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UPCAT Results: Where to Find It

Fewer things are more exciting than anticipating the fruits of your labor—for example, the results of your University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT).  The suspense makes for a sweet form of agony, at least until you finally come face to face with the results.

The fun doesn’t cease with the exam, though.  There are certain things you should know about your entrance test results, such as finding out what they are and dealing with so-called “special cases.”  Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Your first order of business is to know where to find your much-awaited exam results.  Obviously, the university’s official UPCAT website would be the best place to start.  The site has truckloads of information all packaged in a neat, user-friendly format.

For example, names are arranged in alphabetical order, with some categories thrown in for added convenience.  If you’d rather sort names by INTARMED program candidates or by Oblation Scholarship awardees, then the website will be of great help to you.  Alternatively, you can take the more direct approach by typing a name in the search bar and clicking away.

Since the UPCAT results are big news, expect a humongous amount of server-crashing Internet traffic as several thousand people attempt to view the official results at the same time.  If you ever find yourself being left out of the mad rush, take heart:  mirror sites do exist.

Two such sites include this one and this one.  Ironically, the former will redirect you to the main site, anyway, while the latter was offline when I checked it at the time of this article’s writing (the official U.P. site servers worked fine).

By the way, do note that U.P. usually releases the exam results at a set time after the exam itself—January of the year following the last UPCAT (which normally takes place in August of the previous year).

Helpful Alternatives

The school’s site and its corresponding mirrors aren’t the only places where you can get information, though.  Other places you can check out involve blogs of students and their next of kin.

One such example is Mrs. Dine Racoma’s blog.  This mother is ever on the lookout for college entrance test results and other pieces of useful information.  Another example is Conrad Miguel’s Gozalo’s website.  Like Mrs. Racoma, Mr. Gozalo keeps his readers up to date on UPCAT-related news and what not.  If all else fails, well, there’s always the U.P. Admissions Office to fall back on.

Do note that you won’t find information on specific applicants on those blogs.  The sites merely keep interested parties abreast of the latest developments.  Chances are they will refer you back to the official U.P. site for really detailed information.