the submissions of appeal letters.  In general, though, the appeal process starts shortly after the USTET results are released.


In some cases, students whose appeals are accepted may go directly to the enrollment phase.  However, not all colleges allow this—they may require an extra step in the form of a face-to-face interview, just to check.  The best thing to do is to literally inquire at the dean’s office of the college whose program you’re applying for.


If your appeal is rejected, however, don’t despair.  Just like its contemporaries, UST offers applicants a chance to reapply as transferees if they are really serious about studying there.  After one year of study at another institution, grab your transcript of records, apply at UST a second time and retake the test.


Again, make sure to check with the college of the program you’re interested in.  Keep the magic formula in your head:  different colleges, different requirements.  You’ll never go wrong that way.



Ms. Chona of the UST Admissions Office