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UPCAT Q&A: When Will You Receive Your UPCAT Results Letter?

Well, the not so simple answer is that it depends on several factors:

 1.  Online / Offline release of UPCAT Results:  Some students who took the UPCAT in the past few years claim they received their letters more or less one month after the release of the UPCAT results.  [ I just got talked to the admissions office, they haven’t even mailed the letters yet.: )]

2.  UP Campus:  Letters from UP Diliman are sent first, the rest of the other campuses follow after.

 3.  Proximity to Manila:  Of course, students who are in manila or near manila seem to always receive their letters first – which is sometime in the middle of February.  Students in the provinces however say that they received their letter from UP sometime between the last week of February to the first half of March.

 4.  Postal Service:  Lastly, Since UP sends the UPCAT results letter through snail mail, one of the factors you’ll need to consider is the speed of service of our postal service especially your local office.  This is why some students in the same region receive their letters way before the others.   [Yung may mga kaaway din na postman paminsan hindi na natatangaap ang letters nila..- joke : D]

In any case, don’t worry about it.  You will receive your letters from UP just in time for it to be used in whatever purpose you’ll need it for.  After all, those who got DPWAS will still have enough time after the confirmation of slots [usually middle of feb to middle of march] to process their applications.  For those who will be applying for reconsideration, you’ll be starting out even later than the DPWAS cases.

Where will the letters be mailed though? 

Again it depends.. if you sent your applications by batch through your school then most probably the results will also be mailed by batch to your school.  If you sent it individually though, the letter might be sent to your home address.

So DON’T WORRY..  have faith..  CHILL..  the UP admissions office has been doing this for quite a number of decades now and they will not fail you now.. ^^

ps:  if you dont receive your letter by the first week of March though, dont hesitate to call the UP admissions office.: )

UPCAT Results for AY 2012-2013 Freshmen

The UPCAT Results for AY 2012-2013 are out! You’ve probably heard the great news already but, for the benefit of those who haven’t, we’re updating anyway.

We wanted to copy-paste the entire list of UPCAT passers for 2012, but there really is no need to do so. The University of the Philippines website is up, I’ve not heard any downtime issues and, if there are, there are mirror sites where you can check UPCAT Results.


To check UPCAT Results 2012 online, click or copy-paste (onto your URL bar) this URL: Once there, you will be presented with a list of alphabetically arranged name-ranges (FYI: there are 130 name ranges but the image below shows only 16).

UPCAT 2012 Results

Just click on the name range within which your name falls to see if your name is listed in that name range’s list of passers.

Useful to Know: The UPCAT results are also posted in two other mirror sites. If you’re having problems accessing the main site, click on Mirror 2 and Mirror 3 (FYI: There are 3 available mirror sites but only Mirror 2 and Mirror 3 worked when I tried them).

UPCAT Results 2012

UPCAT Qualifier Status

If you passed, Congratulations! Read Academic-Clinic’s Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide for information on UP, surviving UP and other information relevant to UP freshmen.

If you have an asterisk (*) instead of a student number, you qualified but you do need to clear certain deficiencies with the UP Office of Admissions. Clearing of deficiencies will start on the first week of February 2012. Call the UP Office of Admissions for more information.

If you don’t have a Student Number, a Campus and if in place of Course you have **Pending Case,  that means the university is still undecided about your status. You might have a chance of getting admitted, but this is not guaranteed. If yours is a pending case because you have not met certain requirements, make sure you have cleared those deficiencies by the 2nd week of March 2012. For more information, inquire at the UP Office of Admissions beginning on the first week of February 2012.

UP Office of Admissions Contact Information:

UP Office of Admissions
Fax: 9274561
Tel: (02)981-8500 loc. 3826 to 3831

Must Read Post UPCAT Resource

Whatever your UPCAT Status, you must read Academic-Clinic’s Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide. This post contains links to informative posts on everything that could possibly matter to both UPCAT passers and UPCAT non-passers alike.

Important Advisory from UP

Official UPCAT Results are posted at the UP Office of Admissions and would be sent to you by mail. If there is any discrepancy in the UPCAT Results posted online and the information contained in your official notification from the UP Office of Admissions, the latter (i.e. the mailed notification) shall take precedence.

UP would also like to clarify that if your name was initially marked “Pending Case” then later on your name disappeared from the list, this means that UP has made a decision on your case and found in favor of non-qualification.

If you did not pass the UPCAT

Read Academic-Clinic’s Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide. This collection of resources contains several that you will find useful including the UPCAT Reconsideration Process, What to do if you did not pass the UPCAT, and many more.

Apply for Reconsideration

You should try to apply for reconsideration in a UP Campus. Check out your non-qualifier slip and look for your UPG. Next, call up UP Campuses and ask them for their UPG cut-off scores. If you find a UP Campus for which your UPG qualifies you, ask that UP Campus about its reconsideration process and requirements. Follow the instructions you’re given and comply with all requirements, then wait for your UP reconsideration application results.

Important Note: Reconsideration is not guaranteed even if your UPG cut-off qualifies you for a UP Campus. Slots (if available) might be limited. Individual UP Campuses also have their own criteria for accepting reconsideration applicants; UPG score is just one of these criteria.

For more information on the UP reconsideration process, read UPCAT Reconsideration Process.

Enlist in another university then transfer

You can also enroll in another university and distinguish yourself academically. After earning at least 33 academic units with a weighted average of 2.00 or better (grades will be evaluated according to the UP Grading system and standard), you may apply for transfer to a UP campus.

Again, don’ forget to check out Academic-Clinic’s Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide.

UPCAT Infographics


This is’s representation of the UP freshmen college application guide. This UPCAT Freshmen Application Infographics may be shared through Facebook and other social media sites as long as proper credit is given to This graphical representation of the UP application process may not be posted in blogs and other websites. If in doubt about this UPCAT infographic’s usage policy, ask.

It should also be noted that this is not official. We made this UPCAT infographic based on information generally available and we make no claims about the accuracy and relevance of the information herein provided.

Please be advised. Thank you, and enjoy!

Click image; that should take you to the attachment file. Click that image to enlarge to full size.

UPCAT Freshmen Guide from

Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide


All About UPCAT Results

UPCAT Results:  Where to Find it

UPCAT Results and the Next Steps

Types of UPCAT Results

Degree Course With Available Slot

UPCAT Pending Result

What to Do If You DON’T Pass the UPCAT

All About UPCAT Reconsideration, UPG, TDT and Transferring

UPCAT Reconsideration Process

UP Campus Cut-Offs and Reconsideration

Transferring Courses or UP Campuses Right after the UPCAT

How to Get your UPCAT UPG Score

UPCAT Alternatives

UP TDT Talent Determination Test Basics

 All About UP Summer Bridge Program and the STFAP

UP Summer Bridge Program


UP STFAP Online Application

 UP Survival Guide for Incoming ISKOS

UP Culture Shock

UP Registration Process

UP Diliman Dorms

Unconventional UP Academic Survival Tactics

Packing for College

UPCAT Review – Your Ultimate Guide


Finally, an ultimate guide to UPCAT – and by ultimate, I mean you won’t have to look elsewhere for any other information about UPCAT.  This is actually a compilation of posts done by several UP students and graduates who still remember their UPCAT experience.

UPCAT Application

First things first- When is the UPCAT, when is the start and deadline of application and what are the requirements?  You can check that info in this post:

UPCAT Schedule for AY 2012-2013 admissions

It may come as a surprise to some students but UP has actually created an online portal where students can pre-register for the UPCAT.  This cuts some of the steps from the application process and makes it easier for the student to keep up with any UPCAT related updates.  To read more:

UPCAT Online Application / Registration

UPCAT Application Frequently Asked Questions

Some UP hopefuls are also concerned about what courses to write down on the application form.  In fact, some base it on what they have heard about quota and non-quota courses in UP.  To know more about these terms, click the following link:

Are There Still Quota and Non Quota Courses in UP?

UPCAT Quota and Non Quota Courses

 Will Choosing a Non Quota Course Increase my Chances of Getting into UP?

Pre-UPCAT Tips

Getting into UP is not a one-size-fits-all college solution.  Believe it or not, there are certain types of students that may adapt very well to the college culture in UP.  So before you seriously consider UP, read this first:

Is UP for You?  Assessing your Chances in UP

Some students carry a lot of misconceptions about the UPCAT.  Here is an article that discusses well.. some of the lesser known things about the UPCAT:

10 Less Known Facts about the UPCAT

Here are some basic things that you need to know about the UPCAT:

UPCAT 101: Basic Facts about the UPCAT

What to Expect from the UPCAT

How Hard is the UPCAT?

For those who are aiming to do well in their UPCAT exam, here are some things that you need to know:

How to Ace the UPCAT

This article are for those having a long term plan regarding getting into the University in the Philippines, you can apply some of the strategies here as early as first year highschool:

How to Increase your Chances of Passing the UPCAT

Contrary to popular belief, it is not solely your UPCAT score that gets you into the University of the Philippines.  Your UPCAT score will only comprise a certain percentage of your total performance or your UPG, the rest depends on your high school grades as well as socio-economic factors:

You UPG and Your UPCAT Score

UPCAT Tip: What is the University Predicted Grade

Here are some other frequently asked questions about the UPCAT:


Managing Pre-UPCAT Anxiety

UPCAT Review Center VS. Self Study

UPCAT Correct-Minus-Wrong: Is it better to guess or leave the question blank?

On UPCAT Coverage

This section deals with the subjects matters that will most likely appear in the UPCAT.  Below are some general tips:


UPCAT Tips: What to Study

UPCAT Tips: Preparing for the Test

UPCAT Coverage

The following links are specific subjects that will appear in the UPCAT.  Remember that, the subject concentration of the UPCAT may vary from year to year so be prepared for any eventuality.

UPCAT Math Portion Tips and Strategies

UPCAT Science Portion Tips and Strategies

UPCAT English Portion Tips and Strategies

Finally, here are some additional resources that will complement your UPCAT review:

UPCAT Help: Resources for UPCAT Test Takers

Where to Find Answers for your UPCAT Questions

Free UPCAT Reviewers

We have have free UPCAT reviewers / sample exams in our site.  Please dont forget to share the quizzes with your friends.^^

Download Free UPCAT Modules and Readings


General Science:





Basic Math:


Trigonometry and Geometry:

Advanced Algebra and Statistics:


Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules:

Syntax and Mechanics:

Diction and Vocabulary:

Reading Comprehension:

On UPCAT Review Centers

Around the month of March or April, UPCAT takers for the year usually start registering for the summer UPCAT reviews.  Choosing the right one may not be an easy task especially now that there are more than 30 UPCAT review centers in Metro Manila alone!  Below is a practical guide on the do’s and don’t’s when choosing an UPCAT review center:

Choosing your UPCAT Review Center:  A Practical Guide

You can compare and contrast the UPCAT review programs of different review centers by clicking this link:

UPCAT Review Centers:  Review Program Summaries

Moreover, here are some write ups that will give you a glimpse on what to expect from your UPCAT review:

UPCAT Review Guide

Overview of UPCAT Review Centers

Here are some learning tips that you can use to maximize your UPCAT review:

Maximizing your UPCAT Review Classes

Lastly, a frequently asked question about UPCAT reviews.. Some say you don’t need them, some say you do..  read on to learn more about this topic:

Are UPCAT Reviews Really Effective?

UPCAT Day Tips

Some tips for the UPCAT day itself.  The first 3 articles focuses on driving directions to UP while the last 2 gives you some general tips about what to do and what not to on the day of your exam.

Hassle Free UPCAT Day

Driving to UP Diliman for the UPCAT

Taking a Jeepney to UP Diliman

UPCAT Day Tips for UP Diliman Test Takers

UPCAT Tips: A Test Day Survival Guide

Post UPCAT Tips

The succeeding articles are all about tips AFTER your UPCAT starting on where to find your UPCAT results, how to interpret your results and what to do after knowing it:

UPCAT Results: Where to Find It

UPCAT Results and the Next Steps

Types of UPCAT Results

UPCAT Result: Degree Course with Available Slot

UPCAT Pending Result

Below are some tips for those who, unfortunately, did not pass the UPCAT.  Do not despair, there are still some things you can do to get into UP.

UPCAT Alternatives

What to Do If You DON’T Pass the UPCAT

U.P. UPG Cut-Off Scores and Reconsideration

UP Reconsideration Process

How to Get your UPCAT UPG Score

And for some UPCAT passers, you might get invited to the UP summer bridge program.  Read the article to learn more about it:

UP Summer Bridge Program 101

Last but not the least, here is the link to our current project on Facebook – our 101 UPCAT Tips.  New tips are added weekly and we expect to complete the 101 tips sometime this coming July.  Please support our 101 UPCAT tips project by clicking like on the photos or tagging yourself or your friends on Facebook.

101 UPCAT Tips Project on Facebook

If you have anything to add to our ultimate guide to the UPCAT, please feel free to leave your comments below.  Moreover, if you find this article an informative read, please don’t forget to share this free resource with your friends.^^  Goodluck on your UPCAT!

UPCAT Results for AY 2011-2012 Freshmen

Congratulations to the passers of the UP College Admissions Test administered last August 2010!

If you are an aspiring UP student, you can find the UPCAT Results page for the 2011-2012 freshmen intake year at Visit this website, look for the range of names that includes yours (it’s alphabetically arranged) and click that link.  This will take you to another page. This is where you can search for your name. Note that it’s a long list, so use the a NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons found at the bottom of the chart.

You should note that UP has posted a disclaimer in the results page. UP’s disclaimer is posted below:


Official UPCAT results are posted at the Office of Admissions and each examinee will receive official notification by mail. Should any discrepancy in reporting exist, the information contained in the mailed notification shall take precedence over the results posted on the web.

UPCAT Results and the Next Steps

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

“Give me results!”  How often have you heard that statement from some authority figure?  Thing is, the world we live in has a lot of result-oriented people demanding one thing or another from you.  Even students tend to fall into this category, especially when they’re awaiting the outcome of an entrance test.

Fortunately, the University of the Philippines had just released the results of its College Admissions Test (UPCAT) 2010 edition to hopeful applicants last Sunday, January 17.  The big question is, of course, “what now?”

What?  Where?  How?

You have two choices when it comes to viewing the results.  The first choice is to head over to the lobby of the U.P. Office of Admissions at the Diliman campus and view the results posted there.  The second (and more convenient) option is to search for your name on this website.  If that site is down, go either here or here for mirrors.

The beauty of the site is that names are organized by letter range.  Clicking on any of the links will take you to another page where you can view your (or any other applicant’s) name, student number, campus, course of choice and (sometimes) status as well—that is, pending or requirement deficiency cases.

What about those who didn’t qualify?  Don’t give up hope, friends; there are still things you can do about the situation.  Sometimes, all it takes is a simple trip to the Admissions Office to address those aforementioned deficiencies.  Other options include going for another course, another campus, or another university—at least until the one you really want becomes available and you can try again.

Everything will depend on the exact nature of your status.  For a more detailed discussion on the topic, kindly consult this website.  Feel free to ask the helpful members of the Admissions Office for more information, too (the office’s contact details are listed below).

The Waiting Game Revisited

If you’ve come across your name on the list of qualified students, then congratulations!  It’s only natural to be excited.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to hold back a little for the time being.

According to the folks over at the Admissions and Registrar’s offices, proper procedure dictates that you wait for your specific written notice to arrive.  The notice will contain all the instructions you’ll need to confirm your enrolment.

When exactly are the notices due for arrival?  The official UPCAT website estimates it at sometime around late February, but the university staff members have a different estimate:  they’ve placed it at sometime in the middle of March due to the sheer number of applicants.

And in case you’re wondering, no, the institution has no plans to post the enrolment confirmation instructions online—at least, not at the moment.

Communication Lines

Should you have anything you need to ask or clarify, feel to call the U.P. Office of Admissions at 981-8500, locals 3826-28 and 2080, or at telefax number 9274561.  Ask for Ms. Mylee.  You may also drop a line at

Alternatively, you may visit the said office at the corner of Kalaw Street and Quirino Street, U.P. Diliman campus, Quezon City.

UPCAT Results Are Out!

Hey aspiring Iskos and Iskas (note:  that’s male and female Iskolar ng Bayan) – the UPCAT results are out, as the headline says.  You can find the UPCAT results at the following places:

  1. UPCAT Results Main page (or copy and paste this link onto your URL bar:
  2. UPCAT Results Mirror 1 site (or copy and paste this link onto your URL bar:
  3. UPCAT Results Mirror 2 site (or copy and paste this link onto your URL bar:

UP obviously provided the mirror sites because it’s expecting a deluge of visits and views.  To view the results, try accessing the main page first.  If you experience slow loading times and site freezes, try accessing any of the alternative sites.

The UPCAT results came out on the 18th of January.  Go on and check if your name is on the list of University of the Philippines’ 2010 incoming freshmen.  There’s no hurry, though.  The results will still be there tomorrow, the next day and the next (and for a whole year, for that matter).

God bless!  We at are keeping our fingers crossed for you.

UPCAT Pending Result

Sometimes, funny things happen even when you do your best in the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT).  Ask some of the many, many test takers and you’ll be hard pressed not to find someone whose status is described as “pending.”

What exactly does this mean, and what can be done about it?  Let’s find out.

“Patient” Pending

One common reaction that the P-word elicits from students is needless worry or fear.  It’s needless because it doesn’t mean that the student has received a flat out rejection.  In fact, the student possesses the necessary qualifications for enrollment, and if not for certain hitches, the institution would’ve accepted him or her straight away.

These hitches usually have something to do with the documents or other requirements that the student has submitted.  For example, transfer students or foreign students may run into some setbacks with their paperwork.

Calmness Reigns Supreme

If ever you find yourself in this situation, do not panic.  I repeat:  do not panic!  Take a deep breath, pray, clear your mind and inquire as to why your case is a pending one.  U.P. officials will explain your case to you and what you can do about it if you ask them nicely enough.

The university administration may also require you to present some records for verification purposes—your birth certificate or school records for example.  Give them what they need so that application processing may be finalized.

Finally, remember that the human mind has a tendency to blow things way out of proportion.  If you approach the situation calmly, things will have a way of working themselves out.

UPCAT Results: Where to Find It

Fewer things are more exciting than anticipating the fruits of your labor—for example, the results of your University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT).  The suspense makes for a sweet form of agony, at least until you finally come face to face with the results.

The fun doesn’t cease with the exam, though.  There are certain things you should know about your entrance test results, such as finding out what they are and dealing with so-called “special cases.”  Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Your first order of business is to know where to find your much-awaited exam results.  Obviously, the university’s official UPCAT website would be the best place to start.  The site has truckloads of information all packaged in a neat, user-friendly format.

For example, names are arranged in alphabetical order, with some categories thrown in for added convenience.  If you’d rather sort names by INTARMED program candidates or by Oblation Scholarship awardees, then the website will be of great help to you.  Alternatively, you can take the more direct approach by typing a name in the search bar and clicking away.

Since the UPCAT results are big news, expect a humongous amount of server-crashing Internet traffic as several thousand people attempt to view the official results at the same time.  If you ever find yourself being left out of the mad rush, take heart:  mirror sites do exist.

Two such sites include this one and this one.  Ironically, the former will redirect you to the main site, anyway, while the latter was offline when I checked it at the time of this article’s writing (the official U.P. site servers worked fine).

By the way, do note that U.P. usually releases the exam results at a set time after the exam itself—January of the year following the last UPCAT (which normally takes place in August of the previous year).

Helpful Alternatives

The school’s site and its corresponding mirrors aren’t the only places where you can get information, though.  Other places you can check out involve blogs of students and their next of kin.

One such example is Mrs. Dine Racoma’s blog.  This mother is ever on the lookout for college entrance test results and other pieces of useful information.  Another example is Conrad Miguel’s Gozalo’s website.  Like Mrs. Racoma, Mr. Gozalo keeps his readers up to date on UPCAT-related news and what not.  If all else fails, well, there’s always the U.P. Admissions Office to fall back on.

Do note that you won’t find information on specific applicants on those blogs.  The sites merely keep interested parties abreast of the latest developments.  Chances are they will refer you back to the official U.P. site for really detailed information.