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How Hard is the UPCAT?

With this year’s UPCAT already looming on the horizon, one of the most common questions getting thrown around is this:  just how hard is the UPCAT?  It’s almost as if knowing how difficult it is makes it a “reassuring” part of the preparation process.

Let’s take a closer look at that intriguing question.

Skirting the Real Issue

Some say that the exam’s difficulty isn’t really all that important—it’s the ranking (how your UPCAT results compare to every other test taker’s results) that ultimately matters.  Given a situation where you have seventy thousand potential students all vying for coveted U.P. slots, only around ten thousand of them will make it.  A ratio of one in seven makes for an interesting challenge, indeed.

So exactly how hard is the UPCAT?  The answer is:  it depends.  Some people swear that the right minus one-fourth wrong system, the time pressure and the sheer amount of competition will break you; others note that prayer, adequate preparation and an excellent High School Weighted Average can tip the odds in your favor.

The Heart of the Matter

Fortunately, the point doesn’t lie in how easy or how difficult the exam really is.  The heart of the matter ultimately lies in doing the best you can with whatever you’ve got.  Focus on how hard it might be, and chances are that’s exactly what you’ll get—a difficult exam.

Flee the temptation to play the comparison game.  Instead, pray for guidance; invest your energy in giving it your best shot.  That’s the best anyone can ask of you, anyway.