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What type of review should I take before taking the UPCAT entrance exam?

While some are thinking of getting much-deserved rest this summer, others are preparing for college entrance exams.  It’s around this time that commercial review centers hold sessions for the latter.


If you’re one who’s taking the time to prepare for the UPCAT this summer, you may be wondering about the kind of review you should be getting, regardless of the kind of review you’re actually getting.  The pressure involved is very real and the concern is understandable, but there is really no need for worry. To follow are some guidelines to help lay your fears to rest.


First of all, accept the fact there is no “right” or “wrong” way to review.  Different people have different needs and preferences and it’s a serious mistake to impose one kind of review on someone just because it works for someone else.


Second, respect those needs and get appropriate help.  If you need a little accountability, consider joining a review center or forming a study group with trusted friends and designating a leader who will keep you on your toes.  If you have the discipline for self-study, designate a set time and place for that, block out all distractions and do it daily.


Third, devote more review time to your weakest subjects.  Don’t spend too much time on Math if you can solve quadratic equations in your sleep.  Strengthen your word power if you think your vocabulary needs work, or practice writing that essay in record time.  Look for materials that will help you as well.  Sometimes a quick trip to your local bookstore or a quick search by your friend, Mr. Google, can be a big difference.

What type of UPCAT review should you get into?  Seriously, there is no “should’ when it comes to reviewing.  Do anything that adequately prepares you for the exam and boosts your confidence without making you overconfident.  The key is to be confident enough without being complacent.  A healthy dose of sufficient tension will make you want to do your best.