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Countdown to UPCAT 2012 Results – Waiting is Torture

The wait for the 2012 University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) Results is killing me, and I’m sure it must be so much worse for you. The good news is that the UPCAT Results 2012 should be in very soon. The bad news is that “very soon” is still a few days away.

I asked one of my connections (read: sister, thanks Sis) to call the UP Office of Admissions about any UPCAT results updates. The answer: UPCAT results will be released and posted at the UP Office of Admissions on Friday. Yup, that’s January 20, 2012. It is also then that UP will upload the list of 2012 UPCAT passers online. FYI, the UPCAT Results 2012 will be posted at That being said, it’s still more than possible that the results will be released sooner than Friday. Let’s just wait and see.

“Very soon” has just arrived. UPCAT 2012 results are now out!!! Congratulations to everyone who passed. To those who did not qualify through the UPCAT, there are other options. Read the above-mentioned post as well as the Post UPCAT Ultimate Guide, which contains an organized list of various post-UPCAT resources at Academic-Clinic. Incidentally, the Academic-Clinic’s Post UPCAT guide is useful even to UPCAT qualifiers so, everyone, be sure to check it out.

I know it’s pointless to tell you not to worry but I’m going to say it anyway: Don’t worry. Worrying will not do any good. It’s now in God’s hands. Let the chips fall where they may. (Hmmm… I’m a veritable bag of cliches today, gotta stop.) My point is, let’s just wait for the results and hope for the best.

I know how difficult this time of waiting for UPCAT results can be. I distinctly recall the time I myself waited for my UPCAT result. It happened years and years ago, but I remember it as if it happened yesterday. At that time, UPCAT results were not posted online (yes, I’m a dinosaur). There were only three ways you could learn about your fate and they were to:

  1. Go to UP Diliman, make your way to the Palma Hall Annex (the UP Office of Admissions was at the back of Palma Hall Annex at that time), look for the bulletin boards (stationed in front of the building, at the lobby, or in Palma Hall Annex’s inner “courtyard”), push and shove your way to within reading distance of the list of names, and go – one board at a time – through the long, long, long, long (did I say long?) list of UPCAT qualifiers. Note: one must be properly hydrated and fed before he/she attempted to take on this arduous task.
  2. Find someone else (more fool he/she) to check the list of results on your behalf.
  3. Wait for your UPCAT results letter.

I opted for the third option. I couldn’t/wouldn’t subject myself to the first option. I wouldn’t have believed someone else (I’d question the info he/she’d bring; I’d have believed nothing but the evidence of my own eyes), so option 2 was out. So I had to wait for my letter.

Oh was it a long and torturous wait for that letter. To make matters so much worse, everybody else in class already knew how they fared. They had a friend of a friend or a sister / brother, or an aunt /uncle check the UPCAT Qualifiers list. They chattered on, congratulating each other, asking one another about their college courses, their UP Campus choices, their college plans. I sat there, a bundle of nerves, silent and miserable.

Then everybody else’s letter from the UP Office of Admissions came. Mine didn’t. It was lost instead. Can you believe it? A college admission decision letter – one of the most important letters a student will ever wait for and receive in his/her life – lost in the mail.

Anyway, I managed to track down the letter. It was sitting forgotten inside a pigeonhole in the post office. I ripped it open and found good news inside. I was ecstatic, elated, euphoric, exhilarated (you get the drift).

But that’s not the point. The point is and remains: I know what waiting for college entrance test results feels like. The truth of the matter is, I knew my UPCAT result a mere few days after my classmates knew theirs. Yep; all that drama happened in a span of days. But for me, it felt like years. Throughout those days of waiting, I felt like I’d leapt off a precipice into a deep, dark chasm. I just kept on falling; I had no safety harness on and I didn’t know if a safety net will break my fall. The feeling was pretty much like what one feels the moment before the plunge in Anchors Away (note: Enchanted Kingdom ride) – only more prolonged, of course.

Indeed, waiting for college admission test results is torture. But there’s no getting around this phase – and why should we want to get around it anyway? It’s part of what makes high school so memorable. 🙂

Good luck everyone, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted when UPCAT Results 2012 are released.