I'm taking the test this Sunday!!!! I'm sooooo nervous! This calmed me down a bit. :))

UPCAT 2010: SY2011-2012 Schedule Updates

It’s probably around May that parents and schools alike begin preparations for the start of the upcoming school year in June.  The University of the Philippines, however, is also interested in preparing for the next school year, so much so that has its variables already set up—all that remains is to execute its plan.

The kids may still be on vacation mode, yet it’s not too early to brief them on the steps leading up to UPCAT 2011.  There are some formalities they’ll need to deal with before they take the entrance test, as detailed below.


Your first order of business as an UPCAT applicant is to download three important forms and familiarize yourself with their content.  Please note that all three documents are free for distribution and photocopying.

The first one is the general information form that is available here.  Like its name suggests, the form is a kind of newbie’s guide on the U.P. admission system, the UPCAT, scholarships and other relevant topics.

The second form is the 2010 edition of the UPCAT application form for incoming freshmen, also known as the Personal Data Sheet.  Look through the PDF file, fill it up completely and keep the reminders in mind.

Finally, the High School Records Form also needs to be filled up, but not by you—your high school principal (or an equivalent school authority) will do the honors.  U.P. officials need to see how well you did quantitatively in secondary school, as this will influence their decision to accept you or not.

UPCAT Deadlines

Kindly mark the important dates on your calendar as well.  For starters, May 25, 2010 marks the beginning of the application period for next year’s UPCAT.  The deadline for turning everything in to U.P. authorities will depend on whether you’re from a Metro Manila-based school or not.

NCR students have until June 18 2010 to submit all the requirements; non-Metro Manila students have June 25 2010 as their deadliest deadline.  Fortunately, the university has a requirement submission system in place to take some of the stress off of applicants, especially those from far away places.

Besides submitting your documents in person, you may also opt for an authorized school representative to file your application and pick up your test permit on your behalf.  Alternatively, you may also mail your permit to the university and wait for your test permit to be delivered to your school in the same fashion.

Additional Sources of UPCAT Information

The general information sheet should satiate your thirst for U.P. and UPCAT-related information, but if ever you have questions not covered by the form, kindly consult this webpage and you may find the answers you’re looking for.

Sometimes, it’s best to get your updates straight from the horse’s mouth.  In that case, you can request for more information from the folks at the U.P. Office of Admissions.  Just dial (632) 981-8500 and input locals 3827, 3828 or 3831.  They may also be reached via e-mail at oadms@up.edu.ph.